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  1. The game doesnt run acceptable on (high) multicore CPUs because it doesnt know how to properly utilize multiple cores. There was a mod by Kaladein that fixed the issue - steam forum thread is still there. The mod isnt being updated and when asked Kaladein responded that the mod was intended to point out the issue to the devs but they never ended up fixing the issue. ^this is also the reason your CPU overheats that much So basically the game will run like ass on systems with "high end" (not sure if we call every 6+core high end these days lmao) CPUs because spaghetti code. Source and reference: have an 8core i7 myself - know how ****ty the game runs on it. Steam forums - look for Kaladeins CPU fix or something. Edit: Its also sad to see the same old faces defend the same crap that has been known for a very solid amount of time (even if you dont know this specifically - the massive performance issues have been brought up by so many people. Denying them is just insane - like - definition of insanity - insane). People repeating the same old "runs perfectly fine for me" "your fault it doesnt run on your high end system" garbage are just absolutely disgusting filth. And the same garbage people lying out of their buttcheeks and making stuff up farm upvotes on this gross circlejerk forum. So sad.
  2. Think about it... a lot of people bought PoE1 because of the hypetrain/enjoyment they "heard" other players were having. You know if all previous buyers enjoy something THAT is the best marketing. If your buddy tells you about this amazing game that you HAVE to play - thats the best marketing. There is something to be said here about the people who bought PoE1 based on the hypetrain - and who ended up not enjoying it (since PoE1 already had some of those problems like no combat xp and statboost bloat) - not coming back for PoE2 based on the name. But yea.. if the game were better received - more people would buy it based on recommendations of peers. PS: Critics dont know shiet. Game journalism in general is a joke these days. Including all the non-professional youtubers.
  3. - absurdly poor optimization (never seen a crpg run this bad - NEVER) massive frameskipping completely ruin the "new improved animations". At times frameskipping at the start of combat is so awful i just restart because it ruined the engage. Massive frameratedecrease when playing for extended periods of time - terrible ship - everything! Your gamelogo is the characters fighting on a ship, but everything related to the ship sucks! A LOT! The normal combat on ships is the highpoint of ****poor perfomance. Fighting on ships makes the game run at below 20 fps. I can run recent games at max settings - What. The. ****? - The armor system is still terrible. Absolutely inexcusable. By far the worst implementation of armor i have ever seen anywhere. - Too much "statboost/debuff bloat". Statboost talents/skills/spells are not fun. In DOS2 you slam ice on top of a guy on which he slips and falls and then shatter the ice for more damage. Dragon Age 2/3s combo system. Here you give a guy -20 to hit or boost your penetration by 2 so you can at least touch the guy at all. What is more fun? - Extremely weak (and short) main story. Honestly the pirate arc is written more interesting and has better quests than the adra colossus. (What happened here? All the good writers were working on tyranny?) - Open world game with all open world problems. - Fighting doesnt reward xp (past the first few mobs). That is a HUGE demotivational factor right there. I remember doing that one quest that starts in the tavern in the main city - a guy is missing and you get his journal from a chick upstairs. The dungeon that follows is 100% useless. None of the fights reward xp. There was not a single unique or otherwise interesting item i found during it and the quest itself rewards almost no xp as well. open world game << >> doesnt reward exploration - big yikes. - During the early midgame there is a huge portion where the optimal way to play is to only do "go here talk to person go there quests" for like 3-5 levels. (Basically a huge portion of the game right after port maje). This entire thing has 0 replay value and there is no alternative because^ fighting and exploring doesnt reward jack**** so youre stuck doing these samey quests everytime. That alone is one of the main reasons i really dont want to replay the game. I just cba to go thru that again. - The implementation of the bounty system is dudu. Why are there 50 different people giving bounties. Nono i get it - lore wise it makes more sense. But gameplay wise its a DISASTER! Why does something as simplistic as bounties require SOO many loading screens and walking form a to b. Booooring. Youre welcome.
  4. As expected from an online forum of a specific game it is impossible to overcome the amount of circle jerk and fanboys so nothing new here.. Ill leave with this: Your "modal" mechanic for single target defense debuffs, that requires subpar weapons to allow spells that have no use throughout most of the game (especially when compared to just killing things with weapons) to hit targets, leaves the enemies with much higher defense in those stats than what they have for deflect. The only reason your DLC boss cant be easily killed even earlier in the game than level 10 is statbloat of a stat that effectively reduces damage taken to 0 while almost all counterplay for that stat is negated by even more statbloat. The fact that this huge disaster of a crpg came out in the same generation as DOS2 and Pathfinder Kingmaker is a disgrace for Obsidian. Enjoy the circlejerk.
  5. Interrupting is the only valid criticism of my post. -25 doesnt do **** if you do this guy at level 10. The values are between 120 to 150 for both. Lategame high level accuracy scaling is stupid to the point where it trivializes all content in the game so doing anything at late game is legit just boring (great game btw). And while interrupting is definitely valid you have to burn through his concentration and after that can still miss those crucial interrupts at level 10 against deflect (and literally lose the fight off that) unless you bring certain specific spells and the useless casters who have those. (and why would you unless you specifically know ahead of time those are going to be required) Saru Sichr is vendor trash. Willbreaker is "later game" and still rather mediocre. Unless you have metagame knowledge there is no reason to have either of those. ("know what youre doing" aka "be a metagame ****") You guys overlevel like retards and wonder why you dont get a decent challenge. -25 off club modal doesnt solve jack**** as mentioned. Miasma targets will but you cant hit will at level 10 even with -25. As mentioned the fight is totally doable early on except for his braindead level of AR. Completely arbitraty MMO gear(stat)check. Great game design btw. Again you metagame the fight absurdly hard because you know there is going to be exactly a dragon with exactly those weaknesses (fire and crush) and stat points that require that approach (and youre stupid so metagaming is all you have). If you beat things by metagaming youre not actually playing smart you just reproduce data you already learned - a ****ing monkey can do that. None of this would be necessairy if the game was designed decently and the whole difficulty of the fight wouldnt come down to ONLY his ****ing braindead stupid inflated AR stat. Straight up if you somehow convince yourself AR in this game is an interesting mechanic youre worse than some delusional teenage girl who convinces herself her favourite boyband makes quality music.
  6. No he is right. The whole fight is a joke. The guy is very doable on POTD at around level 10 IF some random guy at Obsidian wouldnt have been like "You know what would make this fight really fun and interactive? Giving him ****ing 17 AR!" The fight actually has interesting mechanics, aoe pull terrify, anti melee, adds that heal, all good stuff but NOPE they HAD TO ****ING GIVE HIM ****ING STUPID AMOUNTS OF THEIR ****ING BRAINDEAD ARMOR MECHANIC. And i know what youre thinking now... But hey you can just arcane dampener his Llengraths bull****, well **** no you cant because both his fort and will are over 9000 as well. So you cant use jack**** to debuff his armor either because its impossible to land anything except chanters armor break. But hey his crush is rather low right so you can just use crush weapons? Ohh yea right IF YOU HAD BOTHERED TO PUT A SINGLE ****ING DECENT WEAPON THAT DOES CRUSHING DAMAGE INTO THE GAME. Theres ****ING ONE! Chromo Staff which is ultra late. Ohh and casters? Well those are just ****ED! Just forget it. At least you can technically get legendary weapons early (and still bounce because legendary still dont have enough pen to deal with this expertly designed boss). With spells - just nope - GREAT AR SYSTEM BTW - FUN AND INTERACTIVE. Yes you can bring a ton of pen food and pots but WHY would you - and WHY SHOULD YOU HAVE TO? Is that what you want the game to be? AR optimizing simulator? Unless you have metagame knowledge youre ****ed. Its just such pisspoor design. I have no idea how they keep ****ing this game up every opportunity they get but gosh darn they do. I think Obsidian just lost their touch. This game is so unbelievably bad its hard to comprehend. Between the atrocious optimization (Sekiro at release runs more stable than this on the same bloody settings and patch 4.X ROFL), the abyssmal balancing (Red Hand LOL, Blind LOL, frigging Rusted Armor LMAO - theres a million of these - literally 0 playtesters with a brain) and the complete lack of story focus. The way the game heavily discourages combat making it so you can play 8 hours (loading screens LUL) of optimal leveling after leaving the starting island with 1 maybe 2 fights max. Idk maybe they knew their whole design was trash. Probably not. This game is like Brexit. Just a never ending barrel of laughs for everyone who gets to watch it from outside.
  7. Thats all. Coming back after half a year and looking at it without novelty glasses on its just terrible. The armor is terrible, penetration is terrible, the casters are terrible, balance is atrocious. Defense stats are hilariously awful distributed. 2 Spells per level and 1 spell = 1 "talentpoint" is a joke. Power Levels are literally the guys who made the combat trolling the players. Im not even going to get into progression, scaling and all the other nonsense that was ruined by the open world design. Enjoy the circlejerk, peace.
  8. You have 2 abilities that allow you to gain wounds without being focused. You can use friendly fire at your advantage. Or one of the few abilities that self dmg. It's like the streetfighter rogue subclass that push you to be flanked. BAse monk push you to contact and getting hit. It's not a question of weakness but more of playstyle. Mhh i should have worded it as "more consistent" rather than "when not being focused". Yes you can gain wounds with either self damage or one of the 2 abilities but obviously thats not something you want to do not just because of the damage but also because of the resources spent (i.e. mortification cost -> dance of death (nevermind that it does very little if you do get hit afterwards), or by spending action time (on mortOsoul or on characters attacking him)). Shattered doesnt have to pay anything for consistent wounds. (The same goes for rooting pain as well, much more consistent procs if its based on damage dealt) The only obvious downside i personally can see is in a situation where the monk would not be apply damage for some reason. When i played it i never ran into this issue though. Anyway even if you disagree with shattered (or any individual subclass in particular). It doesnt really change the main point that ranger and priest subclasses are disappointing compared to the others.
  9. So first of all i played shattered every run because it fixes the one weakness monk has over everything else, get wounds when not being focused. And its outstanding at doing exactly that. So you accusing me of "not playing just considering" is you being unfair and just making assumptions instead of arguing the issue. I really dont want to deal with people who do that quite frankly because this is online and i simply dont have to and theres enough monkeys doing that irl. In general if people attack a person directly by devaluing their opinion overall in this way it means they are bad at arguing the issue because they have anything valid to say. I will address this disaster with priest tho as a last thing i do. You can not actually be serious about ignoring the fact that priests clearly have no impactful subclass WHEN EVERY OTHER CLASS HAS SUBCLASSES THAT ADD TO THE WAY THEY ARE PLAYED rather than just move around a few spells. You ignore this fact entirely and just focus on the arbitrary fact that priest "technically" has no "vanilla" state and thereby completely circumventing the issue which IS OBVIOUSLY THERE. And again with the personal insult instead of staying on topic very nice.. ResidentSleeper
  10. Sharpshooter with guns/other reloaders doesn't seem to have a lot of drawbacks besides -10 deflection - which doesn't mean a lot for a ranged char. So why is it awful? Stalker is debatable, but I think for a melee ranger it's the best subclass. Def. not awful. The Ascendant not only gets bonus PL when ascended bt can cast powers for 0 focus as long as he's ascended. Subclasses are not supposed to be improvements to the main class. Late response is late.. Did they remove the increased recovery time for sharpshooter? https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/Sharpshooter If not then +1 pen is useless almost always (especially for ranger) and id rather have 10% recovery less (especially on ranger) than a puny 15hit to crit @stalker, there have been a lot of complaints concerning ranger pets not being able to stay alive when **** hits the fan. I personally feel its a non issue since you can just have the pet run away before it gets too close to dying so its effectively a free summon on a duration. With stalker, you can NOT send your pet away. 7m isnt that far as well so you cant even split them up if the situation would require it to optimally engage. (also melee ranger Kappa, like christ, pick any actual melee class and youre better off in the first place..) Ascendant makes you worse at combat when the fight starts which is pretty much the most relevant point in time to cast spells. Even more important it makes soul whip do less damage which is straight up awful since thats like half of what you do all the time. Also the duration for ascendant isnt long enough to deliver a large enough payoff for "casting spells at 0" . Maybe with disintegration it starts being okay but you still have all the other negatives and until then its strictly awful. Wether or not subclasses are intended to be improvements or not is irrelevant. The reality is that many of them are straight up improvements. All Paladins and shattered monk are objectively massive improvements over vanilla with no downside. Many have minor downsides that are heavily outweighed by the positives or have positives that are just much better when built around than the vanilla class is on its own (2/3 monk, 3/3 rogue, 2/3 chanter, 2/3 druids, berserker, devoted, evoker). Ranger and Priest get nothing.
  11. Idk it should be another sabre. During my playthrough i wasnt able to have everyone in my party dual wield unique sabres. How tf am i supposed to pirate RP under these conditions (clearly hunting bow or wand since there is no option for sabre )
  12. GG very nice you almost died so many times, even when there was only 1 fighter left PogChamp Really shows how insane that encounter actually is. Absolutely sick solo. Took exactly all 10 potions you had. SO sick.
  13. Cipher in general doest get many great damage spells BUT... disintegrate and https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/Ectopsychic+Echo ectopsychic echo in particular are quite good. If you bring Maia as companion (ranger / rogue is quite good) You can ectopsychic echo her bird "ishiza" . Ishiza is immune to engagement and this allows you to move her around to really maximize the value you get out of every cast of ectopsychic echo. At 100 base damage in a line FoeAoe and fairly high pen its one of the better damage spells in the game. Ciphers should always be multiclassed. Lots of good options there. Bring something that has good physical damage to quickly accumulate focus and maximize the value from your free +30% physical damage with soul whip (that you get at friggin level1 how op is that? )
  14. Games are generally expected to be an improvement over reality... If i had 1 Euro for every guy ive met who is naturally lacking in eloquence id be rich. I dont want to spend money or my free time to listen to awful speakers repeating the same expression all the time especially if the main focus of the game is dialogue. (In the same way you dont want to play a racing game if the only available car is a honda civic and you have to stop at red lights)
  15. Why are we bumping 2 month old threads? Why is the main focus of this thread a class / spell at rank8 with 70base damage rather than the fact he gets like +20PL past what would be expected and 6 of these come from a single potion? (nevermind the 10might = 30% dmg on top of base stats from a single drug) ... dont use consumables. boom fixed
  16. Di verus i couldnt agree more. I cant stand Vailians for that reason in particular. Also Serafen is hard to understand for me personally due to his strong accent and the fact that the voice actor doesnt seem to open his mouth all that much. The last one is me nitpicking tho. I really appreciated the voiced dialogue a lot overall!
  17. Both priest and ranger have basically 0 impact specializations by the way.. ranger ghost heart is more of a QOL change and the other 2 are awful priest basically just changes the spells he gets around a bit and has no other effect This is also true for cipher to some degree since +1PL from ascendant (ONLY when ascended) doesnt even get close to making up for the penalties. Soul Blade just competes with casting and beguiler has another pretty significant penalty while not providing much (literally 2 int worth of range and some bonus focus from casting) ^i dont really understand why the PL bonus for cipher was nerfed while the PL bonus for wizard was buffed to the same bonus cipher ascendant had pre-nerf when wizard can make much more use of bonus PL with+missiles. (like yes, losing spell schools is bad but the payoff is bigger and more consistent e.g. immediately at the start of combat!) (even though wizard is a bit of a special case since everyone who plays PoE is crazy about wizards ever since the first game for some reason i never understood) Anyway, the special classes for the ones who were voted weak are consistently no improvement or even making the class worse while higher voted classes (monk and rogue in particular) all have special classes that are a consistent improvement over the base class. While i disagree with the vote result overall its still interesting to note.
  18. Sure kill them You can also steal the heal potions from the fighters before engaging so they dont heal back up if you have enough sleight of hand. How teh **** did you find out they have that stuff?
  19. Once the fighters got close they started chain knockdowning you as well + bear form and chill fog ran out. You also got incredibly lucky you never got crit. You can do some more stat optimizing: e.g. your intellect comes in at 19 which is useless for touch of rot by 2 points as long as you at least hit the target (current 29 seconds, last tick occurs at 27 (+3) next tick at 30). It does increase bearform tho.. but if you can cut down some con, res and int by 2 you can push your might by 6 or sth which should give you 2 more damage per tick (it *should* round up in this case?!) and increase your effective damage by quite a bit. It would also raise fortitude so you (got a chance..) dont get chain knockdowned by the last 2 fighters. Bearform+(wizard)shield worked out really nicely as long as they dont crit you. You could just use your armor potion right as you pull them instead tho. This should give you another chill fog for cleaning up the remaining dudes and +2 armor doesnt hold any value anyway as soon as you lose bearform. Idk i still dont see it solo. Theres too much stuff that can go horribly wrong when soloing. Youd have to get insanely lucky so many times in a row... Edit2: How did you get the wizard to cast ray of fire and kill his own team? If he casts missiles at a bad time thats a guaranteed interrupt on touch of rot and gg. Just another thing that can go horribly wrong...
  20. Try it! But no cheese. So open with empowered touch of rot -> aumau and run away or "escape" and run away is a nono i.e. no running away in general you have to hard engage^ I dont think its possible solo at level 1 with these rules but feel free to prove me wrong! 14 armor with bear + wizard self buff + potion sounds great but i dont think its going to be enough. Edit2: nevermind missed the shield potion If you could use a large shield with modal on top of getting more than 12armor then maybe there could be a chance *thinking* For the trap you could use "Thiefs putty" which is in the box if you save it instead of chitupec. That gives +2mechanics. You still only get 1 trap per character tho. They also interrupt on crit? some hits? not sure.. You still probably die in stunlock after the pull, at that point it doesnt really matter how much damage they do. Edit3: If you actually DO manage it, make the fight + character showcase/difficulty as one full video
  21. Just did a second run with Orlan Berath Priest+transmuter wizard. Character: https://ibb.co/ei6yj8 Initially i wanted to cast hold on the guy who is blocking the ramp down when you arrive and kill the group below while he is blocking everyone else. Unfortunately that failed horribly because the guys on top can actually shoot/cast much further than the game even allows you to see. In addition to that the hold got overwritten by some weird "dexterity" note at one point even though he didnt have any dextery inspirations from what i was able to tell. Was really weird. Sooo i just ended up brute forcing the encounter with: 2Touch of rot+1Chill fog+large shield modal https://ibb.co/eEGLxT The large shield modal is actually pretty crazy. It reduces incoming ranged damage by a flat 50% which made it a lot easier and i didnt even have to use health pots this time around. The priest innate aoe heal helped though! On that note Here is a picture of a large headed ogre magi praying to the blood god! https://ibb.co/dxWHBo I also equipped xotis sickle in addition to the large shield for a whopping combined +15 deflect and used basically the same drugs as in my first run. Ripple sponge is amazing. Didnt use anything else besides food and drugs. Finished fight (with blood explosion ) : https://ibb.co/jjxtHT Difficulty: https://ibb.co/kqKqxT (ogre + blood explosion top left of screen) The ogre form itself is still meh tho. But it looks pretty cool Time to try it at level 1.
  22. Gorecci street is legit one of the hardest fights (with like 2 other contenders) in the game right now on POTD if you follow natural game progression. The fight isnt mandatory tho. POTD is only hard during the early game unfortunately (until you reach hasongo approximately, and all the sidequests werent reworked as well so they are still very easy). A lot of the stuff after you leave port maje is much easier in general. There are explosive barrels on the digsite (right side of the map i think) and you can use those to blow them up. Or you can pull them into chokepoints. The digsite is fairly easy as long as you have 3 characters (MC+eder+xoti) who are all skilled in melee combat. Pure casters dont cut it early on imo. Also remember to set up flanking whenever possible.
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