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  1. If it can core a torso,I'm all for it.
  2. They disappointed me big time with DoW2. Orcs shouldn't spend all day huddled behind cover.
  3. Well that's something at least. Now they just need to get rid of the retarded carry-around-5-miniguns-for-repairs mechanic. It was mentioned that weapons could be upgraded, and I'm pretty sure that I had an exchange with Sawyer at some point where he revealed that he disliked the weapon repair system as well. Although it's entirely possible that I hallucinated the whole thing, since I've been licking toads like crazy.
  4. "It's pretty sad that what was pretty much standard gameplay stuff a few years ago is now considered "hardcore" mode. But that's what happens when the kind of people who would have only a few years ago played with barbies and footballs are noe playing computer games, especially crpgs." That was one of the funniest things I've read in a long time, until I reminded myself that it's those very people who make up the bulk of the gaming community these days.
  5. I just wanna core somebody like an apple with a heavy weapon. Is it realy too much to ask for blastable torsos? *rabble* *rabble*
  6. I dunno, was wondering that myself.
  7. "We want real, memorable characters. I think it helps you to remember parts of the world you'd otherwise forget." I could hug you right now Sawyer, if it weren't for the restraining order.
  8. Finishing the game. Man, you really are on a roll today.
  9. I agree with you, and yet I also agree with the OP. Besides, implementing this would take like a day or sumthin', and fallout had a distinct lack of people screaming in pain or terror as they died. Just sayin'.
  10. Damn, that's straight devious. Hardcore mode: The mode that goes up to eleven.
  11. Not until they fix the freezes, stuttering frames, and terrain with bad collision boxes that I get stuck on.
  12. Yes it is, curiously surprised Thraddash pilot. BTW, should you even be on the internet, considering your culture collapsed?
  13. I hope you play the patched version, because the unpatched version always crashed when closing F3. Strange that this still happens, it was fixed with the first patch. Edit: Now that reminds me, this might also be caused by an outdated GfWL Client. I had that problem once with Gears of War, and what solved the problem was just installing the latest GFWL Client. http://www.microsoft.com/games/EN-US/LIVE/...s/livejoin.aspx To your previous post, yes I have the FO client patched to 1.7. As for your second post, I'm running the game with GFWL disabled.
  14. I just gave that a shot, and all I can tell you is that it didn't crash for the 3/4's of an hour I was playing. It crashed when I closed the program out, but that happens so frequently that I ususally don't notice it.
  15. I'm pretty much with Starwars here, although I do notice a slight bump in the number of crashes while running mods. It's mostly when entering new cells or when coming into range/line of sight of an npc spawn node (probably a couple of mods conflicting over ai scripts, npc type, npc load out.) The kind of crashes I experience from the core game happen when the level geometry gets a bit too busy, there's a big fire fight, and/or I move my field of view very rapidly from one direction to another.
  16. Well I'm running it on a PentiumĀ® D 3.00Ghz with 2 gb ram and a geforce 7300 LE, it does not get along with this game.
  17. And this of course is likely to remain true of fo:nv. Side note: I really hope somebody knows of some sort of optimum pc build for this game, as the compatibility and performance issues I'm tiring of with fo3 are likely to be identical to those in fo:nv.
  18. Some idiot actually had the OST of Escaflowne changed? Wow. I've actually only seen it with subtitles, but then again I watched it back in like 1999 so that would make sense.
  19. My vote is on a can of easy-cheese for some white haired old codger who loves his cards.
  20. Crap. Yet again I'm shut out for owning a PS3 instead of a SexBaux360. /wrist Great, finally a dev whose name doesn't end in Sawyer or Rorie, and you make her kill herself. I was just channeling my misspent youth and mustang gets all emo about it.
  21. Crap. Yet again I'm shut out for owning a PS3 instead of a SexBaux360.
  22. I don't wann think about your banana bonsai. Or do I?...
  23. with sparkly nipple tassles. And tassle physics so the dancer can make them helicopter appropriately.
  24. Seriously, if Mart's Mutant Mod taught me anything, it's that if I'm playing some dusty desert drifter in the FO universe, occassionally blasting the scales off of a 4 foot tall bipedal lizard serves up a little variety. Furthermore, the more geckos there are, the less radscorpions and ants there's likely to be. Do not question my logic.
  25. Vault City... was unsustainable. Unless of course, they moved in on Gecko and seized their power plant. I rather like the idea of them slowly decaying into self important irrelevancy. But then again, I always went into Vault City guns ablaze rather than with all the groveling and aired duplicity of motives needed to get through that town peacefully. As for NCR, yeah they really could be an interesting new enemy. They have the resources to put up a real fight for a while without it destroying them, unlike the Enlcave.
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