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  1. Yeah, game is horribly unpolished. Doesn't change the fact I played it 13 hours straight when it unlocked. lol
  2. The game can be so horribly annoying but god damn it, I love it. Just taking a break before I start over on Veteran with the goal of being a complete ass to everyone I meet.
  3. Yet it's so deliciously good. Which is sad because I doubt Sega will be pushing for a sequel.
  4. It being a DRM thing is what they're saying but I'm not going to risk getting my Steam account banned experimenting. Still the game is playable enough even with stutters, just gets somewhat annoying near cameras or when sneaking since it's like the video is the only thing that freezes but any input you make still registers. Anyway hope a patch comes out for the stuff eventually, maybe in time for my next playthrough. Game's a blast.
  5. No luck. Same deal with the game stopping for a bit before continuing on. :/
  6. Unsure what to call it really, but I'll give that a try and let you know how it works. Thanks.
  7. Loving the game so far. Only problem for me is the stuttering on PC.
  8. People over on GameFAQs pointed out stutters being addressed via a crack. Dropping it at that, but my question is the stuttering going to be addressed in a patch? Because it's really annoying when I end up running into a camera's FOV because of it. :/
  9. Well it's decrypting now, so it's not too late for my weekend I suppose.
  10. Nothing really meaningful was influenced by your decisions. Regardless of choice, the plot ended the same. Minor things like the Council and all that also proved to be, well minor, since really. It's like they weren't even around in the second game regardless if you chose to one option over the other. Stuff like that yeah.
  11. Based on the reviews, the game seems to be somewhat lacking in the looks department but has gone back to the deeper gameplay of yesteryears. Which is perfectly fine by me. Others have said decisions here are actually meaningful unlike say, Mass Effect where it's the same thing, the only choice is how nice you say it, which is nice. Of course, I'm still in a state of perpetual pre-load on Steam so I wouldn't really know. Still, with Obsidian's track record, I doubt I'll be disappointed.
  12. I'm in the Middle East and getting the same screen. Hopefully it will unlock when North America does. Not living there or in Europe or Japan, we're a bit of an afterthought, but at least Steam doesn't automatically block us from buying games (like some other sites do). Yeah, depends on the publisher I suppose. Well I better go do something productive. And by that I mean something that'll get me sick enough to be convincing when I call in sick or something. lol
  13. I'm still stuck in perpetual preload land. :/ I'm in Asia BTW, so this is like a weekend party pooped as this is what got me through work. I even bought all the necessary stuff to not need to leave the room over the weekend and blew off a camping trip with my old classmates. Damn it Valve quit trolling me. :/
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