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  1. Dude, don't ask someone else why you should get this game. If you want it and you like what you see, then get it! It's simple as that. Simple.........as...........that!
  2. Nobody wants to talk about Alpha Protocol??? This.......this disappoints my heart and soul to no end......
  3. Come on AP fans!!! Alpha Protocol is almost here! (exaggerating a wee bit) Let's discuss what you wanna do in the game! Ahem, I can't wait to see all the costumization you get with your character. Outfits? Hair styles? Beards? and......weapons! I think I wanna focus on pistols/handguns. Not no stealthy one. I just wanna go BAm! and BAm! And if I get surround dututdutudutu! Machine gun to the rescue!!! But more importantly than a trusty pistol.........my fists! I wanna focus on hand to hand combat, also! I can't waaaaaiiiiiiit!
  4. Anyone play the demo thing today in San Francisco!?!? Please tell us about it! I want some more AP info!!! ..... please..
  5. Why not America?! WHY NOT AMERICA!?!!? Geeze... How about San Francisco? Running through the golden gate bridge shootin' up bad guys, maybe? A New York City subway shootout/chase scene, perhaps?
  6. I think she deserved the oscar.
  7. I really didn't like Juliet at first but then..... I almost cried when she died! Hurley isn't really one of my favorites. He can be a little on the annoying side...
  8. Interesting......most interesting indeed....
  9. It isn't? What is then?
  10. Who are your guys's favorite characters? I like Jack, Kate, and Miles. I'm worried Miles might die because he's not really a main character.
  11. If I was a movie director, I'd want to make a decent amount of money, not a crap load. And also get good recognition.
  12. An RPG video game mixed with espionage and spies, is a dream for me! I think this game is gonna be great, especially for a person who's into the whole "super spy" thing, such as myself. I can't wait to get my hands on it!
  13. No... he use to have only a bazillion.....now he has a zazillion! There's a difference!
  14. A kitten that reviews movies! I want one...
  15. I didn't do much today........ OH! I ate some apple slices earlier...
  16. I'm sure James Cameron is happier than any of those people who did win the oscar because has like a zazillion dollars!!!
  17. How good is the hand-to-hand combat? Can you be good enough to not even use a gun through a mission and just beat everyone up with bare fists??? I hope so! That's what I wanna specialize in.
  18. Ahhh, I wish I was able to go! Will there be a downloadable demo sometime before the game is released?
  19. I think District 9 should have won Best Picture. Considering how good the movie was for it's budget.
  20. Is it? ................. I still stand by my statement...
  21. I'm sorry but that clown is just disgusting. I'm pretty sure if I had the opportunity to murder it..... I would.
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