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  1. Just got ME PC in the mail. And I was all happy and excited (although I've already played the hell outta the xbox version). Then I noticed this: smack on the cover it says, EA (which was NOT on my xbox game), and INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED FOR GAMEPLAY. So I remember, and I think RETARDED. There go my happy feelings... :thumbsup:

  2. I am having a bit of trouble at the Sith Tomb. I am playing the light side and my party at the tomb consists of Visas, Mandalore, and Bao-Dur. I have trouble at the sith ritual area, the opposing party of Siths, including a Sith Master and two Sith Lords. I can't seem to beat them, any help?


    (Visas dies too quickly, and can't heal her in time, Mandalore lasts a bit longer, and Bao-Dur is useless)


    This may be an obvious answer, but have you tried shields and stims? They help me if I get in a bind. And use offensive force powers, like horror or stasis, if you have them. That way you won't be fighting them all at once. :sorcerer:

  3. Aw... but I LIKE playing dress-up.


    I don't know of any mod that is like the one you speak of. Only thing I can maybe suggest, is just keeping them IN their origanal clothes (the armor bonuses aren't that important, anyway), especially in K2, since their original clothes already have bonuses - I do this with Mira, since her clothes are so cool, and Brianna and Atton after I Jedi-fy them.


    I know, I'm not very helpful... =]

  4. I can't deny that those are funny, but with the whole black screen/grunt thing, probably a bit over the top. And the creepyness comes in with all the pasting together of the VOs. >_< If a romance had actually managed to make it into the game with Atton, I'd hope it wouldn't have been like that - just him and my Exile using each other. Thanks for sharing, though. :ermm:

  5. I think Jediphile posted the Bao one somewhere before. Was the Atton one only supposed to be a screen shot? I've heard the audio on Tubertarian that has Atton dieing :) but finally telling the Exile he loves her, and I like the fight scene betwixt him and Mical "I already lost what mattered to me." I like the idea of Atton leaving for the unknown regions with the Exile the most, though. :bat:

  6. Agreed. A good actor should be in a lot of movies, but he should still be picky about what he's in. I think it's a VERY bad thing to be in too many movies that come out within a short time period of each other. It makes the actor look greedy.


    Back on topic, no RPGs made into movies of any kind, for me. I'd be open to a spin-off, though.

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