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  1. Replaying TOW. Good ****, doesn't get old. Recommend replaying every 6 months or so until a sequel or spiritual successor comes out. Playing as a solo character who focuses on Long Guns, Science, Engineering, and Medical and wearing armor with gadgets that beefs up my Dialogue skills. Character is near unstoppable, even on Supernova, the only potential hazard is kinda slowish reloading speed so I gotta add Mods that increase magazine capacity in to finish most encounters w/o reloading.
  2. GOP loves him now, he has near complete party unanimity, D.C. and minimalist white boy living in backwoods U.S.A alike. Also, just like the LP, real leftists may have to accept another defeat and focus on getting that 5% vote in the Green Party, I will vote Green up and down the ticket.
  3. You have some good points, and yes, it would take a theoretical "sleeping mass" help transform the legislative and executive branch by getting a 3rd Party in there. Also, this 3rd Party would have to team up with one of the major parties to produce anything. Libertarians would have to team up with Republicans and Greens would have to team up with Democrats, etc. etc. It's not impossible, but like I said the rhetoric is so toxic right now that if a Greens were to be elected in any branch the American right would probably revolt 1860 style which would give us the moral high ground to enact transformational policies.
  4. DLSS is garbage, I never use it or Ray Tracing, though the memory bandwidth that uses RTX is supposed to be enhanced significantly for 3*** thereby improving FPS significantly so perhaps 144hz+ gamers can start to dabble in it then, w/o DLSS. Any feature that forces you to lower a render resolution means you're doing it wrong.
  5. "Hurlshot" is not meant to be taken literally, but hope you get back to 100% soon, brother.
  6. But nothing will ever change if we don't elect a 3rd Party candidate. Obama's failure of a presidency should be clear proof of this. The only thing that's changing is the rhetoric, which is becoming more toxic and dangerous. Policy remains the same, which is becoming more and more unsustainable by the year.
  7. I don't know but this strange generational antagonism in the gaming community has been going on for a long time. It's like games targeting millennials are, by law, diametrically opposed to games targeting Gen-Xers and Boomers. I'll be sure to throw in the towel and stop gaming once Gen-Z comes of age because I am not getting caught up in this crap. This is a good education. Anyway, sorry OP doesn't like TOW. I love it, and hope we get more like it. To me, it's a good synthesis between atmosphere, plot, and solid RPG mechanics.
  8. This. It's just 'nother one of those cases where they didn't expect a game do well but did surprisingly well so now they're hand is being forced economically and communitarily to dish out more content.
  9. Yeah keep telling yourself that. Crime, poverty, and inequality may just go away if you keep worshipping the number crunching market God. Like @Gorth I don't have the answers but I'm willing to bet that voting against these 2 parties that got us into this is probably the best place to start. Notice how every Democrat who runs as a progressive (medicare for all, better wages, higher learning etc) always ends up getting sucked into the corporate machinery of the party? It's just proof that Democrats on their own are not enough to improve things or successfully tackle the Republicans, they need a 3rd party to "fuse" with.
  10. Yes I'm still boggled as to why PC gamers would go AMD, when their hardware is being used on both next gen consoles. It just seems like a no-brainer from a consumerist perspective.
  11. I'm just saying every system has its supporters. I'd say any extreme is bad, cap or com. Capcom? Well, we now know where they got that name from! Anyway, billionares should not exist and every job should be able to support a home to varying degrees. Nobody should have to kill themselves to live.
  12. The people who "fled" Castro are the ones who obviously don't support the Cuban system so of course you're gonna get a biased response.
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