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  1. Now, I'm not really interested in romantic conversations with Mical, but I wanted to force choke him just because I find him so creepy. Has anyone been able to do this? I feel like I've tried dozens of times, but it never works for me. Maybe this whole thing is just bogus, since a lot of times game guides are written before the games are finished (which woulda caused major havock as far as this game goes).

    Yes, I did it once.




    I had to use an override file in an override folder to make it work - there was a poster named stoffe-something that gave me the file when I asked about the same thing, here, many moons ago. That thread is lost to time, but....yeah. It was funny. :)


    I still have the file, if you want it. I think all you had to do was put in the folder and the option would show up under the right circumstances - which I think was when you first originally get him/can do all those convos that give you influence - but I don't remember 100% for sure.


    Edit: The file isn't a 'mod' in the sense of say, giving your chr. powers to choke anyone anytime. It's just a file that sorta restores the convo option (or part of it) that was taken out, or something.



    LC, you kick ass. :bat:

  2. I would guess anywhere from twenty-something to early thirties, the same general span as the Handmaiden.



    Alright thanks. Yeah I was thinking he was in his mid twenties or so.



    I remember hearing Atton refer to him as a "kid" somewhere. Let's see what the old TSL Prima official game guide says: Um... yep, useless.

  3. I remember, I did so well on my ASVABs, that I had people calling my parents, knocking at my door, and trying to visit me at school and at my part-time job (my highschool had my entire graduating class take them my JR year, so I was probably 16 years old then?). All I can really remember was this guy in a suit telling me that I was "really smart for a girl."


    They had some kind of really tempting offer, but I was a chicken, so I graduated highschool, moved into a place with 3 of my friends, and proceeded to get married too young (I was BARELY 20), and basically do nothing with my life. I'm a house wife and I'm BORED. That's probably why I game so much, and post on game forums. :shifty: I could probably get a job to bump up my social life, but my husband makes pretty good money, so I really don't need to...


    Anyway, moral of my ramble is that you're taking a great opportunity and running with it. And that makes me kinda jealous for the crazy, adventuring life that i COULDA had...

  4. Mical's not completely unlikable, I just can't help but notice all the innuendo that he LIKES you (fem Exile). I guess it's pretty funny how this irks Atton, but if they ever DID let you get down and choose between the two of them, the choice would be simple...

    I know he was supposed to be a cooler char, but he suffered from cutt content (WOW), so... well, I just find him slightly off-puting. And I mostly wanted to force choke him because it would be funny. I'd force choke any of my other party members if I could. >_<

  5. i swear Calo Nord has small man syndrome


    i so wish you could kill him in the cantina on Taris...



    I know, I HATE Calo! I've seen all these mods that you can make him your PC or a party member and I want to vomit :yes:>_< , cuz I just dislike him SO much. His voice, his hight, his clothes, his cheesey lines, and those STUPID goggles.

  6. I didn't think Death Proof was that great. Just a bunch of nonsensical dialogue with virtually no story.


    Machete is looking very nice though. Trailer is hilarious.



    Also, "Don't". I agree that Death Proof wasn't as good as Planet Terror, but the end sure made me laugh :lol: .

  7. I found Atton WAY more creepy.


    Nah, I liked Atton.


    And, let me get this straight. You don't want to hurt his feelings by telling him to GTFO, but a bit of telekinetic throat massaging is a-ok?


    Umm... :ninja10:


    When I said "Knowing that someone likes you too much, but not wanting to be a horrible b*tch to them, and tell them to piss off, and at the same time, sub-consciously knowing that they could attack you if they were so inclined.", I was trying to explain 'the creeps' in context. I would definately tell Mical to GTFO if I could. I frequently have 0 influence with him, but it makes no difference.

  8. How is the disciple creepy? Boring, a sissy, OK. But creepy? Really, explain this to me. :ermm:


    OK, so have you ever had someone IRL who you knew was attracted to you, and you liked them as friends, but you weren't attracted to them? And then they were super-nice about it, but they were constantly hinting that they liked you? This is the vibe I get from Mical. I don't know why, but there it is. I also felt this way on behalf of Padme in Episode II, when Anakin keeps throwing "I've never stopped thinking about you"s her way. It's not a conscious thing, it's just... well.. the creeps. Maybe men are incapable of feeling this... after all you don't have to worry about someone you don't like jumping you without the ability to fend them off... That's got to be it. Knowing that someone likes you too much, but not wanting to be a horrible b*tch to them, and tell them to piss off, and at the same time, sub-consciously knowing that they could attack you if they were so inclined. Maybe? :ermm:

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