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  1. I'm actually kinda surprised at how much got shown today at e3, considering it doesn't officially start until tomorrow.
  2. Got any embarrassing stories to share? She used to grab my ass all the time in art class, and she specifically had a thing for white guys. Would have dated her, but I was already hooked up with a college girl. Clearly she would have been the better choice, seeing as she's doing so well, and college girl turned out to be a cuddly ball of bat-**** crazy. Ah, Memories.
  3. This is so weird. I actually went to highschool with the girl who's flailing around on stage.
  4. I'm still waiting for BABYZ: EXTREME CARPET RACING
  5. Guess I'm the only one who thinks child of eden looks neat?
  6. Gotta say, the giant wheel thing was really well done.
  7. Crap, I played and liked Rez, so I may be moraly required to like this: http://kotaku.com/5563293/this-is-basicall...laystation-move
  8. Strange... if this Felicia Williams girl is from Oklahoma, I believe I may know her.
  9. Now THAT'S an idea I can get behind. Get it? Get behind?... Because when your with a... nevermind.
  10. ASPLOZHUNZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Asplode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKrQ0umHUGA
  11. Sorry, just to clarify: I was getting hyped about the interviews that funcroc posted. Very informative. Yeah, I've read one interview recently that had my hopes very cautiously raised. "You've hurt me before, Deus Ex. Don't hurt again."
  12. You really need to work on your bias, otherwise you can't hate this next gen abomination properly Seriously. They brought this series back for... a cartoonish fps starring the black blob from startrek as the antagonist?
  13. No, I guess he means 'looks like they've completely forgotten to activate 'ArchiveInvalidated' here '. Really, the textures are all over the place.. the wrong place. The fun thing is that the screenshot itself shows the right textures.. it's just the 'pre-order image' that's messed up. Some sloppy PR lately Bethesda huh? First the early build gameplay footage on IGN, then this.... EDIT : Just look at what should be the ammo belt and you'll understand. *ding ding ding* The pre-order image is missing it's texture data.
  14. The tribal raiding armour appears to be displaying some texture issues in this particular pic: http://static.bethsoft.com/blog/fnv-tribalpackblog1.jpg
  15. Atomic wrangler sign is pretty slick, with it's implied Dr. Stranglove-ishness
  16. Btw, what does everyone else think of the casino signs in these pics?
  17. I spy with my little eye... a breakaction grenade launcher. Sweet.
  18. If you've tried mart's mutant mod, it gives a taste of what's possible through the raiders. Some of it's a bit silly with the skin tones, but overall there's a lot more variety in the facial models and textures in regards to realisticly average-ugly looking people, rather than the four or five person samey templates that are stock. I thought it was a pretty refreshing little touch.
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