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  1. Likely because it's one of the few recent games that have effectively ruined it's entire franchise with "neo-games". You'll probably see a similar reaction to the new "X-Com" (I shudder even to call it that). From what I've seen on various forums, peoples reactions seem to fall into three groups. Group 1: I've never played the series, but this looks interesting. I hope it plays like (insert generic shooter name). Group 2: This looks gay. Group 3: OMG, WTF did they do with xcom? Did Enforcer teach you nothing, 2k?
  2. I've played and loved Arcanum, but it definitely suffered from both a lack of direction at it's core, and an excess of ambition for it's scope and featureset. They tried to do way too many things on their first outing, things they should have saved for later iterations. They clearly had some very creative, passionate, and talented people, but none of them seems to have had any business sense.
  3. Sorry, "No." was short for "No, you'd have to completely ignore the reality that there was more than one financially sound, competent, and interested party bidding for the license, in order to take up that position." I thought you'd pick up that.
  4. I am, sorta. It's still built on the framework of fo3, which I had to tweak the bajeebus out of to make tolerable.
  5. I didn't have the internet back in those days.
  6. The weapon buffering should also improve things, but I imagine it will only be apparent with lower-end pc's, and/or during particularly resource intensive combat.
  7. If they could combine the system improvements in tactics, SWTOR's mmo dialogue system, with a large sandbox mmo, I think they'd have a real winner on their hands. But the cynic in me says that if that happened, Herve would step in and **** all over everything, like the out of control fecophiliac he is. He'd probably rent out ingame billboards to mountain dew, doritos, and taco bell, and turn the whole thing into a nightmarish F2P Korean grindfest.
  8. I mean expansion of the system to include creation of super mutant, ghoul and robot characters, new perks and traits including racial ones, etc. Heavier armors having skill penalties to Sneak and manual skills. Yes, for all the complaining I've heard about tactics (mostly legitimate regarding style, tone, and canon consistency), there were a number of basic evolutionary changes to the system that most would agree were improvements.
  9. Another live demo: http://e3.gamespot.com/video/6266540/ Edit: Pretty much the same as before, but it runs longer 14ish minutes, the touch on a few more details, and they show off the bladed gauntlets, anti material rifle, multiplas, and a few other things.
  10. "When deep & detailed design is "dumbed down" because "it doesn't work on console" it's always a bad thing. " Ah, I think I see where this misunderstanding is coming from. See, instead of saying "dumbed down", you need to say "streamlined". Just try it out. See how refreshing and completely non-threatening that felt?
  11. I see in the g4tv demo, a pump action grenade launcher like the EX 41/China Lake GL. Neat.
  12. Just in case nobody saw it, care of Incognito at nma: http://gamevideos.1up.com/video/id/29981
  13. Yeah, sacrificing your leader was nice touch. Dude, the enemy leader. ...oops, nvm.
  14. Yeah, sacrificing your leader was nice touch.
  15. Maybe I'm missing something, but doesn't the existence of the psn make steam a bit redundant on the ps3?
  16. So I guess there will be nomore "Gabe of the Month" quotes?
  17. Sony booth in Home is first interesting thing I've ever heard it being used for.
  18. So the plan to save the psp involves childlabor?
  19. So is it done for the night? [edit]: nvm, looked above me
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