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  1. I think it's more to do with party based isometric RPG's being a niche genre than little tiny details like dialogue and lore. There was an uptick of support for PoE1 due to nostalgia and "something different than what we have" but all in all it remains a....niche genre. Sorry to be a buzzkill but that's the sad reality of modern gaming.
  2. Funny how white lower class Obama '08 voters are now Alt Right types. I never cared for Obama because I was subconsciously aware that the party he was running under was way too corrupt and damaged beyond repair to actually deliver anything significant, but what can I say?
  3. I'm from New England and remained loyal to the Red Sox and the Patriots before 2001 and 2004 respectively, when nobody thought they could win. Now I find myself rooting for Detroit teams because the tragedy of the midwest holds a dear to place to me. Anyway I could care less if the Pats win at this point, they had their run, now lets see where the next phenomena lies.
  4. Yes I always make it a point to shoot for upper middle class rigs. The last time I spent several grand on a PC the thing got outflanked in both price and performance within a few months. Going midrange was wary at first but when I discovered I could play Prey on max with 75fps on a several hundred dollar PC I became a mid-ranger for life. Anyway just upgraded to get ready and carry me through 2020 16 gigs Ram core i5-9600k Radeon RX 5700
  5. Told myself I wouldn't do this so early but I caved and bought a Radeon RX 5700, a Core i5-9600k and 8 more GiGs of ram. The good news is that these should hold me off for at least a year and a half and with a new PSU installed I can upgrade on the fly. Hey, at least gaming isn't expensive as automobile junkies!
  6. Magic Weapon + Uchigatana is a great early build yes, also good have Great Soul arrow in there as well for ranged control. Will require some dodging and maneuvering though, as chances are you have to sacrifice points in HP and Equip Load.
  7. Pyromancer is easily the most OP class in DS3 on its own terms. Caster is only good when you combine it with a high dex/stamina/short weapons build.
  8. The United States has a history of genocide and white supremacy but we also have a history of doing the right thing when the situation calls for it (Civil War, WW2, etc). Will it take another war to transform American (and perhaps, Western) society writ large? Time will tell. Whilst I'm cautiously optimistic about the future, the American right (roughly 25% of the country) are extremely radicalized so any kind of socio-economic reform won't come easy.
  9. Thread inspired me to delve into Dark Souls III again. Trying as a Caster/Thief build and showing great early success. But then again I'm reminded that once you hit triple digit character levels, specialization becomes irrelevant and you can just equip or customize anyway you see fit. Tis the bane of Soulsbourne games,
  10. Dark Souls II is like Mario II. It's got some interesting elements but it's -all in all- the weird one of the bunch.
  11. I don't think I've ever agreed to disagree more in my life. I never wanted or expected TOW to be like Arcanum or New Vegas so in essence I was not disappointed (in fact the opposite) but you make quite an interesting antithesis to its design philosophy.
  12. Yup Microsoft just ripped the soul right out of Obsidian.
  13. I'm am waiting for the full specs of the next gen consoles to be released so I can upgrade my PC accordingly. If your pc doesn't perform at least 15% better than the current gen console, you're doing it wrong. If they focus too much on 4k crap than uprgrading should not be a sweat!
  14. And yet people can't name any CRPG that fulfills their bloodthirsty playstyle to their preference. Not to mention someone with "PUBG" in their username.
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