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  1. I've just barely scraped through a battle against Matron Counsellor Deanna Troi or whatever her name was and her gang. Please tell me that's as tough as the combat gets.


    Yes! I found this "Boss fight" as tough as it gets. All those Asari Commandos... It's worse than the FINAL battle, IMO.


  2. Wouldn't romance between Revan & Exile (YUCK) be masturbation technically?


    I mean, they're both PC's...


    I agree with Xard. Again. NO Revan/Exile romance. And, as EVERYONE knows, Revan and the Exile were BOTH women. At least, MINE were. :wub: And this ISN'T Bioware, so no "woman/woman's a good idea!" And Canon is LAME. :*

  3. Pi, I'm thinking that you just don't like the idea of Atton being younger than you are IRL. :teehee: Lots of men join wars at crazy young ages. ESPECIALLY on the side w/o support from like the fed. govt. (think the rebs in the civil war), or, in this case, the Republic. I know that Bane was around like 4,ooo years after Revan, but I read Path of Destruction, and Drew talks a bit about the Sith's recruitment techniques, so I'm all for believing 16 isn't out of the question. And I also believe EVERYTHING that the developers say regarding THEIR characters. :lol: Or try to, anyhow.

  4. Erm... are you doing anything out of the ordinary w/ your game? mods and such?


    And what exactly does the Ithorian in the dock module say to you when you talk to him? You helped the Ithorians, right (I'm assuming from your "Czerka just says we're trying to work without the droid you gave to the ithorians")?


    Man, if this IS a glitch, I'm really not the one to talk to about that, but it's suprising that no one else has stepped in to help you. My solution, when ever I get a really bad bug, which isn't often, is to re-load the area (like a save BEFORE you got to citadel), but that would suck. :)

  5. OMG, the fact that you guys keep quoting the wall of text, is making me die a little inside. >_< Just refer to it a TEH post, if you must.


    As to this:


    :sorcerer: No, no, no. That's a cheat robot. I was referring to one that would already be installed in KOTOR 3. By the way, I've already have seen all the latest files in that KOTOR files website, so that argument won't fly.


    How's it a cheat robot? The thing simply tells you your influence. I was merely trying to let you know that such a thing is not too hard to implement. And what argument? You don't have to flame all anti-mod at me. And yes, we're all very impressed that you're familiar with filefront. :)

  6. See, this is what happens when you cheat. :brows: I'm assuming, since you meantioned KSE, that you aren't just playing the game thru properly. Mandalore and Visas need to be with you when you board Nihilus's ship.


    And if you aren't cheating, this is the mother of all glitches...



    Cuz I like pics in threads, I wanted to add:


  7. It wouldn't be pointless. Trust me. Jedi Outcast, Battlefront, and Republic Commando are all good games. And more than cover the $36 price.


    @ Walkerguy, sorry if I came across as mean. I just don't like being mocked.


    Edit: Add to that, this is probably the only way you're going to find a new PC version of K1 (the best of PC version, that is).

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