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  1. I hate being mean to T3 after he rescues you. Didn't he have a "hidden agenda" though? Cut content? It would be cool if they release some Restoration thing for the Xbox 360... but I still just have an original xbox, so I'd still be throughally screwed. :rolleyes:


    According to Scorchy, he's the only one that truly knows what's going on in TSL. It's irksome that he doesn't share..

  2. It's gonna be SO bad*ss!


    I have to disagree. I'm getting more and more worried about this game by the day. For starters, the intent is to have another Yoda/Luke/Exile/Palpatine individual running around, complete with bells and whistles, and one of the themes seems to be "Redemption". So now we're going to have another Imperial who'll have his doubts and want out. Where's the game that just lets an evil character be an evil character, and create whatever chaos to the Galaxy as you see fit? Also, where's the game that displays the Empire from another perspective?



    Huh. I was under the impression that you could CHOOSE. Either good OR evil. "The story revolves around "redemption", but most likely only if you chose to follow the light side."


    This pic:





    is captioned "The secret apprentice as the dark Lord of the Sith in the Dark Side ending", leaving me to believe there's 2 endings?

  3. See, I thought my 1st play-thru that Juhani just needed a friend and another girl to talk to. Then I got to the roof of the temple on the unknown planet, and I was like, Huh? By this time, I'm always well into the Carth romance. But I've learned that it's ok to respond to Juhani's come on AND have Carth. Unlike Mass Effect, BTW, where it's either hunky Kaidan OR blue-alien-girl Liara. Those two confront you together and actually make you choose between them.

  4. Yep, you can just say mean things to them. I try not to pick responses in these games based on "well, that's a LS response, or that's a DS response." I try to put myself in the situation, and pick: out of these options, which would I say? Mostly this makes me LS, anyway, but it's also fun to go thru and just be a horrible baddy :devil: (since I've played thru these games so many times).

  5. You don't happen to have an earlier save, do you? I know you said, "I try to load from another save but it won't help either...", but this same thing happened to me in the same place once. I was SO mad, because my last save before this happened was before Mira even entered the Jek-Jek-Tar (so like 2 hours of gameplay before?), but when I did reload, it fixed whatever bug caused the problem for me. Sorry, I'm not very techy. :p

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