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  1. Caleb T. Maupin on Twitter: "The strike in #India, the largest strike in human history, is being led by #Communists. Don’t doubt it for a minute. https://t.co/AW6mnA2rF7" / Twitter Nice. Remember India, as well as Brazil, are run by an openly fascist regime. EDIT: Whoops wrong thread, I meant the 'World Politics' thread, but the link in the old thread lead me here for some reason.
  2. Fascism can be loosely attributed to being racialist and nationalist w/o deeply embedded "age old" conservative principles, Mussolini and the Italian conservatives often clashed on such issues, "History goes forwards, not backwards!" Mussolini has said.
  3. Yup as much as I'm eager to try this out still not touching it until that 6 months + launch time period. Hitman 3's launch was pretty bad as well but not because of in game glitches but because of server and progression failures, so you're not completely alone GOGgers. Someone made a joke that Cyberman 2047 was the worst launch ever.
  4. Biden Administration Looking to 'Speed Up' Process of Getting Harriet Tubman on the $20 Bill (msn.com) LOL fascists are gonna rage at this one.
  5. The whole prestigious "Seal" reputation has been tainted by Chris Kyle.
  6. But aren't airborne units irrelevant in the 21st century?
  7. Russia bad, neoliberalism good. Never change, boomer "progressives".
  8. May I remind people that Russia and China may be right wing on social issues but they remain QUITE economic leftist. It's one of those situations where if you feel REALLY strongly about a certain issue, you can't help but characterize them on whatever end of the spectrum you hate. Myself, for instance, despise economic rightism that's prevalent in the western hemisphere and am moderate on social issues, so the economic situation takes precedent here.
  9. Trump support is all about white supremacy and very little to do with income and education. I truly question the motives of people who try to lump lower class people into something they hate. It almost sounds like they're asking for some kind of working class revolution or something, as it is a very conservative opinion to encase yourself in an upper echelon of society and scorn those on the bottom. That's how all revolutions start.
  10. Meh, British police outright killed Ian Tomlinson in similar circumstances, and I'm sure a few cases of police brutality have made the press in the US too over the past year. Police gonna police, wherever they are. As always, western media is guilty of massive wishful thinking about both Navalny's popularity and exactly who comes out to protest. Khabarovsk being the typical indicator, voted in the Liberal Democratic candidate in a landslide which has to be good since it isn't United Russia/ Putin and the guy is a liberal democrat, two good things... except LDPR is Vladimir Zhirinovsk
  11. Michael Tracey on Twitter: "The most bizarre moment in recent Larry King history is when Trump briefly appeared on his Ora TV show in September 2016, and the US media manufactured a panic that entailed accusing Larry -- one of the most conventional and anodyne media figures ever -- of being a Russian agent" / Twitter
  12. Not an issue on the Nvidia end, I have 3 8-pin connectors on my 3090 and with fans at 100% it hovers around 60 degrees, and that's overclocked.
  13. Yeah perhaps you need a right wing strongman to show those Commies who's boss, correct? I swear these self proclaimed "leftists" want their cake and want to eat it to.
  14. "Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires." -Steinbeck (attributed)
  15. Biden Doubles Down on Amnesty (msn.com) LOL @ alt right types who thought Biden would deport immigrants without the "Eye of Sauron" mainstream media scrutinizing him.
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