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  1. What happened to the Wayans brothers doing this stuff? It was somewhat watchable then.


    Oh, how I hate the Wayans brothers. Scary Movie made me want to stab needles in my eyes.


    Oh, but you gotta love 'Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice In the Hood'. :)


  2. This is the most common bug (from what I've seen on these boards). 1st off, do you have any kind of earlier save? Because I'd try loading that. Also, you could always try bribing the little bat dude standing outside of the cantina if you've got 2,ooo credits to spare.


    But, yeah, this has happened to me before, and all you've got to do is re-load. :wowey:

  3. You just got it? :lol: But yeah, that pretty much sums it up. ;)


    As a side note, my friend flipped out when he saw the picture of Bane, and he proceeded to close Firefox (I assume he was driven to start seizing by the glory of Bane's visage :lol:)



    Nah, I actually read it quite a while ago. I just wanted to use the book as my point for choosing Bane. ;)

  4. I wasn't trying to point out the inconsistencies to try to argue AGAINST Kreia being Kae. I guess I was just saying that if Traya and Kae are one and the same that it... well, it's disappointing. ;) Cuz I really like Kreia. But that's a mark against her, IMO.

    Here's a screenie I took today: ;)


  5. Why would that surprise you? She's not exactly too lovable to being with :(



    Actually, I've always jokingly referred to Kreia as mommy, because she's just so motherly toward the Exile the whole damn game. I don't approve of you being too lightsided. I don't approve of you being too dark sided. I don't like the way you've been hanging out with all the girls (if you're a male Exile).


    So her wanting SO much for the Exile (and I truly believe she loves you, too), but abandoning Brianna, w/o a single thought seems weirdly inconsistant to me. Sure, the Exile's a wound in the force, and Brianna just you run-of-the-mill Jedi, but, what?

  6. Anyone planning on going to see the Hulk remake this weekend?

    Saw it today. I was pretty bored. Maybe I feel like I've seen the whole thing in the previews? Plus, I had no real problem w/ the 1st movie, so it's a bit soon for a re-boot, as far as I'm concerned.


    Went to the midnight showing of Incredible Hulk. Marvel is two for two.

    I LOVED :lol: Iron Man! Seen it twice already. But, frankly, Tony Stark showing up at the end of 'Hulk' just pointed out the glaring differences between the 2 films to me. Iron Man=Bad*ss :lol: . Incredible Hulk=*yawn* -_-

  7. The only time he has been defeated was when Jedi were attacking him and his apprentice betrayed him at the same time.


    Meh... shoulda seen that coming.


    Maybe Revan WANTED to be caught? It's not very obvious from K1, but in K2, Kreia got me thinking that Revan had all these hidden agendas... started the Mandalorian wars to SAVE the Republic and whatnot... who knows? Maybe this was Revan's plot all along to follow the light again... :biggrin:


    And speaking of Mandalorian

    - Just to lighten the mood. :shifty:
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