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  1. I'd like to see a amazing ending in KOTOR 3 since that will most likely be the big finale. Also, a real romance would be awesome. More customization of your character, more planets, more cool lightsaber stuff, more getting to know your companions, more side quests.... Just basically more of everything... Yeah I know its a lot, but I'm willing to wait a while for a great *FINISHED* game!
  2. Now I know that according to whats canon, Revan is a male and The Exile is a female, but since its always an option for every game I was wondering how you guys play? I always go with a female Revan and a female Exile. ( I think I may be biased )
  3. KotOR I: I actually liked Taris a lot. It was pretty cool. I hated Manaan. The idea was cool but for me it was just so boring, plus running back and forth all over the place really got old. KotOR II: I also hated Peragus, Telos, and Citadal Station! I only liked the Academy part of Malachor. The rest of that planet was just annoying. It was like waiting for something big to happen while wandering mindlessly through a maze of jagged rocks. Not to mention those damn Storm Beasts! Grr! lol I LOVED Nar Shaddaa! It was so awesome! Um, I also liked Onderon and Korriban was cool but I wish we could've seen more.
  4. Can't we all just get along? =)

  5. You dare imply that our devastatingly gorgeous war hero is obese!!! =

  6. I know exactly what you mean. Bastila irked me from the moment I met her. I think its because I liked to playfully tease Carth and he thought it was funny, but when you joked with Bastila she went off on a tirade. I get that she is just trying to make sure you don't fall to the dark side and all but seriously, I'd like her a whole lot more if she'd just lighten up a little bit.
  7. Haha, where would we be without Atton and Carth? lol
  8. I love Attons character. I think hes pretty funny...plus I'm a softie for the whole romance thing (which I was really hoping would go somewhere). I like Mira, but I chose Mical because I like him too and if it weren't for him you wouldn't be able to see Atton get jealous... I know, I know...lame right?
  9. This TOTALLY worked for me. Thanks, Hassat Hunter!!!! Note: I had to do it at the beginning of a new game - I tried loading up a save that I had after the prolog, and the 3 would just revert back to a 0. I was able to do this on the Xbox and getting a couple new things from Atton but I don't remember hearing anything new from anyone else...hmm
  10. Just letting everyone who tried to help me out with my comp that I just bought a new video card(NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500) and installed it. So far game is running well. Its kinda weird with a mouse and keyboard but I'm getting used to it!
  11. haha, now that you mention it does look kinda odd...
  12. Rise Today- Alter Bridge
  13. Wow! Its tied! And seriously, did somebody really check "Whats an RPG or MMO?" Really?
  14. Theres a mod for a topless Carth? I GOTTA get KotOR I for PC now! Oh yeah and a new comp that can support it! But this just makes it worth it that much more!
  15. Thanks. I'm sure he will...help me that is! I like it better on Xbox too, the only reason I got it for PC was for the mods and stuff. This is the first time I've ever had a problem on the Xbox. Its gonna take some getting used to once I start playing it on the comp!
  16. Your sig cracks me up! =)

  17. Ok, I got the Can You RUN it to work. My laptop failed. My video card sucks basically. I guess its time to upgrade some stuff! Thanks for trying to help me!
  18. Hmmm. I tried it 3 times but every time firefox "stopped responding" and I have to restart. I'm starting to think that computers have a grudge against me or something? I'll try it with explorer and see what happens. I just installed TSL on my desktop but it didn't meet requirements. My video graphics card isn't good enough. And it also says "Requires a non windows generic open GL 1.4.0 drivers."
  19. My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite 1.6 GHz Processor 2 GB of RAM It has an Intel Celeron processor though so I think that might be a problem.
  20. I did actually recently purchase the game for PC but my laptop can't handle the game. I'm getting ready to try it out on my desktop, but its 6 years old and I really haven't updated anything on it. I hardly even use it! One day I'll get a computer capable of running TSL. Hopefully in time for the TSLRP!
  21. Yeah Mira's hideout. I have gone back twice now and "interacted" with the door. I think i'm just going to try and go to a different planet first and hope that I don't run into this problem again! Thanks!
  22. haha 98 huh? Is that why you are "walker"guy? =P

  23. I think I've seen your username on fanfiction.net? I think we are both reading the same story! =D

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