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  1. Oh my God...that's just...disgusting... And one horrible idea to boot. Then again, it could be the greatest comedy ever made! Even toping Freddy vs Jason! If that's even possible. Better yet, throw them in there, too. I'd watch it and laugh my butt off in the process.
  2. And good ol' Bob down the street , with a beer belly and a couch potato to boot, was now able to be a double-bladed wielder. *Sigh*. What have we done to ourselves?
  3. Uh...The title of the game is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. I mean, it says it clearly on the box what game it is. If there's a two on something it usually means that there's a game before it. (Meaning it's a sequel). But, getting back on topic...I prefer to take the lightside. It's the "proper" way to play the game, as someone said before. It just gets you familiar with the story and so forth, as it was meant to be played out because Star Wars is canonically lightside for some reason or another. Then, after you're done being a good person, I usually go the Grey Jedi route, the best of both worlds. When you're done being neutral, then you can go ahead and be all evil if you want.
  4. Or General Grievous. But to answer your question, heck no for both. Though, I'd love to watch that. Some guy tries to use two double-bladed lightsabers and chops off some limbs in the process. Oh, the stupidity.
  5. Whoever decided that Alien, Predator, and Terminator should all co-mingle was just plain retarded. I swear. I just want my universes separate and my favorite characters all in their own worlds. Don't even say "Predalien". You'll give them ideas. Like in the fourth Alien when they combined that alien monstrosity with something else and it was just plain ugly...they'll combine Predator and Alien together and...Ew...
  6. I agree. Being a female player, I found the lack of romance in K2 disappointing when the male character could just go and pimp it out with all the females on the ship! And the Carth/Revan romance was kind of...dull. It was just plain boring. I'm hoping that in K3, they'll be able to make both romances a bit more interesting. And yes, I know that the romance isn't the main focus, but it would be nice if they put more effort into it and made it something that was a bit more enjoyable. Cut scenes could work with that to make the romance a bit nicer, let it flow more.
  7. Oh my God! Take that away! My eyes burn at the sight of that horrible ****. I think I'm sick.
  8. Sounds like an interesting game. The game plans to make players confront their fears with only what they can grab up out of their environment to protect them. That should be a bit of fun. Then again, I'm a scaredy cat and could hardly handle RE4 when I played it on the Gamecube. But, it should be neat.
  9. What am I playing right now? Uh...well...I'm trying to play through Super Smash Bros. again after I deleted all the hard work that I had ever accomplished on that thing for my sister who would rather put Luigi's Mansion on there. *Sigh* I still have a lot more to get done on that.
  10. For the love of... Same thing with Freddy vs. Jason. I never saw it, but my friends told me it was the greatest comedy they'd ever seen in their lives. Now I wonder if I should have shoveled out the seven bucks and watched that.
  11. Oh God, why? I mean, I sat through the first one only because I have an undying love for alien. But then after watching that mess I wanted to barf. Now they're making a second one? Oh the humanity...
  12. Well, it looks like they've gotten rid of the major bug. But it's still at 64. Well, at least the major problem is gone now and just a few minor stuff to work out.
  13. I'm not sure which one you're talking about. Do you mean one of the Jedi that you're supposed to meet like Zez Kai-Ell, Kavar, or Vrook? Well, if you're looking for the fourth one, then Could you be a little more specific and I'll see if I can help? If I can't, then I'm sure someone else will come in here and help you, too.
  14. I would suggest using Bao-Dur to go ahead and breakdown things, if you've leveled him up and he's being trained with the repair/computer skills way, which is what I normally do. I usually use him as the tech guy with his security skills and what not. But, if you still need more, go ahead and retrace your steps. It's not like Dantooine is going to go away...or blow up...again...
  15. You could always just take a bunch of things that you don't need from your pack, and then break them down and create repair parts that way. Or, go and buy them from what's his face outside, the ugly alien turd. But I think the easiest way is to get a character that has a high repair/computer skill and just breakdown the items and then create the repair parts. I hope this helps you. I'm sure Mortis will be in here with a better response than I have here.
  16. Well, I think it's only a natural step for LA to go ahead and make a Star Wars game for the Wii with the motion sensitive controller that can easily take advantage of lightsaber fighting. It seems like a no-brainer to me.
  17. Another Bruce Willis movie. Hmm...I shall wait and see if it is any good. Then again, it's another Die Hard. I feel a trend going on here. Stallone got another Rocky and Rambo, now Willis gets a Die Hard. I hope it has a decent plot and not some hoopla that they're gonna just throw at us.
  18. Just like Britney Spears. Gosh darn, Mortis. Getting back on topic...Darth Traya cookies, anyone?
  19. I'm sure they'll get it fixed, Xard. Though, this is a bit annoying now. I mean, I'm not annoyed at them. They're brilliant for doing this favor for us, but about the fact that another darn bug popped up. I'm sure it's more frustrating for them.
  20. Or in this case not so hidden meanings. Tyrannus is Latin for tyrant. Who woulda thunk it? (end sarcasm) Ah, GL, how blatantly obvious you have become.
  21. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. (coming from the local Samus nerd) - I saw a couple of demo videos from IGN and thought that they were amazing. I'm looking forward to using the Wii remote and aiming like a gun and controlling her that way. It just seems like a neat idea. I just hope they do a better job than with that other game, Red something or other. I forget what it's called, but the one with the Samurai sword stuff. Ninja Gaiden 2 - Maybe I can actually beat it this time around. The first one was hard as hell. I just gave up and walked away it was that tough for me, and I usually can play most anything. Mass Effect - Seems interesting to me.
  22. In reference to books and the like you would be correct. In the context of making KOTOR 3 don't be daft. One of the major points (and delights) of the KOTOR games is the ability to pick if you want to play as DS or LS, lose that and you might as well just turn KOTOR into a shoot-them-up. Insisting on only the cannon endings of the first two game would also mean that just about everyone who owns/has played them would be more than a little annoyed and refuse to so much as look at the packaging, let alone buy the game. Namely me. Look, the KOTOR series has been a great series that involves choices and decisions, not a pre-set path that you are forced to be on and the endings are all the same regardless. The ability to choose what I want matters to me, and I'd rather not have a sudden change in the way the games work, thank you. Using canon all the way is just a horrible idea. There are ways to make a choice and a determination of whether Revan is m/f or LS/DS. It's that simple in the form of a questionaire done by one of the characters. The endings would then be dteremined by either your choices, or another simple round of questions. Mortis, I highly doubt that the developers would change the game all of a sudden to make it a set path. They're probably going to just keep it the way that it's always been, an RPG, which is what draws in the crowd for this series. They wouldn't just go ahead and switch to a narrow and fixed story all of a sudden. That would just be awkward and strange for whoever is going to run this thing. So, no worries. The speculation will just stay as that.
  23. If you do a quick search over at deviantart, they have a ton of other stuff that I found worthy enough to use as a background or a screen saver. Here's another that I'll occasionally use as well. There's just a ton of stuff for me, being the Metroid fanatic.
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