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  1. I'm betting we'll hear something on K3 shortly post-release of Aliens and Alpha Protocol.


    Oh, I hope you're right. In a perfect world you'd be right. I was really hoping for a while that the secret Bioware/LA project would be announced next month (since it's the 30th anniversary of SW) as K3, but after thinking it over, it would be SO much better if OE did it


    The closest thing to news was reading an article somewhere, where the person said, "We haven't forgotten KoTOR, it will not be left behind" or something along those lines. Would it hurt her to say, "Yeah, we're planning it this year, next year, in two years whatever, why the hell can't they give some info on the matter, it's not againts the NDA to mention plans about it, wth? Anyone?


    I think THIS is the article.

  2. Celebrating an execution is really bad form you know, even if he had it coming.

    If he was celebrating the execution wouldn't he be doing so on December 30? He's just remembering Saddam on his birthday, and not missing him, is all. :)

  3. Ahh, so Mass Effect can be recommended to people who like KOTOR and hate Jade Empire? Sand's comparing it to Jade Empire was making me second think my interest in it.


    No, Mass Effect kicks *ss. And a lot of the stuff in it reminds me of KotOR - the Galaxy map on your ship, for one. And the setting is sci-fi futuristic, as opposed to old Japanese dynasty. And you can have 2 party members along again. And customize your character's appearence again. :thumbsup:

  4. Was your first play through as a male character? I think if it had been for me, I wouldn't have ever developed the dislike I have for her because she warms up *SO* much more quickly. So if you play as a female after already liking her, you probably don't find her so annoying.


    But honestly, I don't think I willingly talked to her after Taris on my first game.


    I LOVE Bastila (if you couldn't tell), but I'm also aware that a lot of female gamers can't stand her. Just like a lot of male gamers dislike Carth. Originally, I wanted to hate her simply because she's so much prettier than the female PC choices. :) The thing about Bastila is, she's VERY disapproving of EVERYTHING a female Revan does in KotOR. "You didn't save me, I saved myself!", "These feelings you feel for Carth are WRONG!" "Beware the darkside! Nevermind that you've been playing lightsided the whole game, and help people that I just wanted to blow off!" She also doesn't respond well at all to teasing. The more you tease Carth, the funner he is, but Bastila just calls you 'childish' for trying: "I'm a hut in disguise" really ticks her off.


    But later on, she starts to feel like she falls short, and her vulnerability becomes apparent. That, and I just love Jennifer Hale's voice acting. She had me convinced that her accent was genuine (yank that I am). So, yeah, I like Bastila. She's pretty, funny (like when she force trips Mission), and great to have along in a fight.


    If this is supposed to link me to a specific mod, it didn't work :( . Thanks bunches for trying, though. What mod are you trying to show me? If it's cool, than yes, please, do feel free to message me with it.


    Theres a mod for a topless Carth? I GOTTA get KotOR I for PC now! Oh yeah and a new comp that can support it! But this just makes it worth it that much more! :)


    Hey, if you don't have KotOR for PC yet, make sure you buy Star Wars: The Best of PC . I saw this for $40 at Best Buy and I felt cheated. I have Jedi Outcast, Battlefront, and Republic Commando for my xbox (BTW, since I know you love Carth so much, one of your squad brothers in Republic Commando has Carth's voice. Yummy! :* ), but not Empire at War, since RTSs aren't really my cup of tea.


    I found s'more sillys:

    Leprechaun Hat <Canderous looks SO bad*ss!

    Halo Energy Sword <this one just make me want to play Halo instead of TSL

  6. lol, that's all right... I somehow managed to kill off Bastilla in the original game... which was a much preferred ending... :D


    Yeah, well I didn't even know you could save Bastila 'till like my 5th play-thru. Maybe it's easier with a male Revan to talk her down when you're playing LS. :)

  7. Open Swkotor2.ini, find the GameCompleted=0 line, then alter it to read GameCompleted=3 (or was it 2, some time ago).


    Worthy to note is you cannot get this dialogue by playing it DS+LS like the X-box at all... just with the ini-change.


    This TOTALLY worked for me. Thanks, Hassat Hunter!!!! Note: I had to do it at the beginning of a new game - I tried loading up a save that I had after the prolog, and the 3 would just revert back to a 0.

  8. Atton is my Fav main character, hands down. His dialog is brilliant, and I LOVE wit in a man. I also tend to favor whichever NPC that I happen to be romancing, although this romance never culminates into anything :) .


    As far as optional characters, it's pretty close between Mira and Hanharr, but I'm going to have to go with Mira since her voice is so sexy. :* I'm ashamed to admit that I've never made it off Peragus as a male exile, so I've never gotten the Handmaiden. And I think everybody already knows how I feel about Mical . I'll probably go ahead and try out the mod that makes the Handmaiden available to fem exile soon...

  9. For my part, I LOVED KotOR and Mass Effect. But Jade Empire was pretty disappointing to me.


    I'm pretty new to PC gaming, so I bought the Diamond Compilation of Neverwinter Nights, but I haven't tried it yet (I started Neverwinter Nights 2 1st :lol: ). And I haven't played Baldur's Gate or MDK yet, either.


    I like what I've seen from Bioware so far, but I wouldn't dare assume everything they make is going to be good. I'm pretty curious about whatever it is they're doing with LA, though. I'm guessing it'll be bad*ss.

  10. Oh... Come ON!!! I started this thread cuz I wanted to see what funny things you guys have seen in the way of mods, and you silly girls are all, "YAY!!! I LOVE that one!!!" :lol:


    Jeez, now my thread is nothing but a fangirl discussion. :lol:







    at the risk of statig the obvious: I'm joking.

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