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  1. I too like the way you think. And might I add that I'd also like to see the level *KER-CHANG!* and unfallouty generic sweeping orchestra music take a hike, but I rarely get things my way. Oh well, I'll survive either way.
  2. I see quite a few car parts there... leafsprings, clutch packs, flywheels. Wonder if everything there is auto related. [edit] -yup, just bothered to follow the linky. Pretty neat.
  3. Did everyone just miss a Dr. Stranglove reference?
  4. And totally deliberate, ie: lower sysreqs = more customers. And diablo III for me. Torchlight has got me in the mood for it.
  5. Perhaps a peaceful compromise could be reached if they were referred to as foons?
  6. This post warmed my cynical old heart. It reminds me of the numerous times me and my best friend have gone out to the bar and brainstormed how we'd handle the games we'd like to see made. Lately Shadowrun has been on my mind the most (what with Smith & Tinker aquiring the electronic rights). It's strange that thinking about different business models can now excite me.
  7. Hehe no, i was playing Bloodlines at that moment actually, that 5year old game with 5 different unarmed and melee animations per player class Is Fallen Earth any good? It's definitely oldschool, in both good and bad ways. It doesn't hold your hand with respecs and uberplayer builds, it's classless (like fallout), it's crafting heavy (and although the crafting is time-based, you can do anything you want while it's cooking), you get experience from pretty much everything, and the world is huge and seamless. You can literally travel all over the game world without ever seeing a loadscreen. On the other hand, the fps combat is even clunkier than fallout, the enemies are tougher (I think that's a plus really), there's no real way to power level (again, I think that's a plus) and the real world system requirements can be a bit schizophrenic. I was in the beta up until release, and managed to get a character up to lvl 43 before the wipe (45 is max). I had fun, and the Old Timer's seemed to like it. Once they add another sector, I may come back.
  8. I appreciate the compliment, and honestly I would have posted here more frequently If I'd known there was a fo:nv forum here rather than bsoft. I know the feeling, I can be a bit OCD when it comes to item conditions as well. The great thing about changing up things like item degradation is it can be a win-win, not only would it make the game less tedious for many gamers, it could also help combat things like savegame bloat and potential ctd's when looking at containers with huge numbers of items in them (containers in player homes come to mind). Absolutely. Damage types, i had forgotten about that. It would be a neat addition to bring back the old damage types and maybe some new ones like slashing/ piercing/ bashing damage. On a different topic, how about some variety in unarmed attacks? Maybe start off with the standard punch and kick and unlock new ones as you increase your skill, like in fallout 2? It would make unarmed characters more interesting i think. And we'd get to see animated piercing kicks ) Melee definitely needs some love. Jabs, round-houses, uppercuts, piercing punches and kicks... all of it would be awesome, but perhaps hard to implement because of the animations they'd require. "slashing/ piercing/ bashing", sounds like somebodies been playing Fallen Earth
  9. I like a lot of the ideas I've read here regarding item degradation and customization, and thought I'd throw in my $.02 (much of it a variation on previous posts). Handling of item conditions and scarcity in fo3 was one of my least favorite mechanics, and it definitely negatively changed the mood of the game for me. One of the things I really liked about the previous games was that you could field very rare or unique weapons without having to worry about replacements or wasting cash at merchants for the repairs. You only really had to worry about ammo for certain weapons, 2mm EC for gauss weapons for instance. With the mechanics of fo3 in place, you have to a constant supply of the same item to keep it in reasonable condition, and that really does a number on the whole feeling of item scarcity. I mean, you're practically drowning in combat shotguns, assault rifles, and 10mm pistols. Not only that, it forces you into having less variety of equipment since items aren't cross repairable inside of their general category. On the flipside, If you're using unique equipment like the gauss rifle from oa, you're quickly going to become your local handy man's favorite victim *cough*, I mean customer. I agree that item repair kits would be a solution to many of these problems. Perhaps something simple like: *unarmed/melee repair *small arms repair *big guns repair *energy repair But tbh, I agree more with the previous posters who just want it gone altogether, instead advocating sets of fixed weapon conditions that could be combined for a better grade, and be damaged by critical failures, but didn't degrade with regular use. Also I'd also love to see the reintroduction of damage types, damage thresholds, and ammo types. And level scaling sucks btw. Sorry if this wasn't very coherent, it lacked coffee.
  10. yeah, pretty much agree with all of that. ouch.
  11. I remember the Denver VB design docs detailing how social order had broken down shortly before the bombs fell. Mass rioting, firebombing, etc. I think the short version went... population boom, unemployment, food rationing, riots, new plague, more riots, nukes.
  12. If i recall (correct me if wrong) in the old games many of the items that could be found actually weren't prewar, just their concepts and designs. Sure much of the shelved food was pre-apoc, but I always accepted that as a tongue in cheek reference to the obsession of extreme food preservation in the fifties and sixties. They were making some pretty radical claims about what would be achievable with science back then. Although, there have been some real-life isolated incidents involving still edible canned goods that are nearly as old as canning itself (napoleonic war). But back to FO, I'm fairly certain that stimpacks and tommyguns were actually being manufactured during the FO2 timeline, and it seems reasonable to assume that other things were too. We know for a fact that most ammunition was being created at that the time. All that aside, I do think that the ammount of trash just laying about is a bit odd. I would have thought it a bit more likely that things would have a more windswept and sand blasted look with the very occasional small bit of trash to remind you that people once lived there.
  13. Or possibly a Super Mutant Elvis impersonator singing Viva Las Vegas? Robert Ghoulet? I don't think the gamebryo engine can handle the physics for a mustache of that caliber.
  14. Personally, I just prefer to run the alternate start roleplaying mod and skip the intro entirely. Just pick an interesting history option (complete with modified stats and starting gear), and set age state and size through the console or gts customization option. Suddenly I pop into the wastes as a grissled and tall Lemmy Killinger, the junk-rummaging alternate universe doppelganger of the infamous Motorhead frontman. Throw in a couple of carefully chosen companion mods, and I've got my shotgun toting post apocalyptic groupies. :D
  15. I know I'm not the only one who felt that the achievement, karmic good & evil, and level up ka-ching sounds were a little bit jarring...
  16. I like this idea quite a bit. It has that quality of the insignificant hustler who steps into a big steaming pile of strange but believable misfortune. It'd make a pretty good movie too.
  17. I kinda thought the chaotic evil approach would be more like: take the candy from the baby, use it to creatively murder the nanny, then give it back to baby for the lulz.
  18. This. Seriously now, the fresh-faced teen bit annoyed me to no end. I felt it a bit ridiculous that I was forcibly handed the reins of a naive kid who is expected to survive the wastes, all for the "love" of some distant and moderately apathetic father figure who had a bad habit of shoe-horning his favorite bible verse into his narrative. Frankly, I couldn't care less about the father figure in fo3, and resented a bit being forced to follow him through his formulaic plotline like some loyal but non too intelligent dog. In the end, if I chose to be evil, it didn't feel as such. I felt more like a bad kid who was just acting out to get some attention from my distracted father. I don't know, I know on some level I'm griping too much, but to me too much of the PC was both predetermined, and not very well thought out. The whole thing gets in the way of the player being able to forge ahead and define their charcter through the path taken. In the end, I never felt like I was playing a believably good or evil character, instead I felt like I was just idealistic or insolent. Meh, I'm rambling.
  19. I'm gonna throw in a vote for called shots to the eyes and groin, and called shots for melee/unarmed. Also, vats needs fixing. As of the last patch which fixed nothing, now missiles and grenades (mid flight) cannot be targeted, and neither can the npcs half of the time. I think it goes without saying that those glitches need to make like a banana. On a subject completely unrelated to wanamingo groin sockets, I'd like to cast a vote for player set age and scale for the pc. It's already in the engine where you can opt to be taller, smaller, smooth skinned and young, and a few degrees of aged grizzledom. No more forcing the player to be a fresh faced teen. I would LOVE if the pc and other npcs could be fat, skinny, super hero physqued, or dwarfish; but I can settle for what the engine already supports.
  20. FO1/2 style map travel not as problematic as you might think, it's already mostly done. See exhibit A: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=3157 ...oops, looks like someone beat me to it.
  21. Something that I've taken from observing the FO3 mod scene is that it really isn't all that difficult and time consuming to rough out some pretty believable and rather large tracts of land using the tools that bsoft has. Even the geck is pretty good at this. Most of your time is going to be spent on the LOD and learning how to get rid of floating trees. Any interior location with npcs and navmaps is going to take much much much more time to create. These can always be added in after the fact. Even the scale of the D.C. map was altered after the fact because bsoft felt that the wasteland they had made was too strechted out.
  22. This! Someone wrote in the previous version of this thread (that is now locked) that more empty space is useless. It's not. No more than having more/longer dialogue to read through. It sets a mood. Fallout 3's world was OK, but I never got that lonely, barren feeling because the world, although relatively vast, was brimful with life and settlements. I would love to be able to walk through a rock desert seeing nothing but swirls of dust and tumbleweed, without having ten arrows indicating that there's an entire village two dunes away.. Exactly, it would do much to impart that feeling of loneliness and desolation that should be present in a PA desert wasteland that stretches to the horizon, blocked only by the distant foothills that border it. As far as weather, FO3 already has those little dust devils, but it really needs an occassional full-on dust storm. Let them... its an option, there for that very reason ~right? Consider if the game did just that, but considered you to be traveling quick and hurried, and reduced the chances of your PC finding a special encounter (reduced ~ not removed...). That you could wander across something unique might be an incentive to some (to many I'd think); but also just walking in the desert alone would again set the tone, and be interesting in and of itself. *Secondly... Consider that if they secreted a repairable vehicle or two into the game... the vast flat desert would take on a new function. I would enjoy it, but as a compromise I think that fast travel should be tweaked so that the player can jump to their destination without previously having been there. They should just need the map marker, which they could obtain from npcs by asking around. On the vehicle thing, I think it would be awesome to have that, but its features would need to be carefully balanced for the setting and expectations of most players. If it were an indestructable static, players would complain about the realism and it would unbalance travel, as driving it would make you invulnerable to the mobs you encounter. If it could be easily and completely destroyed, then you'd have an incredibly frustrating game mechanic that would force players to reload their games as the penalty would be too severe to accept. The typical solution would be to have available replacements for the vehicle in the game world, but having a Fallout world where there are other working vehicles about would strain believability. I'd suggest a compromise where the vehicle can be disabled and then repaired instead of being flat-out destroyed. Another thing I'd avoid would be vehicle combat. For obvious reasons it would unbalance things, but it would also strain the engine if it were done the way I think I should be done (by that I mean treating the vehicle as a set of armour for the vehicles components and the occupants inside.). I also think it's important that it be the sort of vehicle that the gamebryo engine could keep up with, and by that I mean it can't be too fast and it can't be expected to handle too well. A truck, jeep, semi, bus, or buggy would fit that requirement neatly, with smaller vehicles being less problematic for the overall world design.
  23. Alright, this is my first post at Obsidian, so hello and whatnot. Firstly, I appologize for any text-wallishness, and when I repeat previously mentioned sentiments (as I know I will) just file them as another vote for or against something. Things I'd like to see Obsidian improv/add to Fallout in FO:NV *Vast and open wastes. It would be nice to really get that huge and barren desert wasteland feel, where walking somewhere actually takes awhile. *Mobs should be be spread further apart in the wastes and be larger in size. It would bring a bit more excitement when they're encountered. *A scavenger hunt for parts that ends in a player driven vehicle; it doesn't have to be fast or handle like roadster, maybe a jeep equivalent or semi. *Long range shooting needs tweaking. As is fired bullets don't follow any known logic. At long ranges the tend to arc up and go through targets w/o harming. *Weapon/armour deterioration needs to be reworked or dropped entirely. If it stayed in, the rate needs to be like 1/5 - 1/10 what it's at. *Bring back damage types, damage thresholds, and armour class. As it stands, armour barely does anything at all. People in PA should be formidable. *Bring back ammo types and expand the selection a bit. Deerslugs, Hi-Ex, and flechette rounds would help make shotguns relevant against good armour. *Bring back classic weapons and armour, and list the applicable damage/rof/damagetype/resist/threshold in a more informative inventory screen. *This one is a little weird... The old pipboy (if you even get one). It was straight foreward, displayed things more efficiently, and didn't conflict with armour. *This one may be a bit contentious... Tribals. Maori tattoos, bone jewelry, spears and bow n' arrow, huts and so forth. Maybe just a small village or two. *Vegas doesn't have a subway that I'm aware of, so we shouldn't have to crawl through tunnels that connect different city worldspaces. Keep it more open. *NPCs that use drugs, and drugs that have more sideffects. *Experience, levels, Special, stats, and perks that operate the way they used to. *Introduce selectable backstory, and reintroduce traits. *gambling, and a better prostitute interaction. I don't need to see it happen, but a little fade to black with some dialogue couldn't hurt. My last two require a bit of explaination, so down here they'll go... *An over-head turn-based option. This may be entirely undoable within a reasonable time frame with 3/4 overhead view and point and click interface, but the turn-based thing already has a proof of concept in the modding comunity. It's not a very elegant solution the way it's implemented, but it's pretty good considering the lack of source code. It's here if you want to give it a shot: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=4446 It's not my intention that fpp player's should be forced to play this, just that it's an option for those that prefer it. *My last one I promise (suprised if you read this far). NPCs need an overhaul. The voice acting in FO3 may have been a level above Oblivion, but I still don't think it was very good. Sometimes it was because of repeated use of an actor with a very destinctive voice for different characters. Othertimes it was because far too many of voice actors sound like they belong in a medieval (or tes) setting. And still other times it was the dialogue itself. There is a fairly consistant lack of flavour for many of the characters. Almost everyone seems well spoken and educated despite their circumstances, and with those that are portraid otherwise it seems forced and contrived. Where are all the illiterate, ignorant, and bigoted people? Where are the belligerent knuckleheads? Furthermore, the characters that are supposed to be intelligent don't really reflect that in their dialogue. They're usually on the same level as the average wastelander, just more arrogant. Not once did anything spoken in FO3 go over my head, but more than few things landed me with a headache for alltogether different reasons. Sorry for all that. The end.
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