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  1. No problem. But it's just a game, man. Life is full of ups and downs. Who knows if the Gators will be able to hold onto something like this for so long. Maybe, maybe not. Yes.
  2. Gators won. So I'm happy about that. Besides that, nothing else has been going on except relaxing at home, watching whatever comes on on the movie channels. It's going to be a quiet day.
  3. Consider it stolen! Nice pic! Thanks. They have a couple of other Samus stuff, so I stole that, too. Just in case I needed another background. He (I think it's a he) has another scene with Ridley and Samus fighting. Here it is.
  4. Here. That's my desktop done by =transfuse over at deviantart. It looked awesome, was Samus, and I stole it.
  5. It made me smile and chuckle.
  6. You just stick it into some random-Java, and then you tie the Jawa up on your back. Yeah. Only you would come up with something like that, Accept. Back on topic, this idea is just plain stupid. We're not talking about American Revolution era. Then it'd be The Patriot combined with Star Wars which equals
  7. That was a highlight of my day today as well. I am finally back from my three day vacation in Orlando. Hit Disneyworld, Islands of Adventure, and Universal Studios. Disney was meh, as usual. My friends and I were only interested in the smallish rollercoasters. When we hit IA, it's a different story. Dueling Dragons, The Hulk, Spiderman, Popeye's, etc. We went on almost everything. Then we got to Universal the third day and just finished up with the important rides/shows like T2 and the Mummy. It was a pretty good. I went nuts over the Pirates because I saw the new additions, went on D&D three times in a row, and found out that Ellen Degenerous was there at Islands with us riding ice on D&D and that's why the line was over a hundred and twenty minutes long. Boo on Ellen, yay for my vacation. That was my three day weekend.
  8. I'm back. Don't all jump at once.

  9. Why can't I spell days right? Dang it...

  10. I'll be leaving for Orlando today. Going to Disney and Universal Studio with Island of Adventure last. So, I won't be here for about four das. Try not to super spam my board when I get back. (I think I shot myself in the foot with those words)

  11. Is that out on DVD yet? I've been dying to see that thing.
  12. Thanks for the wonderful reply, Mortis. You always have something rather brilliant to say. My only problem is if they start to merchandise these things and start using canon. They'd probably never do that, but it's a possibility. Thanks for the clarification.
  13. First of all, I'm not mad. I'm perfectly calm right now. Second of all, I don't say it has to "go my way". What I'm saying is there shouldn't have been a "way" at all. It should be up to the player how they see their character, not the company that tells their consumers what Revan looks like. I, personally, believe it takes the fun out of it. But I am not mad or angered that I don't have my way.
  14. I had the same thing in Epi II. When Yoda and Dooku started fighting, I lost it. I was, once again, the only person with a perpetual smile on my face and laughing into my fist. Good times.
  15. Of course not. Never. Wouldn't dream of pointing a finger at you.
  16. Okay, okay. But every time that I look at Palpatine, I think of a bloated toad now. I mean, he had like layer upon granny layer of skin on his chin. Story time. I was the only person in the theater that started to laugh hard at the "Noooo" and the "Unlimited Power". I just got these stares from these guys who must have been die-hard fans. I'm sorry, but the movie started to turn into a comedy and I couldn't hold it back. End story time.
  17. I think I'm losing my voice today. I think I got that dang cold that's been going around.
  18. That's amazing. I can't stop watching it.
  19. Omelette


    Then I shall go see this film as soon as I can. Gracias.
  20. Wait, wait, wait. Everyone's favorite line of the entire PT. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" If a robot could scream, that'd be what it'd sound like.
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