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  1. Grim Dawn's action may be mindless but the character building is fairly complex, and it's hardly what I'd call open world. Having said that, probably the best Diablo clone I've played, as I have 352.7 hours sunk into it.
  2. Most people disagree. Debates were a disaster and both candidates really suck, but Trump really needed to get a leg up to help his campaign.
  3. Yes we alcoholics take glory in our miserable existence! We do have the coolest dreams though, those (albeit rare lately) times I go on a drinking binge I never wanna wake up because my dreams are so badass. Speaking of Vladimir Vladimirovich, how's the Russian federation doing these days? Must be tough with constant NATO attacks, disinformation campaigns, lies, and military aggressions but I hope they're doing well over there.
  4. This is one of the moments where we agree but probably for slightly different reasons. I'm honestly hoping a candidate comes along that can unite everyone who's disgusted with the 2-party system, or almost everyone.
  5. Nice. Finally seeing some post apoc stuff where you play as the good guys for a change. Metro: Exodus is fun and shiny but every now and then you gotta dive into multi-faceted numbers heavy games.
  6. This sounds almost Biblical "Last Supper" type of stuff. Whilst I don't think Covid-19 is "End of Days" worthy material (We are far more likely to die in a nuclear devastation if the radical right get there way), I'd say my last meal would be chunking on a human torso because once consumerism is gone everyone would turn into savage carnivorous flesh eating zombies.
  7. I have not played ME:A but most of the harshest criticisms stem from internet edginess more than anything rather than genuine disgust towards a video game. I mean how often do you see people praising games like Battlefield on the net?
  8. "You are Putin's puppet!" vs. "You're a trojan horse for the radical left!" Yeah sorry these two neoliberal clowns would be serve the country by rotting in a cell. Lose-lose situation for anyone who's remotely left-leaning.
  9. Wow prophetic stuff right here. The good stuff starts about 1 minute in for the impatient.
  10. What happened to 60's-90's Clint Eastwood anyway? He's become too much of a dementia addled bootlicker lately. I guess even the best of the best can't conquer old age. Another harsh reality of life.
  11. Providing state enterprises that offer employment to those who want it is completely different than government bailouts and regulations. I believe in completely free and utterly unfettered non-interventionist by the government markets but government itself can hold a slice of the action as well to offer more robust competition. Call it "free market competition" but with a wild card.
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