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  1. Oh nice yeah I have that mod played with it a little. Would you recommend a multi or pure class?
  2. I know of Herald(Pally+Chanter), but what else is the best solo builds after the last few expansions? Can Druid do solo? How about Priest?
  3. So technically, to maximise the Shifter, you want to single class? Not necessarily, you could end up lowering your DPS/Utility/Aoe by missing out on certain full attacks and buffs other class combos offer. Like Fighter, Monk, Barb, or Paladin. I feel a melee shifter really should combo with one of the above.
  4. That's artificial difficulty. Likewise the people who want an easy time should just play on the easy difficulties. Path of the Damned was designed for a challenge and is incapable of providing one at the moment.
  5. No barring deaths door or withdraw on top of no heals is a bit much. It's just a much squishier and less dmg Wizard.
  6. Chanter is nice, but single class Beckoner is a bit annoying. All you can do is auto attack and summon once every 30 sec. It would be nice if a t8/t9 talent doubled summon duration so you can actually, you know, play your character lol.
  7. Wow! That is NICE! Since I usually skip potions in RPGs I didn't even know it exists. Can it be crafted? Yes it can be crafted, and easily since the alchemy reagent vendor (in Nekatta) restocks if you wait 24 hours with decent chance at the items u need if you got the gold.
  8. Grimoire of Vaporous Wizardry isn't bad if you like to re-stealth cast a lot (Rogue/Wiz), or only use the "instant" spells.
  9. That has jack to do with the class and everything to do with the specific weapon. Yeah if we're going to discuss a single broken item carrying a class, the Lightening Hat makes Priest or Wizard several times better than anything else. 1000's of damage per second and can't die. GG.
  10. I just noticed Trickster gets "Wall of Many Colors" at lvl 19, the spell is pretty OP and probably goes well with someone who can utilize stealth and invis. Sadly lvl 19 is a bit too far in for my liking.
  11. Yeah I prefer no subclass for solo. Love chill fog. But at 16 you basically rofl everything anyway since you can cast Wall of Many Color(SingleClass) while stealthed. Illusion skill.
  12. IMO re-stealthing is as fair game as 200 deflect, swift flurry, the lightning hat, Explosives, or anything Chanter. Too much broken stuff to really criticize anyone.
  13. I've always wanted to do a very powerful Blunderbuss builds due to the awesome aesthetics (nothing like 2 boomsticks). It was sort of my plan before the game came out but then I heard it was meh. Apparently I was so wrong! I've gotta try this!
  14. lmao this item works on them too , https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Dragon_Pendant And each of them can use it. Meaning 2 big dragons and 4 small ones.
  15. They offer so little vs. just multi-classing. What a shame. There appears to be 0 point in single class Paladin unless it is for RP purposes. I guess the 2 point resurrect isn't bad, sort of? Sad day
  16. Sacred Immolation Shieldbear Paladin with Virtuous Triumph and Thunder Crack is also decent. I'm wondering if any other items have lightning attack.
  17. I have lil strategy for priest but it for level 13+ Run in encounter > Death door > Buff (devotion or avatar) > salvation of time > emopowered storm of holy fire > something > shadowing beyond > GoTo 1 Imo Chanter\priest for brilliant inspiration at lvl 19 would be best. True but pure priest pretty much becomes god at 13, 6 lvls earlier. Only have to watch your resources a bit and not mess up.
  18. lol the upgrade ability from "Thundercrack Pistol" called "Storm Rune Shot" instantly gave me 200% charge but killed me twice. hmm Solo pure Priest easyness? Skean and for extra invis if things go bad. And a small handful of those immortality potions just incase your salvation and deaths door are both out and you forgot to 1 shot kill someone. Also the deaths door cloak.
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