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  1. Yes, although my comp needs to be upgraded and I probably can't afford it!
  2. At first, I really hated Peragus, but after a couple play throughs it grew on me. I still depise Telos though. I felt like I would never get off the planet, and I really wanted my lightsaber! On a side note: I LOVED Nar Shaddaa! I thought it was an awesome planet. One of my favs.
  3. So how old are you anyway? =P

  4. heehe, your welcome! I can't believe I hadn't already!

  5. Tornado sirens! Whoa!

  6. to work. Its from Tubertarian Its called "Atton leaves with the Exile" I just thought it was so cute!
  7. You can click on Attons Head and that will start the convo. I think my favorite line of the cut content was this!
  8. Yeah I know, I think its the voice that creeps me out the most!
  9. I didn't make these, and I take no credit for them. They were posted on a forum that I read. Enjoy! Bao-Dur Atton
  10. Hey now! I happen to like Stargate!

  11. I feel like I should thank you all for making my page a little less lonely looking! =D

  12. haha, thats funny! (you content section)

  13. haha, nice storm trooper! =)

  14. Alright, alright! I'll play the game as a male! But only because YOU said to! I'm crossing my fingers, since I usually don't ever make it off of Peragus as a male, but I'll take your word for it!
  15. Ok! One of these days I'll see the glorious man panties! =P

  16. Honestly, I've never gotten off Peragus as a guy so I can't really tell you how the game is that way. I always play as a female and honestly, I think its better that way. While Disciple is a rather bland character, its always fun to watch Atton get jealous of him! The whole Atris thing might work better as a man, but its still fine as a female. When I met Mastar Kavar, I got the feeling that there may have been an attraction there in the past, and I'm not the only one! Lots of people feel that way! I'm going to agree with some of the other repliers though,and say that this game should be played through more than once!Just pick whatever you want, you can always go back and play it again!
  17. haha, your exile looks like Carth! Yay for sexy pilots! =)

  18. Lol I won't deny that the VOICE is what makes him sexy but Rapheal Sbarge doesnt really look like what I'd want in Carth, ya know? I suppose I'd just rather not have any movie come out. I mean if a movie did come out it would be with a male Revan anyway and you'd miss out on the whole Carth/Revan romance. =(
  19. OK so I take back my previous mention that Patrick Dempsey would be a good Carth. I actually think Hugh Jackman would play the part much better! For those of you who may not know who that is, he plays Wolverine in X-Men. If they just grew out his hair a little of added those two stubborn pieces that fall over his eye I think he could do a good job!
  20. that is weird. I'll try reloading it again... hmmm

  21. Its so funny that you referred to him as McDreamy. I've always thought that Patrick Dempsey (McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy) would play an amazing Carth if they ever did a movive...
  22. and to think, my wall is the innocent victim in all of this...


  23. I pretty much agree with everything you said. I thought the Sion love/hate thing was interesting and it made sense to me. I like the idea of Mical but his character was pretty bland in the game. He has great potential for a LS hero but unfortunately he fell short of that, IMO.
  24. I was just about to say that! =) I don't think the map even becomes available to you until you finish speaking with Kreia and she says something like "Make sure Atton stays on course."
  25. haha, that does make sense. I always have a hard time playing as a male because I'm a female and I can't seem to get into that mind frame. I've tried several times to play through KOTOR as a male and I never even make it off Taris! I've never tried TSL as a male but I think I might just to get Brianna for once.
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