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  1. Consoles have unique services and games that PCs don't always get. As well as the uniformity that enhances compatability with the games and simplicity for consumers. Translation: Consoles = Video games for dummies.
  2. Exactly my thoughts. Sand was quite awesome. I love his quips in the trial with Torio
  3. jcjpjjj I miss CSS. I think i'll do more of it now.
  4. Just Kidding. He wins.
  5. You just won the debate.
  6. The Media in my mind isn't a 'Necessary evil", it's more of an "evil that shall always exist". BTW like the topic. Hmmmm. Quick thoughts I suppose. 1. True, but that's a very vague description of said sensationalization. 2. I think we all trivialize those stories inside our homes once we hear of them. However, to experience them is another matter. I think the media might be to blame for that, so I agree with that statement. 3. They need to fill in a time slot. Simple as that. Quite annoying really. 4. BBC sucks doesn't it? 5. Probably the thing I hate the most about it. When the government in a socialist country doesn't control the popular opinion; the media and the investors do. It's really a question of who you want controlling the masses. Obviously, Mass Media is a horrible thing at times; but with out it, we would be lost.
  7. Ummmmm How do console games even begin to compare? Like, at all?
  8. Sigh, I would like to see how it runs. Though I'm not really worried about it at all, I would still like to see what the game might be like... I'm not going to download that 360 demo when there is no way in hell I am buying this for my xbox.
  9. Cheating is fine by me, as long as it is not multiplayer. It's quite useful when one wants to get through a game to experience the plot and not necessarily the gameplay (I.E. Deus Ex Invisible War..... I did not like the gameplay at all (MEGHHH) ) Yet I find it great that cheating is being slowly eradicated. If you cheat in a game like F.E.A.R it completely ruins the experience of the intense firefights that occur. It ruins the game. And don't we all have an immense feeling of satisfaction when we finally get over that big hump?
  10. You underestimate the stupidity of your average computer user. And of mankind itself.
  11. Did you read Molyneux's comments? (Obviously you did if that is your sig) I really believe he has stooped to a new low. He is now not only blatantly exaggerating claims on his own games; he is insulting game developers that have put out multiple titles that are BETTER than ANYTHING he has ever done in his pitiful life. Fable was a joke. Fable 2 will be a longer joke with a one button combat system.... That isn't really different from the first's.
  12. The first 2/3 of Indigo Prophecy. Then I realized that a video game could never have a story as good as a movie or a book, because the plot completely dies once the police are chasing you. Then I regained faith through Deus Ex.
  13. In Soviet Russia, Windows Vista owns YOU! (It does in a weird, funny way. You don't own your copy, you own a license for Vista to operate on your computer + it is the most paranoid system ever. It doesn't trust anything from the internet or other external media, it hates you for changing hardware and it spies on you to make sure that you don't do anything funny. It simply hates.your.guts.) Have a nice day That really made me lol because it is so true. I just disable all of those annoying little things. They're more in tune with: "Are you sure you want to start word?" "Are you really super duper sure you want to start word?" "You know, if you start word, you might start typing something really weird, and you shouldn't waste your time." "Why don't you lie down?" Honestly Vista is starting to make me think of HAL 9000 ; )
  14. Please don't waste your money on a server solution by M$, use something linux or unix based, it's not extremely difficult to learn at all.
  15. Honestly I enjoyed the sequel more. But before I go on and talk about that, I first want to recommend the movie "Sunshine" to you. It has the same actors, writers, and directors as 28 Days Later. It's an extremely good low-budget sci-fi thriller. However, like 28 days later, the film turns into a slasher at the end. Anyway, I loved the moral ambiguity of 28 Weeks Later. It's rather, do you want to become infected, or get shot by the snipers? I loved how the virus started spreading again, through a kiss. This is somehow very symbolic of the nature of love "betraying us", or maybe I am simply reading into the film too much. Because someone took "more than a heartbeat" around the woman who was infected; all hell broke loose. Either way, I loved the premise of the sequel, though the execution leaves a little bit to be desired. I'd still give it 3 1/2 out of 4 nevertheless. The opening scene in 28 Days Later is to me one of the greatest scenes in recent film history. Just imagine being in his place....
  16. I honestly believe once one watches enough porn, it becomes rather redudant and annoying. Insane mother does not = insane child. They are completely seperate entities and it is completely the child's own psychological decision as to whether he lets his mother's (Clearly) insane influence catch up to him.
  17. If she's like 99% of her radical peers, she was just an insecure chick who got together with a douchebag, and was subsequently caught by radical feminists when seeking comfort after leaving said douchebag and pumped full fo propaganda. In Sweden we had alot of fuss concerning womens helpcenters set up by an organisation who later was revealed to be run by radicalist feminists. The help centers were really recruitments grounds and a means by which to spread their propaganda while pretending to help abused women. These people gather up vulnerable and gullible people(women in this case) to fill their ranks, same methods used by neo-nazis and religious cults. It's just taken much less seriously when it involves feminists. They know how they ph3@® the mighty ****. It shall come and visit them, perhaps even speak to them. (wait... nevermind, it won't. They'll just spend their entire lives obsessing over a cause no one cares about and any man would run away from)
  18. Doesn't sound like he was really harming anyone... other than bringing countless pathogens into contact with the rest of the population. Oh, but that's nothing much! He looks like Curious George for Chrissake!
  19. I agree in principle to Colrom's point, yet yours does highlight a very important aspect of this: there are many factors to the perceived "severity" of a violent act. To add to that, what if the mom was raped by a gang of men before hand? Does that still make it comparable to the murder of the Joint Chief? Mechanically yes; morally no. Murder is murder regardless, but I agree that some forms of it are especially atrocious. Would you consider a wife of a man dying of a terminal illness and begging for death, who finally gives in to his demands, a horrible murderer? (I know euthanasia is a totally different topic, but for the sake of the topic, I think most of us can agree that the example I have just given is far less disturbing than the rape and murder of the soccer mom by the three men in the former example) That is why we have our degrees of murder in place in our judicial system. I think Colrom's point falls pretty easily with enough evidence, but it is an interesting thought that with civilization only comes more excuses for slaughter. 1. Violence may seem justified, and it may well be justifiable; but that does not make it an eventuality. As humans we have our own decisions to make, we aren't controlled by some pre-determined fate that says violence will continue to occur throughout all of time. One has to look at life optimistically, and not simply hope for world peace, but actually do something about it. That is the trouble with our world, and that is the trouble with us on this forum... For every man like Gandhi that actually tries to enact something, we have a million people sitting on the sidelines. =/ 2. Yes, I was arguing with one of my friends the other day. I perfectly understand why someone may be driven to do it, but in no way do I sympathize with one who commits the act. It's truly one of the worst things I can think of in the world. You're standing in the supermarket and wham... You just lost a leg. But alas, combating these acts with more violence will not solve anything. One of the reasons I strongly oppose capital punishment. After all, why do we murder people who have murdered people to teach people not to murder people? Seems rather redundant to me but that is another debate also. 3. What I know of him is very basic knowledge. Only to the fact that a part of the population is against him, and the fact that his apparent "side-stepping (if you may call it that) caused an entire political party to disband until "Democracy was restored". So yes, in other words, I would love some articles Always need new examples for policy debate. 4. I am simply trying to say that democracy, especially AMERICAN democracy; does not function well within all environments. Switzerland seems to be functioning well in its own little bubble, as does France. They however, have a democratic system very different from ours. Even China is starting their own mini industrial revolution. Perhaps one could even go as far to say that without the trade embargo, Cuba would probably be a much more prosperous country than it is. Finally, I do believe anyone can handle democracy, but whether they want it is a completely different matter.
  20. Of course, since the dawn of time and through our evolution (or creation) as a human species, violence has definitely been one of our essential truths. However, a civilized society has a certain responsibility that never applied to a group of primitive humans. It would be utterly reprehensible to ignore that responsibility and act in a manner that causes evil to all, no matter what the intentions. As a
  21. True, but Ubisoft normally only puts out a bad game when they don't have Montreal do it. And about a post a few posts above: But HL2 and HL were much more seperate entities than any of the Splinter Cells. Honestly, I didn't think HL2 deserved the praise it got. It had a very good beginning, probably one of my favorite gaming moments of all time... and an amazing end (and amazing episode 1), but the middle sections simply bogged it down, and I found that quite annoying.
  22. You've played too much Deus Ex: Invisible War.
  23. #1 There is a point there, but you cannot rightly justify violence at any time in my opinion. #2 & 3 Is democracy necessarily the best alternative to terrorism? As I said before, should we be so arrogant to believe that installing a democratic government in a foreign country will magically solve all of its problems? Did we escape despotism only to come to the realization that in 300 years, the basic principles haven't changed? The rich still rule, and frankly not every man in our country can grow up to be president. The days of Lincoln are gone, and we have been relegated to simply electing someone out of a pool of individuals. #4 True, but do you consider Che and Mao to be terrorists? They were heads of state AND had a small military force which toppled a country's current regime. Do we begin to call the Iraqi insurgents revolutionaries if they topple our Iraqi puppet government? For example Che Guevara by any
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