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  1. Ok, so it seems it was a bug on two save games that I had. I checked it out now with a hired adventurer and it works on self-cast. RPG Division made a video of Deltoro's Cage Helm in action on current patch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jo6jEeaCq20&t=192s I will update the guide shortly because some other things changed - duration of buff is reduced to 15 seconds and unbending is no longer god mode. And if someone wants to roll a new character with this build I recommend Unbroken - -15 reflex is amazing for getting hit. Sorry for confusion. It seems I jumped to conclusions
  2. Deltoro's Cage Helmet seems to be not working on self inflicted damage anymore, so this build is not working any longer. EDIT - not true, works in 1.1. Sry
  3. Two Handed weapons don't need a fix. For example Great Sword to Sword - GS has 30% more BASE DAMAGE, while using Swords as one-handed gives you 12 accuracy. Assuming best circumstances (accuracy=target's deflection, crits result in overpenetration, no other damage bonuses) +12 accuracy gives you roughly 28%* average damage increase. Dual wielded swords have as I recall 30% more action speed. Action speed increase = damage increase more or less. It is almost pedantically balanced. What needs fix is mob stance and charge being full attacks. *math might be tiny bit off
  4. I love your guides. Lady of Pain (Lord?) was how I've built Eder in my pre-Deadfire run. Wanted to create a hireling to try the build and saw that I don't have Whispers in my end-game save. Couldn't bother with console so I found a replacement: Wahai Poraga - 9-13 slash/crush damage; 7 penetration; 0,5 Attack Speed; 4 second recovery - Reckless Cyclone - hits target twice + aoe around to 2 targets - At Blade's Reach - +8 deflection, -20% damage for 2 secs after attacking (Enchantments) - Counterattack - raw dot to melee attackers (doesn't seem to do anything) OR - Dug-In - +
  5. OP edited - Fixed spelling/grammar/logical mistakes and fleshed out introduction. Also: I have been testing some stuff around this build. Currently soloing Unbroken/Wizard on POTD to check how that combo goes and to give some pointers on how to play early game. Also trying out hireling Black Jacket, that swaps from Magran's Chosen to Sun and Moon (with cold upgrades) - both dual wielded with Griffin's Blade. At level 19 no constant recovery doesn't matter. You can't unfortunately.
  6. Thunder Crack pistol - 2x per rest lightning ability. Found on Vailian/Rautai 1st quest Adra Pillar, on map before ruins.
  7. Shield Bearer does not have access to as many accuracy buffs as fighter does. Furthermore Faith and Conviction boosts reflex - that's bad. But you can't deny the synergy between Shieldbearers lay on hands. Something to try for sure.
  8. AS OF 1.1 THIS BUILD SEEMS TO HAVE STOPPED WORKING “Lightning Rod” Battlemage Battlemage caster able to unleash calamitous amounts of lightning damage on self and foes. Some Vailian animancers believe that electrocution could be a way to cure most soul ailments. After defeating Thaos Watcher decided to try this method to get rid of his abilities and stop vexing intrusions of tarrying souls. While treatment was not successful it gave Caed Nua’s ruler ability to gather lightning energy that he could unleash to power up his weapons and spells. Disclaimers: There will be spoilers aft
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