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  1. It was quite a good game. Not to say I didn't have some issues with some of the design decisions, but overall it was solid and fun.


    I know what you mean, I can't really "identify" with a male PC, but I learn to like 'em well enough and feel as if I am participating in their adventure from a less personal vantage point. I've enjoyed several games with pre-made male PCs... Gothic 1 & 2, Plane:scape Torment, Deus Ex... so that doesn't automatically turn me off. Initial reports on The Witcher gave me the impression that it was a bit sexist, which I didn't find to be the case when I actually played it. Although Geralt does indeed have the option of... well... of plowing anything with a pulse. ;) My Geralt was a bit more choosy... although sometimes the dialogue isn't explicit enough to know that it's going where it's going, so he ended up with a few more trading cards than I intended!


    I hope you enjoy the game!


    Thanks!!! I guess I'll let you know what I think after I've played it. ;)

  2. Yeah, I just don't like it when there's really no "character creation". Also, this game is rated M (mature) for Blood and Gore, Nudity, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, and Violence. I'm all for M-rated games, I just go into this one knowing that the nudity and strong sexual content (that is a new one for me, in a video game) will be geared towards a male character. Not as much fun for me, as it could have been if it was with a female PC in mind, is all. ;)

  3. I wanted to name this topic "Force Choking Mical, but thought that was too much of a spoiler.


    Ok, so Ive got the Prima official game guide for KotOR 2 (which is completely useless, let me tell you). In the back is a section called Party Members' Paths of Destiny, which is supposed to clue you in on some of the influence opportunities and such. The Spoiler warning says: The following party member information reveals all of their secrets and should ONLY be witnessed if you wish to know EVERYTHING about your teammates and some of the plot of this adventure. You have been warned!


    So, under Disciple: Companion Quest Information, on the very bottom of this list is:


    The Choke's On You

    If you are a cruel and merciless leader, you can actually Force Choke the desciple during conversations, using the line:

    :thumbsup: [Force Choke] "I do not need your counsel, only your obedience." (Influence loss).

    Conversely, the disciple takes a fancy to you, and various romantic conversations can be initiated, much to the chargrin of Atton Rand.


    Now, I'm not really interested in romantic conversations with Mical, but I wanted to force choke him just because I find him so creepy. Has anyone been able to do this? I feel like I've tried dozens of times, but it never works for me. Maybe this whole thing is just bogus, since a lot of times game guides are written before the games are finished (which woulda caused major havock as far as this game goes).


  4. The food in the frying pan was burning, then the smoke hit the fire alarm, which triggered the burglar alarm, and now the fire brigade is probably coming and my ears really, really hurt.



    That blows. I'm sorry. :p

  5. Street Kings - I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting another bad cop movie like Training Days or The Shield, and I got some of that, but Keanu Reaves isn't really a bad cop. He's just more like a warrior or a soldier, he's got major issues but in the end he's still trying to do the right thing.


    If you don't like Keanu Reaves, you'll probably hate it, but if you do, it was surprisingly good.



    Just saw this film last night. I HATE Keanu Reaves, I think he's a terrible actor (except in the Bill and Ted movies :) ), but I actually really enjoyed it. It's got action, suspense, and a few parts even made me inappropriately laugh. ;)

  6. ...I've personally never played an RPG that wasn't 3rd person (except Oblivion, which was both 1st & 3rd).


    Technically, Oblivion can be played in third-person - but only if you do not use ranged weapons. Much like the system in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, melee weapons work just as well from the "following camera" viewpoint, while ranged weapons need the accuracy of first-person to be effective. :bat:



    I played this on my xbox 360 :) I know, blasphemy for PC activists. I'm a baby PC gamer - just started a couple months back. Anyhow, on my xbox, it was always 3rd person, unless you've got a bow, but if you click the right thumpstick in, it would zoom into 1st. Pretty handy for looting crates and picking herbs for alchemy. Sometimes it helps a lot during a sword fight, too. ;)


    I like customizable clothes and armor for my PC, so I guess I shy away from the idea of an RPG that wouldn't allow me to see my body. I guess playing dress-up is part of the fun for me (damn, I'm WAY too girly, aren't I?).


    That being said, the creepiest games I've ever played were all 1st person: F.E.A.R., Condemned: Criminal Origins, Bioshock, The Darkness, Prey, DOOM (just to be silly) . So I could see how this would help make it a more frightening experience. You can't really have something sneak up behind you if you can already SEE what's behind you. I've just noticed that all of these were action games, not RPGs.


    And I apologize, LadyCrimson, for going horribly off-topic, so my 2 cents: I would like there to be a sequence (but only 1 sequence) that features a robo-suit mini-game. Just to break up all the corridors, which I'm sure will be abundant in this game. :woot:

  7. For the life of me I can't remember if it's been confirmed or not if this game will be first-person or third or a combo of both?


    I sure hope it's 3rd - i dunno how an RPG would work in 1st person. :rolleyes:



    What? You mean like Daggerfall, Wizardry, Might and Magic, Lands of Lore etc and so forth?


    I never realized that there was a point of view requirement attached to a crpg.



    Wow, state a personal hope - notice how I worded my statement - and prepare to get your *ss chewed. :down: I stated that I HOPE it's 3rd person, because I've personally never played an RPG that wasn't 3rd person (except Oblivion, which was both 1st & 3rd). I know I'm not as "hardcore" as a lot of you, but goodness. People around here really like to argue.

  8. Yeah, well, if all that is needed to no longer be a Jedi is this:


    the 'Jedi' of Atris, Vrook, Zez-Kai, Kavar, and even Bastilla weren't actually Jedi - they had turned long ago by refusing to help the needy, to protect the innocent, by endlessly contemplating and thinking rather than acting.


    ...then I guess the Exile isn't much of a Jedi either, what with the whole Hiatus thing. :rolleyes:


    I agree with this:


    All the stuff about the exile being "the last jedi" is just propaganda spread by Atris to make the Sith (meaning Sion and Nihilus) hunt down the exile and so expose themselves, nothing more.
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