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  1. I think he's under the impression that pro 2nd amendment people and people who lean socially and economy left-ish are mutually exclusive. I also don't think this is the case writ large but you can't deny the misconception is there.
  2. The majority of police and military will remain loyal to the government, yes. There's always exceptions though, just to make it interesting.
  3. I'd say the military and police are far more effective than patriarchal nutjobs stockpiled with small arms.
  4. Better to be "destroyed by facts and logic" than to be "augmented by lies and stupidity" which is clearly where you're going here. Meanwhile the rest of us PEEPS will be realistic on where the United States go in the future. The Blue and Red Party are clearly the retarded options so there's this sort of calling for a 3rd Way that's grounded on common sense.
  5. Wow what a load of strawman robot garbage. I guess I'll ignore ktchong from now on as it's apparent that he's just a Sino-bot.
  6. The priority right now for progressives is to stop even looking at the Blue Party as a platform and to start voting Green. Very simple solution.
  7. The stock market crash of 1929 and Great Depression is what saved us from a 2nd Civil War at that time period, conservatives had no political clout at that time. Not to mention the fact that FDR kinda hijacked the Democratic Party (which was technically the right wing party up until him) so he was able to cleverly outmaneuver opponents on either side. Luckily it was the Germans who decided to go full retard in that phase, we got off easy.
  8. Pirece of **** music from my retarded ass console-derp days.
  9. Not exactly. It's just far right Americans have a habit of rebelling when we elect a progressive POTUS that they don't like (see, Lincoln). So, when we elect a progressive POTUS that puts his money where his mouth is, do you not expect these far right reactionary idiots are gonna form terror cells on the new civic order? Puh-leeeze. Americans are great people but there's that "dark" side of us that always tests our better side.
  10. Playing Faeria because it was free on Epic Games Store. It's pretty good but I don't really like card games so I probably won't invest much time on it. Assassins Creed Syndicate was also free perhaps I'll try it out. Never really got into AC games I think I played the 1st one when it came out but didn't really like it so I probably won't like this one either but hey I won't complain about free stuff.
  11. In 1992, a Pakistani diplomat was reported to have said to a U.S. ambassador, with a sly wink: "You claim to have won the Cold War, but has it ever occurred to you that what has happened here is that the internal contradictions of Communism has caught up with Communism before the the internal contradictions of capitalism could catch up with capitalism?" It's becoming very obvious at this point that that was a prophetic observation.
  12. I'd consider him a "false hero/champion" but not "Satan". He's doing a great stirring the pot in D.C., raising consciousness and awareness and airing out the sickness and corruption in D.C. (without actually doing anything about it, he's all talk after all!) Unfortunately though, he's also stirring up the far right and they see him as their last and best chance at stifling social and economic progress so I'm sure there's gonna be a mess to clean up once we get the ball rolling, And I love the Gen-X style comments, move to Alaska with a tent and a fishing pole and Coleman stove and live ever after. Gen Xers are masters at spotting problems but seem to have serious problems offering solutions. I guess that's where Gen-Y comes in, let us clean the mess up with blood and honor naturally.
  13. I am downloading PoE as we speak! I admit I never finished it but I made it to act 4 I think? When I reached the forest village or whatever is when I gave up because it started to feel redundant at that point. That forest village felt like a Starting Village TM and I just got gamer exhaustion at that point. Lets hope something compels me to actually beat the game this time.
  14. History Rhymes. Except nowadays the "Reds" are the bad guys (Republicans) whilst the Greens and Blue's (Cyan's) are the good guys. Islamophobia, Zionism, economic gangsterism, austerity, cutting social benefits are simply unacceptable to the Left. Bring it on moth****ers!
  15. IMO this is dangerous thinking which leads to fascism. When you allow free markets to remain truly and utterly free it leads corporations controlling the government and directing national policy, which is literally no different than fascist Italy! The solution here is keep money out of politics and offer a public sector. I've said it a million times already but people can't seem to grasp simple logic and solutions and automatically think 1937 Moscow or something. One may have fantasies about storming Berlin and destroying fascists under the Red Army banner w/o actually wanting to reinstitute Stalin-era policies! It's called respect and evolutionary gravitation from old concepts.
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