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  1. What the HELL is this?

    I feel so much dumber than I was before I watched it. :thumbsup:


    As for me, I'm gonna have to go with brunette, too. But does this make me a hypocrite? I've been adding blonde highlights to my brown hair since I was 18 (so, for like 10 years). And in just the past 2 years, I've been gettin dark red streaks, too. So i'm a brunette/blonde/red head. So I'm a natural brunette, but I guess deep down, I don't think that's good enough. :p

  2. Nah, I still think Kreia let it be known that the Exile IS the last jedi (which you're obviously not: what about Atton, Bao-Dur, Mira, Visas... Vrook, Zez-Kai, Kavar, and ...shudder....Atris) because she's a BIG-FAT-LIAR, and she wants to put the exile in an impossible situation just to see what you' ll do. ;(

  3. IMHO sentinel is definitely the best class, since all jedi classes (unlike K1) use the same to-hit table in TSL, and (again unlike K1) skills are actually very important in TSL.



    Agreed. I like the Sentinel starting class skills: awareness, persuade, and treat injury (like every other class), but also computer use, stealth, and security; and I add cross-class skills demolitions, and repair while I'm still on peragus, so I'm basicly able to do anything (I always set my inteligence at 15 at character creation). Sentinel starts you out with 20 skill points as opposed to the guardian/counsellor 12.


    The only thing I miss about being a guardian is force jump - but I usually abondon regular attacks for flurry anyway. ;(

  4. Hey, guys. I was gonna throw in Alien vs. Predator & Aliens vs Predator - Requiem, but I think that will really throw off the LEAST favorite poll . And I really want to know what you guys think (after my disaster "did ANYONE like Alien 3 Poll"). So feel free to compliment or mock those two films as well. :thumbsup:


    By the by, I just got done watching Requiem for the 1st time. My thoughts: reminded me of ET a lot... I appreciate the improvements that were made on part of the Predator - definately an improvement from the prior film, but I didn't really get a good look at the Alien/Predator hybrid. Also, I guess children, babies, and pregnant women are no longer sacred.....

  5. I liked the one where you killed him in the first place better - annoying git.



    Yeah, before when I'd play dark-sided, I'd always try to figure out a way to let him live. But if you don't kill him, Bastila does. :sad: It kinda makes the whole dark-sided thing not worth it to me.

  6. Open Swkotor2.ini, find the GameCompleted=0 line, then alter it to read GameCompleted=3 (or was it 2, some time ago).


    Worthy to note is you cannot get this dialogue by playing it DS+LS like the X-box at all... just with the ini-change.



    Thanks, I was wondering the same thing. I've gotten the extra dialog in the past on my xbox, but I remember thinking WTF? ;) on my 3rd PC play thru.

  7. Hmm thats tough because I love Carth, he's the existential good guy but Atton is the reformed(and sexy) bad boy...



    It's a real toss-up between those 2 for me. I really liked Carth from the very beginning, but Atton REALLY grows on you. Plus, he's got some of the best lines...


    Also, I appreciate the fact that Atton will stick with you no matter how dark-sided you choose to be. I know this is supposed to be due to your crazy influence over people, but I'd like to think that it's mostly because he's got a little darkness of his own barried deep inside him. Ultimately, if you're darksided in KOTOR, you can't have Carth.


    And I prefer to keep in mind that if TSL had been finished properly, you WOULD have found out that Atton had deep feelings for Fem Exile.

  8. "Something emerges from the wound. An alien, to be sure, but nothing we've seen so far, its forelegs arch out of its back like spiders legs, its back legs set on enormous haunches, thick and powerful. Its head is long, eyeless, like the others, but along its white expanse red veins, coming out of the skin and running like thick black hairs to the back. It has retracted pincers at the side of head that come out when its tongue does. Its much bigger the the others, nearly the size of the queen herself. And it's bone white."


    Joss Whedon's original description.



    Now, if only they'd sculpted it (I like puppets :shifty: ) instead of using all that horrible CGI in this film.



    Also, re: Alien 3 - I love how the psycho convict kept calling the Xenomorph a dragon. That's what I'll be calling it from now on. :grin: But the entire movie was just so damn bleak...

  9. ok, so I just watched the 'special Edition' again .... and YES, I still hate it. :)


    I've learned from this post, however that I can compliment anything I want, but in the future I will refrain from griping about something in a negative manner on game forums. Because the world is huge, and at the end of the day, everything has its fans.


    I may have been too hasty when I added this line:

    "I mean, you can't stick a film done by David Fincher in the same catagory as one done by Scott or Cameron, so I didn't really expect an epic,"


    What makes Alien 3 sh*t for me was not necessarily the direction of the film, but the film as a whole. I'd like to think of the director as the man in charge of everything: scripts, locations, casting, special effects, etc. , however I know that this is not always the case. It is unfair for me to place all the blame on David Fincher, when it could have just have easily been Ezra Swerdlow (executive producer) or even Sigourney Weaver (co-producer).


    Anyway, good to know there are more people that like Alien 3, than do not (at leaste that voted on this poll), and I'm totally looking forward to the game. It's gonna be SO bad*ss!!!

  10. Of course opinions should be backed up with explanations



    OK - let's bring this topic back on course. I was not trying to offend all of you David Fincher fans with this poll, so if I have, I apologize. :ermm: But can we at least, MAYBE agree that Scott and Cameron had better Alien movies than he did? Maybe I should have done a "which Alien movie was the absolute worst?" poll instead. :ermm:

  11. Considering Fincher's the man who gave us Se7en and Fight Club, you bet your ass you can stick one of his movies in the same category as Scott or Cameron. Cameron especially.



    Yes, Fight Club and Se7en were great films. :lol:I still wouldn't put him up there with those other two, but this is just my personal opinion.


    I'm actually pretty shocked by how many more people like this film vs how many dislike it (so far). I don't think I've ever met anybody in person who's admited that they liked it. I learn something new every day . :)

  12. I want to rant a little about my feelings for Alien 3. I mean, holy crap, did they even do screen tests for this movie? Who in their right mind would enjoy the way this stinker started out? The world is just full of big-time Aliens fans, but who cares? All those people who went thru hell & back to survive Aliens... ya, well F 'em. We'll just brutally end Hicks and Newt and even Bishop - but no worries, we'll have a Bishop look-alike show up later in the film, and things will be just peachey. And won't it just be fun to have Ripley examine Newt while she's all cold, and laid out on a slab? I especially appreciated what they did to Hicks's face. I've had a crush on Michael Biehn since I was a little girl, so this was just AWESOME :grin: . I mean, you can't stick a film done by David Fincher in the same catagory as one done by Scott or Cameron, so I didn't really expect an epic, but couldn't they have thought up a better way for Ripley to end up on some god-forsaken prison **** hole of a planet (if you really HAVE to go there). Did I miss anything?



    the ONLY cool scene in this movie...


  13. i just could never picture mission as a bountyt hunter, thats all



    Me too... I like the mod, I like the idea of Mira as a Twi'Lek, I just don't like the whole 'turn Mira into Mission' idea. Although, considering Mira's background, it does make more sense that she's human. :grin:

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