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  1. Wow, that sucks. hehe, I've done that a couple of times. Good thing there wasn't a real fire though!
  2. haha, yeah I'm 5'8. The funny thing is, in my family I'm the short one! My mom is 5'11 and my younger sister is 5'10!

  3. Okay, how do I move it? Do I need to delete it and then repost it under the other topic?
  4. I love Love LOVE your story! Can't wait for another chapter!
  5. Hey everyone, just wanted to say that I have been reading a really good fanfic about KotOR III and thought that maybe some of you might like to read it. Its called Healing the Force, by AdylinJ. Just a side note: It does have some romance between Carth and the main female character (which is a PLUS IMO). Healing the Force
  6. Actually, I know just as many, if not more, female gamers who loath Carth than I know male gamers who hate him. I don't understand how any female gamers can loath him! I really don't find him whiny. He's just reluctant to trust people, and with good reason! I think its sweet that he finally opens up to you! Eh...maybe its just us Carth lovers that see him that way....
  7. I'm going to say Brunette but I've met lots of beautiful blonde people! And I personally think red hair is gorgeous!
  8. Ok thank you. I will work on that. =)
  9. Wow, so now I feel dumb. I kept trying to use the "insert image" button and it never worked. I've figured it out now, thanks... *hangs head in shame*
  10. How can I got an image as part of my signature? I keep trying different codes but it won't work. It keeps saying they aren't allowed or something to that effect but I have seen them around on this website. Any help would be greatly appreciated! =) Update: Thanks, I figured it out!
  11. Hmm thats tough because I love Carth, he's the existential good guy but Atton is the reformed(and sexy) bad boy... I did find Attons smart ass remarks more entertaining... Plus the option to make him a Jedi pretty much kicks butt.... So...Atton it is!
  12. yeah, hes one of my fav characters! I can remember what he says but I know I couldn't cite it word for word, so thats why i wanted to do this. I think my fav line from him is when you are still on Peragus and you finally find some clothes to wear and he says (if you are a female) "Dammit! Uh
  13. Ok thank you! Wow! That actually worked! I can now open the TLK files just fine but now my problem is trying to find the actual dialogue I'm looking for! I'm looking for stuff from Atton right now, but there are like 136320 intervals to go through so it might take me some time! Anyway, thank you everyone for helping me! =D
  14. Ok thank you everyone, I'm going to try out all things you guys showed me. Hopefully that will work. Thank you for replying! P.S. Swxprt, I am a girl! lol
  15. I wish I could but alas, all I have is my dinky little laptop and its not capable of handling that game...but thank you for the suggestion!
  16. I'm a newbie fanfic writer and I've been trying to find a way to download all the dialogue from TSL. I own the Xbox version so I don't have access to the dialogue files that come with the PC version. Its getting quite frustrating having to replay the game and write everything down by hand just to make sure I have it all! Does anyone know of a way to help me? I've downloaded a a TSL_TLK unzippable folder but I can't open the file in the folder as nothing on my comp will recognize it because its a .tlk file! Help!!
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