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  1. Just a guess here but I'd bet large the "lying dad" had nothing to do with it and is just stepping up to take the blame away from his daughter. This is not something a grown man would do but it is exactly the kind of thing a teenage girl would do.


    I've got to agree also, is someone hangs themselves over comment from faceless internet people was probably not far from it anyway and really needed help.


    I agree with this. I suppose some messed up parent COULD be the one who did it, but I doubt it. Sounds a LOT more like something a teenage girl would do. Teenage girls are MEAN, and terrible to each other. I know from personal scars from my own childhood.


    But this kind of thing happens everywhere, everyday. Usually, a stable little girl will cry, and feel broken-hearted, but she will mend.


    I believe the punishment should fit the crime - what's the maximum sentence for pretending your someone else on the internet? Nothing? Suspended MySpace account? Unfortunately, that's all this case calls for, IMO. This poor girl killed herself because of God knows what kind of personal demons. And her family is going to have to live with that.

  2. I agree with SilentScope001.


    Sounds glitched. You need to re-load before you arrived on Nar Shaadda. Sorry. I've only played this a gajillion times, and all I've ever had to do to get nabbed, is tell the "former owner of my ship" to take a hike, kill the 2 exchange thugs guarding the door to the refugee sector, go back to my ship and kill the slavers, then pay the little bat dude 2 Gs. I useually tell him to tell the Exchange that I don't like them, but I don't think it matters. I try not to get too much done before I get captured, because I want to re-build HK first. So, other than Jedi-fying Atton, and dancing for Vogga, this is all I do before I meet up with Zez-Kai Ell.

  3. If I were still speaking with Pi right now, I'd just have to say agree to disagree. ;)


    Mellypie, as for Mical, I'm sorry, but his little convos w/ Kreia don't do much for me. At least not compaired to all you get with Brianna. All they do is serve to confuse me a bit more, for although he knows these things, he's powerless to tell you, and is forced to lie to your face, Me: "What is it?" Mical: "I dunno." :)


    As for what you say about Visas & Brianna, they ARE 2 very broken women, to be sure, but at least you have the benefit as man-Exile of having them both come out and basically tell you they love you.


    DN: I guess I just read Mira's whole "He's MINE!" thing as "I WANT him."

    Mira has no interest in you as a romantic, or sexual, partner, nor does she hide this fact from the player in her dialogs.


    Part of what makes Mira appeal to me as a woman more than the other 2 is she isn't the kind of girl to go on and on about how important you are to her, so I guess I just thought her interest in man-Exile was more subtle, but still there. She's got to much 'tude and spunk to let her true feelings be known.


    And I also agree with everything Dark_Raven said.

  4. So I just finished my 1st play-thru as man-Exile, and I gotta say, it was actually better than playing as fem-Exile. You get a LOT more explained to you regarding Atris, for one. Another thing is, I didn't know that man-Exile actually has a finished romance sub-plot (at least, as far as I can tell). Yeah, you don't get to choose which of the 3 women who fight over you that you get, and my own taste in women prefers Mira over those other 2 as far as looks and aditude goes, but what you end up with is a completed sub-plot with Visas, and Fem-Exile has nothing like that. I'm sure it all came down to the fact that time ran out, but I want all you gamer-chicks that haven't played as man-Exile to check it out.


    Basically, what I'm refering to is, remember after you gather the 3 Jedi masters at the enclave on Dantooine (or not), then return to the ship, with Atton all wounded, and you get a little cutt-scene with Mical, and he tells you that you're not just some disease? Then he backs out of the room you're in, and tells you not to go on alone? Well, at this point, as man-Exile, it's not Mical (obviously), it's Visas, and if you encourage her at this point you get to see some pretty cool stuff (I thought it was cool).


    So yeah, for the record (and I can't believe I actually think this) I think the game is better as man-Exile (even though Fem is cannon). Despite my earlier comments about Mical, I like his character, he just adds NOTHING to the story, whereas Brianna (Handmaiden) thickens the plot signfigantly, and she's a lot funner to train (sparring is involved - Yee-haw!), and you CAN"T get 100% influence over her in 1 conversation, unlike Mical (which pretty much renders him useless the rest of the game).


    So if you've never played thru as a male, I STRONGLY suggest that you to try it.


    That is all.

  5. I wonder why that is. Female gamers actually do that time to time, but male gamers...well, they just don't care


    You feel persecuted because most game protagonists are male or what? :shifty:


    No, Xard, my own personal thing is that I can put myself into the character's place a lot easier if the character is female. I shall never understand men completely, and trying to pretend I'm one, even in a game, is some-what rediculous for me. This makes a game that has female options more immersive, IMO. Especially if they throw in any kind of a romance sup-plot. It has nothing to do with persecution, at least for me. Just makes it a better experience for me all-around.

  6. hmm, your not a'jayla on bioware forums are you?


    Maybe. :shifty:





    And it's A'ja'la. :)


    He-he, I knew it was you. I'm not very original, myself, so I'm 'babydol' over there, too (that's been my hubby's pet-name for me since we met 10 years ago). The Bioware boards are pretty boring, though. I used to post there a lot when I was playing more Mass Effect, but I've been giving that game a rest, and waiting for the PC version to come out. So yeah, over here, at least I can speak of mods, and I like the people over here more. :*

  7. OK so I take back my previous mention that Patrick Dempsey would be a good Carth. I actually think Hugh Jackman would play the part much better! For those of you who may not know who that is, he plays Wolverine in X-Men. If they just grew out his hair a little of added those two stubborn pieces that fall over his eye I think he could do a good job!


    I dunno, I still say most of Carth's sex appeal is Sbarge's voice. But that's just me. I like Hugh Jackman, he just doesn't really have a sexy voice. Maybe they can do the whole Darth Vader thing. :(

  8. Just wanted to brag & let everyone know I got $1200 direct-deposited into my account on friday. I dunno what I'll spend it on, though. Probably just pizza and beer. Like the dirty American I am. :bat:

  9. I'm gonna go on record as a nay-sayer this time. I wouldn't want a live action adaptation of the KotORs. This same discussion was going on a few months back on the Mass Effect boards. There's NO way anybody could live up to what we all have set in our minds. That's why RPGs are superior to film. As hot as James Marsden is, he wouldn't have Nicky Katt's voice, now would he? I also just don't think Patrick Dempsey is hot at all, sorry. Hey Pi, did you only pick actors from Enchanted on purpose? >_<

  10. Give it time... it may come out for the PC later. That happens a lot, especially if a game does well.
    Not with SW games. The Rogue Squadron (save for the 1st) series, Obi-Wan, and EP3 games come to mind, but I'm fairly certain those aren't the only ones released as console-exclusive.


    The odds aren't good.


    Rogue Squadron is under contract I believe, and Obi-Wan was SHYT (xbox hasn't even bothered to make a patch for it to be playable on the 360). But, again, we'll see.

  11. Take back that sad word good-bye

    Bring back the joy to my life

    Don't leave me here with these tears

    Come and kiss this pain away

    I can't forget the day you left

    Time is so unkind

    And life is so cruel without you here beside me


    Un-break my heart

    Say you'll love me again

    Undo this hurt you caused

    When you walked out the door

    And walked out of my life

    Un-cry these tears

    I cried so many nights

    Un-break my heart

    My heart


    That is by far the most pathetic song ever. You can imagine somebody that just got dumped singing it. The fact that I know it's Toni Braxton is even more pathetic.


    My favorite break-up song is

    And I don't want to hear any crap about Blink, Ok. :sweat: I'm aware that most people hate them, but their band is done, so move on. I've also been a big fan for over 10 years (much to the despair of my husband). And for anybody who should care, I'm more of a +44 girl, than Angels & Airwaves.
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