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  1. That's called Fallout Tactics. Except they totally ****ed up pretty much everything in Fallout: Tactics. Missions are way too long, lorewise the game is annoying. Your charachters have no personality etc.. I enjoyed Tactics, but it was a far cry from JA2. The character personalities was probably the biggest crime, but the horrid inventory was probably a close second. For the most part I enjoyed it too, but not as long as I thought of it as a Fallout game, and I definitely experienced diminishing returns the further along I got. The developer didn't really get the franchise, and didn't really do their homework to insure continuity. The art style and characters were also fairly bizare. But I have to say a true marriage between JA gameplay and FO's setting/CC/rpg trappings would be truely epic.
  2. I suck at this, but thought it was funny... *Edit since my myelin sheath eroded past a critical point*
  3. Have you ever gotten the sense that a particular company dislikes it's own product/industry/customer base? Sometimes I get that feeling about ubisoft. Whether they are half-efforting a new IP (Haze), under utilizing an established and popular franchise (Beyond Good & Evil), or obsessively serializing brand diluting drivel (RAYMAN RAVING RABBIDS), Ubi always seems to have an allergy or dislike for it's own potential greatness.
  4. They won a prelimenary/temporary injuction, nothing more. All that means is that production can continue until the court case is ruled on, they could still lose the right to make Fool.
  5. Another funny thing I noticed on an interview with both him and Todd Howard, he thinks he's in the loop. Pete would say something about some random feature that he thought was in the game, however whatever it was had been scrapped months before, and Todd would have to correct him in front of the press. I can't help but imagine Todd smuggly muttering just out of mic range, "What, you didn't get that memo?".
  6. It really depends on what sort of gameplay is the drive in the mmo. I beta'd fallenearth for a couple of months, and while I really dug the setting and the premise, it really doesn't have an endgame aside from trying to obtain better gear. It's more tasking because you can't grind for loot, as pretty much everything worth having has to be made. After a while, you're going to run out of fun things to use your gear on, whether it's pve or pvp. It seemed as if Icarus' cure for this was to have new areas getting cranked out at a breakneck pace, but if they can't keep pace with player advancement they're gonna shed subscribers everytime time there's a lull. As for sto, I'm in the beta, and I'm liking the ship combat, but the on-foot missions and controls are very 'meh'. It makes me wish that privateer mmo hadn't gotten canceled.
  7. Hmm.. last thing I bought that could be considered 'actiony' would be painkiller, but although it's kinda fun, it's also kinda primitive.
  8. Lots of alcohol. Then I guess Wild Turkey shows that man is really a beast?
  9. If it's true, my head may just assplode from too much awesome. edit: did a quick search and it doesn't appear to be more than a rumour for now, although when 2k was contacted for confirmation they gave a "no comment" reply, which for the most part in this industry basicly means maybe...
  10. Yeah, I just followed the info yarn to wikipedia, and It's state of development seems to currently be in an unconfirmable limbo.
  11. Dear Jagged Alliance 3, Please don't suck like the last UFO/XCOM games did. -kthnxby.
  12. Oh, right. But has anyone in the whole history of FO2 played 13 years gametime with the same character? It takes me about 2 game years to turn the whole game upside down. I have, using a modern computer that wasn't patched up to fix the encounter rate, and with me zig-zagging across the wastes looking for an encounter I could score a gun from.
  13. I'd have to agree with previous poster, collectively they are all art. It does provoke thought, even if the thought it provokes is a now somewhat deservedly cynical attitude towards art and the "artists" that create it. It's actually kind of clever. although the full weight of the irony is making the room spin a bit...
  14. I have been occasionally glancing at that game, but I don't recall hearing it described as open world. Although I would still facepalm if it weren't, as that would be too awesome not to do.
  15. Wasteland? That old bag of bones? Enter the 21st century TYVM!!! Yar seriously. (Goes back to playing an "antiquated" game of chess.)
  16. okay, HOLD on. Rofl. That is an intense body replacer, although I prefer exnem.
  17. You need to check out 'Guy' Fawkes the Superduper Mutant whenever he gets caught day-dreaming, that guy can hustle if he thinks he's getting left behind.
  18. I'd be happy if they just fixed the combat shotgun, ie: http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/fallout/...MBATSHOTGUN.png this isn't a combat shotgun http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/fallout/...mbatshotgun.gif this is. And it wouldn't hurt to give us a proper pump-action shotgun to fill the now vacant role of the fo3 combat shotgun.
  19. And they shouldn't be, but with as many "shouldn't be's" as there are already in the capital wasteland (enclave, super mutants, Harold, fighter wings of vertibirds), MMM doesn't stretch things much more than they already are. I do enjoy that mod.
  20. "ass butter" I like it. It's classy.
  21. You're too soft, I'd go with a moderate duration of ECT. ...you haven't seen my hand...
  22. When it comes to Fallout, this may be one of the things we both whole-heartedly agree on. Its simultaneously hilarious and disgusting when I see people write about how Obsidian will ruin Fallout or make a worse story. I wouldn't mind giving these people the back of my hand a few times.
  23. You mean the Lexus? Eek, yep I totally meant to say that. Still can't afford one either way. Have you heard the noise one of those suckers makes?
  24. Ah, I see: qfq = qft - t + q No, I don't see. Ooh, expensive shiny! (watches top gear video of Acura LFA)
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