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  1. you, me, and Krezzy rather surprised at the results so far where are all the oldies?! haha, the "oldies" as you so loving put it, are probably out in the real world working for a living considering you posted this around the middle of the day... me? I'm just a broke college student...
  2. So I'm playing through TSL again and I've never had problems before but this time through I've managed to get myself stuck in a room. Its right after you beat Goto's Yacht and you meet with the Jedi Master. I finish talking to him and then he shows me a lightsaber form and then leaves. Only problem is that when I try to leave the door won't open and there is nothing else in the room. I reloaded the game at a previous point and played through again only to find myself stuck again. I'm playing it on an Xbox. Has this happened to anyone else?
  3. lol yeah I'm sure there are some discrepancies but I agree that the ages seem to fit.
  4. Ok well here is what I dug up! On Wookieepedia it says that The Exile visited Nar Shaddaa in the year 3,951 BBY which I'm guessing places that rest of the game in that year as well. So if we go along those lines Mical, being born in 3,976 BBY, would be 25. Attons birth year is listed as a guesstimate at (3,980-3,983 BBY) making him in between 29-32. Mira was born in 3,974 BBY placing her at 23. Visas was born in the same year as Mical (3,976 BBY) making her 25 as well. Kreia is believed to have been born in 4,001 BBY only making her about 50. *whew* Now I know this isn't concrete evidence but at least it helps us out a little bit.
  5. Alright thanks. Yeah I was thinking he was in his mid twenties or so.
  6. Since we are on the subject of Mical, does anybody know how old he is supposed to be in the game?
  7. haha, HK and Mical.... I can picture it now...
  8. I know that other people have mentioned having problems running the game on Vista. Maybe one of these topics can help you out? Topic 1 Topic 2 Other than that I can't help you. I'm not a very technical gal. Sorry.
  9. +2/-2 Those come in handy quite often! For some reason I also love the +5/-5
  10. "The name Mical is only mentioned twice in the game, and only if the Exile is male
  11. haha, well if you don't have enough HK-47 pics to chose from now, I don't think there is anyone who can help you!
  12. hmm, good point. Mira and Luxa seem to kinda have the same I-don't-take-crap-from-anybody kind of attitude. I think putting those two together could make for a very interesting conversation...
  13. Yeah, I was actually going to ask her if she had posted it on other sites too. I know FanFiction.net has a bunch of SW stories. I have an account there and I read a new story every couple of days. She would probably get more readers that way. Its a great story so far. Are you reading it?
  14. I know! I think she was pretty awesome too! Oh well...
  15. Ah, alright. I didn't think so. Thanks!
  16. I know that you can leave Slusk alive but I was wondering if you can leave both Slusk and Luxa alive and come to the "peaceful agreement" that Chodo Habat wants you to accomplish? I'm just curious...
  17. Mehh... I know. After playing this game for the umptieth time, it'd be cool if I could see something new that wasn't the result of a mod. hehe, yeah. I've just started KotOR II for the...oh... I dunno 9th time... something new would be cool.
  18. Hmm interesting. That would be cool to see!
  19. This is pretty much the same one that babydol posted only a headshot. Hope this helps?
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