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  1. QFQ. What does "QFQ" mean?
  2. One of the better analogies I've heard in awhile. Welcome to my signature, good sir/madam. Yay, I've never been quoted before
  3. If only they'd installed secondary double glazing on it. p.s.- I feel a disturbance in the force. It's as though a hundred devs simultaneously facepalmed, and then fell silent bc the nda is still in place.
  4. According to a gameriot update on this story: "GameInformer
  5. I'm not saying I don't like the idea, in fact I've promoted many of the things listed here before. But I try to look at all of these things in a pragmatic light. The things I usually suggest are actually what I believe to be achievable compromises, instead of the things I REALLY want.
  6. I'm gonna go ahead and file this under "BS until proven otherwise". Better to do that now and be surprised with good news later, than to really latch on to this rumour and be totally disappointed when like 0.000004134% of it turns out to be true. I just really don't think Obsidian has the time to developement all the new assets they need (even if they recycle a bunch), write up all the dialogues, get the VO's done, tweak the engine, and have all of this coded in too. IF they managed to add all that in the short window they have, It'd likely be either a billion times buggier than fo3, or it'd overshoot it's release window by at least a year.
  7. Am I the only person on Earth who had the trunk appearing in every single town? Actually, I had that one too. Also the dissapearing inventory bug. I've actually never been able to finnish the game. I always winde up getting critted by the inv. bug when it evaporates something neccessary for game completion, like the fob.
  8. I agree with your view on FO 3, but not on the FO2. Sure the overall goofiness could've been toned down a bit, but I liked how it gave me a good chuckle ever once and a while. I thought it was a good contrast to the grittiness and desperate tone which was, imo, somewhat bigger than that of FO 1. Now, FO 1 did have better writing, but I still wouldn't call FO2 a low-rent version - and definitely wouldn't lower it at FO 3's level. I agree with this. Also, you can't discount the improvements to companions, more aware npcs' (recognition of player's special stats and equiped items), greater variety of dialogue choices, somewhat greater flexibility in the triggers that allow certain dialogue choices, the combination of global and town reputation, the improved animations for talking heads, and of course the addition of the car (when it's trunk wasn't busy dissapearing).
  9. so is this guy pompous or what I think he's spot on. A couple of decades of acceptable (not even good) behavior, Hardly makes up for all the crap in the past.
  10. On the one hand, there's about as proof to support the notion that GD is god, as there is evidence to support the existence of god at all. Actually, strike that. There is more evidence to support that GD is god than there is the latter, as GD just posted here, and therefore there is someone/something behind his/her/it's posts. All joking aside, while I don't care for any religion in general, I do appreciate a human being attempting to contribute to the world in a positive and constructive manner. It's my belief that most people at least loosely define their own morality, and discard that which they find moraly repulsive, crude, cruel, barbaric, or just inconvenient. People do this all the time with the Bible. They pick and choose which parts they'll live by, which parts they believe in literally, and which parts are a metaphor or parable. The people who take a completely literal interpretation are often referred to as extremists by all but their peers. Those who take it all with a grain of salt are considered lax by the church. It would seem to indicate that the truth is somewhere in the middle, and yet, it's still us flawed and moraly bancrupt humans who define that grey area. I'd love to eventually see an academic resurgence in philosophy and logical reasoning, but living in the bible belt buckle of the U.S. as I do, I'd be one of the last people to reap the benefits.
  11. Thousands of dead Muslims would like to have a word with you regarding The Crusades... but they can't. Because they're dead.
  12. doodle doodle doodally doo... Fallout 1 Fallout 2 Xcom Shining Force 1 Shining Force 2 Shadowrun (genesis) Zombies Ate my Neighbors Star Control 2 Raiden Fighters 2: Operation Hell Dive (omg, I coulda gone to college on the money I blew at the arcade) Dawn of War: dark crusade runners up: Smash T.V. Sonic CD Super Stardust HD Heavy Barrel Streets of rage 2 and 3
  13. Huh... well, it is one of the one's that I never tried. I'll hafta give it a shot on next playthrough
  14. How about just a brand new crusader? I'd buy the heck outa that. ...and a hi-rez redo of starcon 2...
  15. I was wondering about that as well... I've yet to run across a schematic for ammo. Does the CALIBR mod add weight to ammo? Nope, and I'm pretty sure every mod that's attempted to do so hasn't been able to completely. I don't know if it's the engine not registering smaller incremental weights, something with the way ammo itself is handled, or the ammo weight not updating to the pipboy's carryweight display, but none of them work right.
  16. I don't recall when it started, but gog.com is running a sale until January 3rd. I picked up a copy (lol @ picked up) of Fallout 1 for $3.89 US. So far it's worked perfectly for me on xp. Sale link http://www.gog.com/en/page/xmas09 Full game catalogue http://www.gog.com/en/search/ *ninja edit*
  17. That actually sounds pretty awesome. I've pretty much used all of those mods individually at some point, the original alternate start rp being one of my favorites until it started causing problems after 1.5. I checked out the mod description over at nexus and I couldn't find what it was actually using the CALIBR mod for, care to shine a light? The alternate start mod has an option to remove the main quest, and I believe several references to it, but there are still parts that couldn't be lopped off. Requires source code, or hard coded in the esm, something like that.
  18. Just remembered the ammo mod is called CALIBR. I've used it to tweak a few weapons, such as a desert eagle that was part of the stalker mod. Boosted it's damage and durability, gave it knock down affect, dropped it's clip cap, and changed it's ammo from .44 magnum to the rarer and more expensive .50 AE. Now I have a DE .50 cal.
  19. TBH Pop, I've lost track of many of the mods I'm running. I do currently play with MMM, and like most of it quite a bit. The 'survival of the fittest' ai mod built into it is quite nice, as are the increased spawns, as are the greater variety in the looks of raiders. On the flipside I can't stand the corpseflies as they eat up so much frame rate, and I think the super mutant gargantuan (or whatever it's called) is a bit rediculous for numerous reasons. I used the Enhanced Weather mod for a while, but eventually dropped it in favor of better performance. If I had better specs I'd likely still be running it. Earlier on, I was using the Classic Fallout Weapon Mod, but it doesn't get along with the later patches at all. Also a fair number of the items in it were shoddy at best, although I do miss seeing people armed with pipe rifles . I also recently tried a mod that added in an complicated ammo crafting system, but it was a bit too complicated and it also threw all the market prices for ammo completely out of reason. I'm all for realism, but 50 caps for a small bullet is just too $%^& much. Currently I'm running the classic fallout apa mod, the classic combat shotgun mod, a nice semi classic plasma weapon mod (real top tier work), a classic fallout soundtrack radiostation mod, 14mm automatic mod, a big S.T.A.L.K.E.R. weapon compilation mod (good overall variety and most of them don't cause the game to crash), the global transport system mod, a number of companion mods, the raider companion being my favorite. Also an HQ to keep everything and everyone. I'm running mods that add things like piercings, more piecemeal armor to the game, and replace the stock bodies so I can get mah doodz an' chickas looking a little more swarmy and rough. I've done many small tweaks to basic things myself. My 'vault dweller' is now a tall, salt n' peppered old man with one eye who deliberately blows through missions that have anything to do with Qui-Gon Jinn. I'm sorry, but I can stand neither the forced and shallow relationship between father and brat, nor the equally forced and shallow bible themed altruism that take center stage in this game. It really doesn't belong in Fallout, and reeks of bad Hollywood drama (ending unrelated rant). I've probably forgotten many things but this is already getting wall-of-textish. (edit) I also forgot about the bullet time mod, and some major universal ammo mod that I'm sadly forgetting the name of right now.
  20. The lolspeak is strong with this one.
  22. Well Mechwarrior is getting rebooted, and Forever finally died earlier this year officially. I've seen a good bit about the whole Mechwarrior reboot, but I haven't heard anything about Smith and Tinker acquiring the sort of investment capitol neccassary for a project of that scope. As for DNF, yes it is currently dead in the water. But that doesn't mean it couldn't be released after the court case between 3d realms/apogee and 2k is settled. On a related note, DNF is also a racing term that's short for "did not finish".
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