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  1. Ugh. I should've expected this from a company with no actual support venue. Thanks for the answer, dude. Also, my reason for not expecting them to patch is simple. This kind of issue should've been caught in playtesting. It is hilarious to imagine they only tried to play it with xbox controllers on pcs and never actually used a mouse, but i sort of think they're not that dumb. So the only option left is that they knew about it and just plain didn't know how to fix it. (UE is not exactly easy to code for.) Also, to those people talking about DRM: I would be happy if this was a DRM issue and i could just apply a crack and play. However it is not. Even with the crackfix it's still broken.
  2. This does not help. As an employee of Obsidian, can't you at least ask higher up to see if a patch is planned?
  3. How powerful is your machine? I have the suspicion that the problem is less apparent on slow machines. Also, yeah, i went through the whole song and dance with all possible vsync options. It's not an issue with my machine. I have ~50 games of various ages installed and they all run fine. Additionally the problem is corroborated by MANY pc gamers. This is an issue with the game.
  4. Hm. I do have it from Steam, maybe they messed up in changing the DRM for it. Edit: For anyone thinking about it, the fixed crack doesn't help either, i just tried.
  5. That's fine if he isn't. I'm just a good bit annoyed because i paid 50 bucks for an unplayable game and want to know if being patient and waiting for a patch is worth it or whether i should go get a refund right now.
  6. Yes. Doesn't help much. The skipping is a tiny bit less frequent now, but much stronger instead. Want me to upload a video with those settings? Kabraxis must be in the tutorial zone still. Can you tell us anything about whether you're planning to patch this? Or should i take your skipping of that subject to mean that you don't plan to patch it?
  7. I appreciate that you try to help. But yeah, i already tried that and a LOT more (i did manage to remove the dumb framerate lock), but none of it fixed the mouse issues. It's like Tribes 2 all over again, only that got patched.
  8. There's already a topic on this, but it does not state clearly how severe the problem is and ventures a wrong guess at the cause of this. Here's how it manifests ingame: As long as the mouse is not touched the game is completely smooth. But as soon as the mouse is used it begins to skip and drop frame slike crazy. Manipulating the ini files had no effect. Obsidian, your turn.
  9. This does nothing. Here's how the problem looks like: I'm sorry, you are. The game does not even try to change those.
  10. It is actually even worse than that. The mouse settings available ingame are only sensitivity, but the mouse input itself is utterly broken. The game runs perfectly fine as long as you don't touch the mouse. Smooth as butter. But as soon you try to turn (and aim) the camera begins skipping around like crazy. For me the game is flat out unplayable on the PC and i feel pretty ripped off over having paid full price. Since the description i just gave may not be intuitively graspable for everyone, i'll be uploading a video on youtube demonstrating what i mean.
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