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  1. Thanks! Thats a photo manip by me!

  2. Thanks, I did! Thanks for trying to help me. I'll take your advice and try to get more RAM into it before I use it again!
  3. Specs System: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 2 Computer: Intel
  4. I have the full registered version. Every time I try recording a game, lets say KotOR II, it causes my computer to seriously lag/glitch. I've reduced the quality of the game and the recording settings but that didn't do a thing. I've tried looking around online but no one seems to have a very definitive answer. I can't post my specs yet, as I'm not around my desktop, I'll post them tomorrow. Until then, does anyone have any general advice for me? Has this happened to you?
  5. No, I do not think that a fully-electronic Jedi, or Sith, would really be that desirable. I'm all for modding. I love it, but I only have KotOR I for Xbox so I can't really do that. I do have KotOR II on PC so I've modded that out like there's no tomorrow! It would be cool if it was just integrated into the game. I can see your point of view, but really I think it would be neat to see them implement some more variety when creating your character without having to download a mod for it. As long as it comes out for Xbox/Xbox 360 too then I don't mind but I'd really rather play it on an Xbox.
  6. This may be redundant but I just wanted to let you know that your most recent chapter for Tales of an Empathic Metamorph was awesome! I really liked it! Good job!

  7. srry i have never encountered silver before Yep, you probably haven't encountered these yet as they are meant to be kind of rare but there is Cyan, Silver and Bronze too! The Cyan looks just like the blue only a slightly lighter. The Bronze looks very similar to orange. They aren't that amazing but its kinda cool to have some variety!
  8. I like Hk-47. You forgot a couple of colors for the lightsaber. I put blue, but my favorite in the game is silver. And I like Force Storm. Its awesome!
  9. thats never fun!

  10. lol why? Because I'm so boring? ='(

  11. No, I didn't like him at all. Also because of the cut content he was pretty boring IMO.
  12. I also saw In The Name of The King a couple of days ago. I was actually disappointed. The main character was just too untouchable and that made the whole movie feel unrealistic to me. The whole thing was just too fake...
  13. Haha, NO! Google is pretty much amazing... lol

  14. Psssssst...... hi!

  15. Yes! Heath was amazing as The Joker. (Better than Nicholson IMO) He was a little less...silly... and a little more creepy/psychotic! The movie was just awesome! And Heaths lines were brilliant! I laughed so much! Gosh...I gotta go see it again... I think it will end up doing better than Titanic...
  16. heehee. I just stole that from Google. But thanks! lol

  17. The Characters make the game for me. Or at least they would have if some of the cut content made it into the game. I loved KotOR I because you could do all the side quests and really get to know your companions better. I liked KotOR II a lot but I think the characters were a bit bland (excluding Kreia). I also liked the combat but I'll agree with what was said earlier about the Nihilus fight being a little bit of a let down. The force powers were nice but, honestly, I only use a handful during the game. Heal, Force Storm, and occasionally Stasis are the pretty much the only ones I use.
  18. I love your signature!

  19. Hey! So I don't think you ever got around to teaching me how to make vids! =]

  20. I downloaded mods for this game about 2-3 months ago and I'm just getting back to playing the game again so I have absolutley no idea which ones I downloaded! Lol I'll look through my mods again but I'm not promising anything!
  21. OK so this is probably a pretty dumb question but here it goes... I am going through my first playthrough of KotOR II on the PC. I should clarify- I have played it about 8 times on Xbox so I am familiar with the storyline. I meant this is the first time I have played it on my desktop. Anyway, I just finished killing Nihilus on the Ravager and as I was heading back I ran into a apparition of Revan. He said something to the extent of following him and then I was suddenly taken to the room in the Jedi Enclave with all the masters plus Kreia, Nihilus, and Revan. I talk a little bit to Kreia and then Revan asks me to help him find Bastila. In my journal a have a blank quest with no information. I have downloaded numerous mods in this game but I can't remember downloading anything like this, although it is possible that I'm losing my mind. My question is this. Is this a mod that I downloaded and just can't remember, or is that something special that only the PC version has?
  22. I guess I'm just living in my own little world but I haven't even heard of the Darkness Within... Sorry.
  23. haha, cute! I don't want to be Carth but I wouldnt mind being WITH Carth! lol

  24. lol thank you!

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