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  1. Bah. I come back and it's nothing but strawman arguments and anti-story pro-larping appologists. Seriously. Furries may make me kinda uncomfortable, but every larper I've ever come across has been a totally self centered, uncompromising, and unrelenting @$$hole. I should really stop looking over the fence so much. :E
  2. Yes. Read from here if you're interested. Omg... you know what? I've got things to do today, and I won't be able reach any of my daily goals from the toxic headspace that guy just put me in. You two are braver, stronger of will, and more resolute than I shall ever be. Now if you'll pardon me, I've got to que up at the finacial aid office and NOT mutter to myself like a crazy person.
  3. Syraxis...someone...explain it to him..this is just... too much.. I can't handle this much. I can hear my brain frying. Kid loves to grasp for arguments. Is somebody trying to justify those god-aweful subway tunnels? Because that was one of the most universaly despised aspects of fo3...
  4. It's creepy. And deserts get fog too. -edit: Also I've seen very fine and talc like desert dust look like that.
  5. That guy totally reminds me of this big-mouthed, brainless little (actually he was kinda big) btard that I went to school with back in the 90's. -edit: Oh snap, It's Sawyer.
  6. The screen snapping between happy and psycho cowboy made me giggle a bit.
  7. +1 +2 +3 Also, I'm gonna make a wildly unfounded prediction about the good guys / bad guys thing here. I'm guessing in the theme of archetypal greyness, obsidian being who they are, and current world events, this game is gonna about the good and bad of lawlessness and freedom (mobsters running New Vegas) vs the safety and security of a borderline authoritarian republic (NCR).
  8. I don't mind. Quite the opposite. Wasn't complaining. Also just noticed the pipboy on his left arm.
  9. Well either they've got an NCR flag out in the middle of a shallow graveyard in the desert just to let folks know who they are, or the ranger dude is carrying the flag, indicating that he's going to claim Vegas for the NCR. I think that's more plausible. Oh, another thing I thought I might point out b4 somebody beats me... that trailer was NOT green tinted.
  10. The persons outfit loosely fits the textbox description of Tychos desert ranger clothes, so I think we can safely say what this guy is. So the city is likely controlled by NCR? Mild authoritarian facists with good loot meets the town that the mob built? Main character is grizzled survivor from parts equally unknown and deadly, coming to exploit every chip lined opprotunity/deliver the wicked to bloody gib-filled-justice/or simply palm a couple of cards while palming a couple of showgirls? That's all assuming we're even looking at the main npc. Either way, color me intrigued. *Blue moon..."
  11. Awe thnx. (Goes back to playing Eve trial instead of arguing)
  12. If you give me some lemons I'll make some kamikazes. Arguing about the nature of theft in a digital construct while drunk sounds like a noble enough endeaver. Besides, I'm snowed in and getting angsty.
  13. Hey you guys, there's a new kid at Obsidian High: http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:Au...lout:_New_Vegas
  14. As has already been established, you don't need DRM for Law abiding citizens, as they are already paying for the games. Also established, DRM doesn't function as any sort of barrier for pirates. So DRM fails at it's intended purpose of preventing piracy, and your counterargument is that if we stop using it people will stop paying for games? There's a logical fallacy right in the center of your argument.
  15. The problem with Securom is that it was cracked years ago, and hasn't been measurably updated since. Its code is just sort of bandaided on top of the game, but as is displayed by the widespread availability on P2P sites of cracked on day 1 or earlier games that were supposedly protected by it, it's shockingly easy for any so called "hacker" to just yank it out. So really, what does it's presence accomplish, aside from annoying some of the paying customer's, or lending some thin sense of justification to the pirates who seek it? Although I don't agree with them, the question is no less valid.
  16. Well they're trying to establish the notion that your ability to play a game is a limited service they're providing you instead of a product that you can use as you please. Also you can only use the service under their watchful eyes, and you have to agree to install their supervisory applications on your computer (temporarily turning over complete control of your computer to them). Oh, and they'll continue to charge the same $50-60 for the rental that they used to charge for the unrestricted product. Really, I'd have no complaints against this model if (a) these new rental games were to cost $15 instead of $50, and (b) they didn't install nefarious hidden software on my personal computer. Nail on the proverbial head.
  17. Oh no, you've got me all wrong. I didn't mean the graphics needed an overall, I meant the performance and stability of the software. Last time I actually got the game to run on newer hardware, it was a crashy slide show.
  18. I76 would need some super duper serious optimizations for me to play it on a modern pc.
  19. No, I'm quite content to blame the publisher for choosing securom/steam/gfwl instead of coming up with some better solution. If it were just a matter of having unintrusive and effective piracy protection, you'd never hear me complain. However, the deal we have right now is neither unintrusive (steam/gfwl are huge resoursce hogs), nor is it effective (securom is as easily bipassed as an unlocked door). Furthermore, with caps on installs the situation has become a matter of my software purchase becoming a temporary software license. It would be like buying a car that can only have regular maintainence done a few times; after that, "tough titty, time for the rube to buy another car".
  20. Alcohol in high school? We used to order 24 oz cups of coffee/hot chocolate from WaWa (think 7-11) in the mornings, and mix them with Kahula. Good times were had. Kahlua, what were you made of money? I had to save up my lunch dough for a week just to afford my middle-shelf vodka of choice, the rest of the time it was either McCormick, or Everclear.
  21. **** was so cash. They srsly need to bring it back on the market. I'm down to one caffeinated beverage a day, and if coffee didn't take up that spot, a lot of people would wind up dead by noon. Although I do have some interesting highschool memories involving mixing Smirnoff into my bottles of Surge so I could get drunk in class...
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