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    Life is nothing. Deus Ex is god. Kotor comes a close second. <br />Watchmen movie better be freaking awesome.
  1. Consoles have unique services and games that PCs don't always get. As well as the uniformity that enhances compatability with the games and simplicity for consumers. Translation: Consoles = Video games for dummies.
  2. Exactly my thoughts. Sand was quite awesome. I love his quips in the trial with Torio
  3. jcjpjjj I miss CSS. I think i'll do more of it now.
  4. Just Kidding. He wins.
  5. You just won the debate.
  6. The Media in my mind isn't a 'Necessary evil", it's more of an "evil that shall always exist". BTW like the topic. Hmmmm. Quick thoughts I suppose. 1. True, but that's a very vague description of said sensationalization. 2. I think we all trivialize those stories inside our homes once we hear of them. However, to experience them is another matter. I think the media might be to blame for that, so I agree with that statement. 3. They need to fill in a time slot. Simple as that. Quite annoying really. 4. BBC sucks doesn't it? 5. Probably the thing I hate the most about it
  7. Ummmmm How do console games even begin to compare? Like, at all?
  8. Sigh, I would like to see how it runs. Though I'm not really worried about it at all, I would still like to see what the game might be like... I'm not going to download that 360 demo when there is no way in hell I am buying this for my xbox.
  9. Cheating is fine by me, as long as it is not multiplayer. It's quite useful when one wants to get through a game to experience the plot and not necessarily the gameplay (I.E. Deus Ex Invisible War..... I did not like the gameplay at all (MEGHHH) ) Yet I find it great that cheating is being slowly eradicated. If you cheat in a game like F.E.A.R it completely ruins the experience of the intense firefights that occur. It ruins the game. And don't we all have an immense feeling of satisfaction when we finally get over that big hump?
  10. You underestimate the stupidity of your average computer user. And of mankind itself.
  11. Did you read Molyneux's comments? (Obviously you did if that is your sig) I really believe he has stooped to a new low. He is now not only blatantly exaggerating claims on his own games; he is insulting game developers that have put out multiple titles that are BETTER than ANYTHING he has ever done in his pitiful life. Fable was a joke. Fable 2 will be a longer joke with a one button combat system.... That isn't really different from the first's.
  12. Yes, Rackabye Baby. I was thinking about geting a bunch of those.

  13. The first 2/3 of Indigo Prophecy. Then I realized that a video game could never have a story as good as a movie or a book, because the plot completely dies once the police are chasing you. Then I regained faith through Deus Ex.
  14. In Soviet Russia, Windows Vista owns YOU! (It does in a weird, funny way. You don't own your copy, you own a license for Vista to operate on your computer + it is the most paranoid system ever. It doesn't trust anything from the internet or other external media, it hates you for changing hardware and it spies on you to make sure that you don't do anything funny. It simply hates.your.guts.) Have a nice day That really made me lol because it is so true. I just disable all of those annoying little things. They're more in tune with: "Are you sure you want to start word?" "Are y
  15. Please don't waste your money on a server solution by M$, use something linux or unix based, it's not extremely difficult to learn at all.
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