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  1. That's fine. I don't care what people like, it's just the fact that LA went ahead and stated that Revan was a male. The whole purpose of the game was to make it the player's choice. And then, suddenly, that choice is taken away because my female Revan is no longer considered "correct". Revan is a male light-sider. Fine. He falls in love with Bastila. Sure, okay, whatever. He could have fell in love with Jolee and I couldn't care less. But the fact that they went ahead and told me that Revan must be a male was what just turned me off. And then they went ahead and said that the Exile was a female. What happens to all those dudes that chose Exile to be a male? Well, they're wrong, too. Apparently, Exile can't be a male, must be a chick. Great. It defeats the purpose of an RPG. If they were going to go ahead and give me a set gender, why didn't they just give me Revan as a male to begin with and Exile as a female. Everything else that I could have picked is wrong, so why should I bother making a character another gender when I'm wrong? Well, that's just a little pet peeve of mine that I have, so don't take it personally. It's just my personal opinion and you're entitled to believe as you do. If you're for canon, cheers to you. Enjoy it and be happy. Getting back on topic...Darth Traya love anyone?
  2. Dude (Looks Like a Lady) - Aerosmith
  3. How many folks in your office ended up voting for Texas or Wisconsin? I'm sure you had a hoot when they all had that look on their face near the coffee pot. I don't know about FL there, Drabek. They're awesome. And I gotta root for my state's team. But I do think at least that OSU is sort of overlooked compared to the others, especially when other people decided to put Texas and Wisconsin in. Texas wasn't even that good. But don't count out UF. I don't think that UCLA can beet 'em. We'll have to wait and see.
  4. Yes, well, it's been resurrected now, brought back from the dead for nothing.
  5. That's just a load of bull refuse. I paid for my PS3 (which I'm slightly disappointed with right now) and all I got with it was a lousy remote that sometimes doesn't want to work for me. Gosh, sometimes I just envy you Europeans. Lord knows I need a new TV. And a free taxi ride...
  6. Yes, I know that Revan is male, according to canon. But that doesn't mean that I have to accept that. Nor does that mean that the male population does not believe that Revan is "teh coolsome" and "teh best eva!" So, when I say that Revan has "fanboys" I mean those people on this board that believe Revan to be the undisputed "best" Jedi/Sith/Grey Jedi ever. Look, Revan is a great character, but he/she is not the greatest. Exar Kun anyone? I spit on canon by the way. Just so you know. Being another female on this board, you should understand better than most how much canon is a blight upon RPGs as great as KOTOR and KOTOR2 are.
  7. Aw, she's a beauty. What a cute dog ya got there Kor. Those eyes are so adorable. Makes me want to go get a dog now.
  8. Omelette


    So, is this movie worth me shoveling out the seven dollars in my purse and watching some of my favorite turtles of all time kick butt? From your high praise on this movie, Oerwinde, I feel compelled to watch it. But, if I haven't seen an episodeof TMNT in say...three years (don't kill me) can I comprehend this even though I'm still a fan? From what I hear from all of you, it's worth it. Or should I just wait for it to hit DVD or HBO?
  9. My day was meh. Not much at all to do. Yay for mediocrity.
  10. Disciple's presence on my ship gets on my nerves. I nearly fell to the Dark Side so I could kill that perfect pain in the butt. But he did serve one purpose of giving me med packs. If you're going to keep Disciple around, just turn down the volume of your game or listen to some music when he speaks. It's easier and less frustrating that way.
  11. Oh, I think Accept just wants a thumb's up. Well, here ya go, boy. You know I'm right about this one.
  12. I know that now. And it's Florida, man. It only gets hot and/or wet and rainy here. It's horrible. And Weston is like the old peoples' villa. Old people that like to play Twister.
  13. Of course, but he's done with anything SW, or so he says. And then there's always good old wikipedia that'll tell me what happened to him in the non-canon books and things like that.
  14. His character never really got to develop and that just plain disappointed me. I wanted to see what was the purpose and the drive of him, why he turned, blah, blah, blah. GL gave me a slap across the face when he sort of just let Darth Maul be an evil man with horns. I wish that he had been a bit more creative and given the man a decent backstory.
  15. Are we adding our favorite sports now? Well, I adore American football. That'd be my favorite sport. There's nothing like watching men tackle other men for the glory and game. College football is so much better than pro. I can't even watch my team, the Dolphins, anymore. It's too depressing. And it's been like thirty years since we've won anything on that team. And I do love me some basketball. Snaps for the Miami Heat. Oh, and does anybody else have any other Final Four teams? I think UF has a chance, more so than Texas and Wisconsin did. Anyone else care to share your Final Four teams or who will win it all?
  16. Okay, so here's the story of the Weston Cancer Relay for Life thing that I had to attend with my other fellow Tri-M, which is a music honor society club thing, yesterday and the day before. I was so tired that I couldn't post this yesterday. I took a nap as soon as I hopped out of the shower. So, we all say "This isn't so bad. It'll be great. Sleeping under the stars, in a tent, making s'mores, sounds like fun." That is, until it started to rain. It was a drizzle at first and we were in the tent. No problem. That is until it starts raining like we need to build Noah's ark again. We're all huddled inside, the cover over the tent isn't so great and the windows start letting in some water, we all get soaked, the sisters that own the tent run out into the downpour, try and get the cover to work, they get soaked and don't do so well, and then everyone spills their food and drinks in the tent that I'm sleeping in. Not so much fun. The rain stopped and we were fine. So, my friend and I say, "Let's put our stuff in the trunk of your car." No big deal. I'd rather it be dry than wet if it rains again, which Florida is so likely to do. So, we go to her car, dump my crap inside it, and then close the trunk. Thing is, her mom called her right when she closed the trunk and her keys were inside. Great. Now my things are locked in her trunk and I can't get them out. She has no AAA at all and we're just basically screwed. Fantastic. We call a locksmith, but he won't be here till another forty minutes, which turns into two hours. Not so much fun right now. But we hope that tonight would be...or so we thought. As soon as it gets dark, the most annoying 9 year olds decide, "Hey, let's go sing broadway songs while people are sleeping!" Mind you, these are little girls that have no voice. One decides to go ahead and sing Dreamgirls music while I'm trying to sleep with a migraine. Not so much fun. Then my other friends decided to go ahead and bang away on the bass drums while everyone is sleeping. Not good. I got two hours of sleep and then I said screw it. So, I get up at midnight, try and wake up, eat some food, and then try and stay warm because it's freezing now. Went to the park, the police kicked me and my friends out, we were now bored out of our minds, and decided to wake everyone else up. As soon as we pass three hours just talking and humiliating everyone, I decide to go ahead and just watch Batman or something because I can't stand the utter silence now and all those old people that are playing the "massive" (five boards) Twister game. Not so much fun there. Watch the movie, then go to bed at around five. Can't fall asleep because the people next door, all men, were talking about getting naked and switching places in their tents. That was disturbing. I finally do fall asleep and get an hour's worth before I decide that I'm heading on home with my friend. And then they asked us if we wanted to come back. That made me laugh so hard that I nearly spilled my old and crusty yogurt. That is the Caner Relay for Life, everyone. I will never camp again.
  17. Finally, someone else that agrees with me here. There are just too many Revan fanboys on this board. It makes me sick sometimes to see all of them. But thumb's up for you for knowing who is the best.
  18. I'll get back to you tomorrow and tell you about my 24 hours of staying awake. The things I do for cancer fundraisers...
  19. Well, what I've heard from, before Christ died, when people deceased and no longer functioned, they were sent to a sort of purgatory, a holding place sort of. It's not a punishment at all, but a holding place to just keep their souls. So, when Jesus did go and sacrifice himself, God came down to this placed called Sheol, or Hades as some call it, and sort of took them up to heaven. He told them about his son, the plan, etcetera. They accepted Jesus or didn't, etcetera. Accept=Heaven, Denounce=Hell. So, your ancestors, if they believed in a single God, and knew that there was but one God, were sent to Sheol and either accepted or denounced Christ and God's plan. So, they are not in Hell, as some would suspect. Your ancestors are as good as gold...as long as they accepted Jesus. Hope that answered your question.
  20. I never would have guessed. Truly shocked you got that one. I know, it's hard to see. Hell, I just thought that avatar was awesome. I did have Samus going on for while. But I found the "Holy Crap Batman!" and it won my heart over. That's a very good documentary, for it's time. I'd probably find it a little dry/static now, what with all the colorful CGI animated history documentaries they make these days. But can't beat the info crammed into the Ken Burns one. Absolutely. I've always loved history. It's a passion for me. And when I saw this, and just watching it, it makes me feel just something inside me that makes me proud of my country. A little of patriotism sparked...as if I lost it. But the beauty of it is that it just doesn't get bad with time. The history as brilliant, save a few minor things that were off by like a few minutes or a date that was just a day ahead or back, but it is absolutely amazing. It doesn't reenact like History Channel does at times and the pictures are stunning. Definitely take another look at it now. God rest Shelby Foote. Poor man died two summers ago.
  21. Yep. Ep 2 should've been some training there. At least "The Trials". Instead we got some political idioties and "intrigue". And one crappy ass "romance" to boot. If the lines he tried to "woo" her with were any worse, I would have just grabbed his lightsaber and stabbed myself. Anakin does not know how to hit on the girls. Jedi training will do that to you.
  22. Nah, you just have the hots for Bastila, Accept. Admit it. Well, I picked old Ben. Gotta love the old fart. And from KOTOR I picked Vandra. Yoda wannabe is down with me.
  23. Well, I always considered that Atton was a redeemable person and that he was going on a quest of redemption of sorts with the Exile, that's why she/he trained him as a Jedi. But, I personally believe that Atton could change his ways. He was just looking for an opportunity or a way, some kind of means for him to change. With the Exile, he saw that. He knew that she/he needed his help, stepped up to the plate, and hit a homerun (or maybe got a guy on first). But I can certainly see Atton as being a Jedi. It's the Jedi that leave people like him out of their Ya Ya Sisterhood club because they want people to be "pure" and "untainted", which is a load of steaming bantha crap. So, Atton, having the feeling of remorse, guilt, need for redemption, blah, blah, blah, wanted to change and might be a good Jedi. Or...You completely turned him into an evil, evil man if you went DS, which I'm sure that most of you did. Having Atton kill for you, cleaning your shoes, tattooing his face...DS does not apply to the above.
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