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  1. There's a good game underneath these technical issues. I have uninstalled the game. I would overlook other issues but the mouse problems just completely kill it for me, and I've tried really hard to ignore it. I'm disappointed cause I waited for this title since that Gametrailers episode from Obsidian, somewhat more than a year ago. I hope they fix up the issues so I can give it another chance. Not much more to say.
  2. Just a note..the VSync option in game does nothing. It's broken. You have to set UseVSync=False manually in APEngine.ini
  3. "bSmoothFrameRate" and it's corresponding values MaxSmoothedFrameRate and MinSmoothedFrameRate work as a frame limiter. The mouse acceleration is less apparent the lower your frame rate is limited, but the problem still persists as the frame rate fluctuates. So this is not a true solution. Disabling bEnableMouseSmoothing would solve the problem completely but it's hard coded.
  4. I really do hope they read and that SEGA allows them to fix something as trivial as this, along with other issues. I knew this game isn't gonna be an AAA title but it looked like it had a soul. However being slapped with broken mouse control which is essential in PC games...of all things. It's funny to go on a nerd rage like I did, but good games are few and far in between these days. At least for me. I'm disappointed after all this wait. And to answer the Control Panel question..No. The settings there are set in stone and work flawlessly in games that pay full attention to mouse as the primary input method on the PC platform so it's a no no to change them because of one game that's off the axis.
  5. My post was targeted at any developers at Obsidian in case they check this forum, which I doubt, but I'll clarify for others who might search for issues relating to mouse. The problem is that when a UE3 variable named bEnableMouseSmoothing is enabled, a sudden change in FPS while the player is moving the mouse results in a large jump of the mouse resulting in an extremely imprecise mouse control. This is generally NOT a good thing for shooters. It is possible to edit the <gamename>Input.ini files in all other UE3 based games and change this variable value to FALSE so that this does not occur and the mouse remains precise despite any frame rate fluctuations. However this cannot be done in Alpha Protocol because this variable is hard-coded and cannot be changed via configuration files.
  6. Why.... in g0d's name is Mouse acceleration forced? Why? I honestly don't get it. Why? It's possible to disable it in all other UE3 games, but not in this special title. Please, look on google, see how much bEnableMouseSMoothing comes up and what people are annoyed with. This is a game breaker for people with history in games such as Q2, Q3, Wolf, etc. Didn't that cross your mind you..FREAKING GENIOUSES at Obsidian? That MAIN PERIPHERAL ON PC IS MOUSE? That mouse = precision? That PC is NOT a console and that people buy PC games instead of console versions for a reason? It's no wonder you were delayed 6 months. They should have canceled this bugfest. And please don't mention an xbox controller to me. You can shove that thing up your ass. What an epic fail. Over and out.
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