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  1. This just reminds me that Mark Morgan needs to compose the score for NV. It'll likely be the first thing I mod into NV, but I'll give the Inon Zur original a chance before I do.
  2. Hello Obsidian forums, I have a question I'm directing towards the great and formless ether of the tubes... When it's said that New Vegas has twice the number of weapons as fo3, is this stock fo3, or post dlc fo3? And more importantly, is "twice as many" meant in the way the layman would mean it, Or is it meant in the way as "fo3 has 500+ unique endings", which is to say, a b.s. number created by counting up every single possible incremental difference in a weapon, as an invidual weapon?
  3. I'm not saying neocon base = conservative base. These are not the same entities, they merely claim the same party. "Simply don't believe you." I don't need you to.
  4. "Of course there is also that Republican guy who thinks people are poor because they are lazy and education is wasted on those people. That if you charge them for it only those who really want it will be getting it." That's not just one guy, that's pretty much the whole neocon base.
  5. It wouldn't be the gop's wet dream, it would actually be Ron Paul's wet dream. The gop pays lip service to the concept of fiscal responsibility just to get the votes of those that that appeals to, just like they pay lip sevice to supporting small businesses and being pro family values. It doesn't really mean anything, and a lot of the time it's just political sleight of hand so you don't see what they're really up to.
  6. I know, just being a smartass.
  7. I spy with my little eye, something the starts with an arrrrrr.
  8. Managed to get a nice helicopter and dune buggy on my first run. However, the chopper got shot out from underneath me before I left the base I found it in. :/ Note: The camera is a bit too drunk and swervy for my tastes. It must be interesting with 3d enabled.
  9. That was one of the aspects of fo2 that I really liked (the community interplay), and really missed in fo3.
  10. Well that didn't take long: http://kotaku.com/5485179/rumor-ubisofts-n...doed-by-pirates
  11. Personally I refer to it as getting my side pipe adjusted, but I've heard others speak of it your way.
  12. I don't think you really need to save people from themselves. No, your second guess was the correct one. But 'saving people' is sort of the local past-time around these parts. That and speaking in tongues, and handling snakes.
  13. In all seriousness, I really wish they'd work on the saving system to make it less prone to corruption.
  14. I read a news clip that redefined for me, how much is too much: http://decentcommunity.com/2009/05/05/wome...ammer-as-****/ I love my state.
  15. win I'm assuming that the charisma check for max companions has been reinstated...
  16. Even better, if Ubisoft ever decides on a whim to flip the switch to off on their website, you'll never be able to play said game again. Raithe's reasons were all reasonably likely, while yours is highly unlikely. I don't believe Ubisoft is run by Doctor evil and he's just waiting to flip a switch for destruction. You're right, I'm being foolish. It would be totally out of character for Ubisoft or any other publisher to stop supporting something, to push people to adopt shiny new software, or to just save money.
  17. Even better, if Ubisoft ever decides on a whim to flip the switch to off on their website, you'll never be able to play said game again.
  18. Mikhailian


    I haven't read anything in forever. Just starting the Otherland series (City of Golden Shadow) for the first time.
  19. The last Ubisoft game I bought was also the last one that mattered: Beyond Good and Evil Btw, My horse for a custom controll option.
  20. Queens of the Stone Age - Long Slow Goodbye (live)
  21. 1- Argh, I hope he doesn't just hit the generic button this time. 2- Don't mind, so long as level progression is adjusted so I'm not a master of everything at cap 3- It's not tinted green.
  22. Well allright that's one. One. That "One" is pretty big. Like Japanese Hasselhoff big.
  23. Maybe something on a mobile platform like the iphone, turn-based 3d iso with fully rotatable fixed camera angle and a touch screen interface?
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