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  1. agreed. He's soft-spoken sure, but his voice is still nice. :rolleyes: So for everybody gushing about Bao, look what I found: Bao-Dur wears Jedi Robes. It's about time for this. I have to put him in just his normal clothes half the time, to keep his force powers from being gimped.


    It would have been really nice if the romances in this game had been completed. And male Exile could choose between Visas, Mira, and Brianna, and Fem Exile could choose between Atton, Mical, and Bao, but alas... it wasn't to be. Oh, yeah, and DN, I would play a mod for Atton romance if someone chooses to make one.


    qt3.14159 (should I just call you Cutie?), we could really start up our own Lynch society with the amount of nay-sayers around here. For everyone who didn't see it last time:

    . o:)
  2. Ironman






    really... i've been wanting to see it. i like RDJr. anyway, and the character looks rather cool.


    uh, would this be recommended for a 5-year old? my son liked transformers if that makes a difference.




    I took both my 4 year old son & my 6 year old daughter, and they liked it. I just had to cover their eyes a time or two.

  3. I agree that TFU will be a fun game, but I'm not DIEING to play it, like I would be K3. It's going to have pretty graphics, a great story, and loads of fun force powers. But as of right now, I'm still planning on only renting it. Not even compairable to the KotORs, since I've bought both on xbox and PC. I'm mostly looking forward to it because it's a new Star Wars game, and the last new Star Wars game I played was Lego Star Wars TCS, and this has GOT to be bettter than that. Do I think it will be as good as the KotORs? No. But we'll see, won't we? Can't really compare the 2 yet, when nobody's even played TFU.

  4. Hey, Bane had a female apprentice, and no one was more bad*ss than him.

    But yeah, I do believe all the supporting characters are geared toward a male apprentice. Plus the apprentice's voice actor looks EXACTLY like his character. This game's still going to be tyte, though.


    i'm asuming it was just an excuse to include the turret minigame (which everyone seemed to think was really hard in K1)


    i thought it was too easy :thumbsup:


    Thanks to Scorchy, I just let all 25 board the Ebon Hawk and kill them there. Less fun that way, but more XP. Oh, and for those of you that haven't read the whole thing I command you to do so now: Let's Play KotOR II.

  6. Does anyone know if we will have the option to play as a female PC in this game? If not I would be terribly dissapointed :)


    I dunno, but I doubt it. :thumbsup: It would have been Uber-sweet, though.

  7. They should let you kill off some of the potential party members for DS and reject some for LS. Have a pool of like 20 throughout game and only 15 slots or whatever.


    That works for me. Or just allow you to say, "no thanks" to people that want to become your followers, but you don't like them.

    OR, you could end up with just a massively huge base instead of the Ebon Hawk, and have unlimited slots for party members. That would be sweet...

  8. Just now, I figured out why babydol linked to the Life of Brian stoning in my profile.





    Also, JEHOVA!


    so you thought that I was just throwing some random crap on your comments. That's awesome. I wonder if Jediphile has noticed I added it to his, too. He seemed to be the only one that got my joke.

  9. My daughter's currently playing K1 and I looked over the other day and was struck by how beautiful Manaan was. But I remember thinking it was booooring. But probably a lot of that impression had to do with the fact that I went there after the Leviathan and really wanted to get onto the end of the story, so the last star map was just tedious.


    I always swing by Korriban right after Carth hears about Dustil, but I don't leave the academy. I save the valley of the dark lords for after the Leviathan. Then it all goes by pretty quick.


    Also, your daughter plays KotOR? That's pretty sweet. :) My son LOVES video games (he's 4), but he can't really read, so that limits him to shooters and such. But my daughter isn't really interested in this sort of thing...

  10. I went with Manaan for K1 and Nar Shaadda for K2.


    Manaan has always been my favorite. I liked Korriban a lot, too, but Manaan is this beautiful ocean planet with calming music. I also like to use the submersible and travel under the water for the Star map there. That part would have been better if I hadn't had to do it alone, but it adds a "survival Horror" like you get on Peragus to it.


    Nar Shaadda has everything. Most of your party members are there, pazzaak, the Slave Leia outfit, and lots of baddies to slaughter.

  11. Nah, I don't buy it. It's not normal to not want to feel love of any kind. But this is just my own opinion. I understand that the order feels the need to have set rules, and comparing them to religion is exactly right. But then, I've always had problems with structured religion, too.

  12. Sorry, the Bastila diversion was my fault... and probably the Juhani too...


    I'll try to behave now...




    Hey, we've gotta have something to gab about, right? :)


    Edit to add:

    ... why else are things like marriage outlawed...


    Because Jedi rules are lame. If I had to abide by all that, I'd probably prefer to follow the Sith, too. Or maybe not. I like Jolee's philosophy.

  13. some of those other mods had some ridiculously overpowered items


    as if the game wasn't easy enough... :rolleyes:


    Yeah, well I tried the Yavin IV mod for the first time the other day, and I think it was actually designed to go with one of these or a level up cheat or something. I just keep dieing over and over, and I'm playing on normal. So I had to load a save, and maybe try it when I'm stronger. Like WAY stronger. :)

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