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  1. Band - I happen to like The Police, U2, and the Goo Goo Dolls. Movie - Well...My favorite movie would have to be the LOTR trilogy. I'm sorry, but they work as a unit. But films, I would go with my all-time favorite documentary which is Ken Burns' Civil War doc. It's amazing. Book - Ah...Well...I like The Awakening. It's one of my favorites. Or anything from Vonnegut. T.V. Show - A little thing called Firefly. Proud browncoat on this side here. Was there ever a better show on television? I think now. Game - Oh, Metroid. You give me such nostalgia. And I love the fact that the people that I knew literally gaped as they found out that Samus was a woman. Yes, the game is still my favorite. I miss those littel 16 bit graphics, the cheesy orchestra. Sadly, Metroid, you are too old and I no longer remember how to hook you up to modern day technology. Food - Avocados. Why? They're delicious. And theymake guacamole. Or flan. Flan is the best desert that has ever been and ever will be. Drink - I like to go to bed with a Cuban coffee.
  2. God knows I don't want to go back to Dantooine or Tatooine for that matter. What's there for fun besides counting blades of grass or grains of sand? I'd rather go to Coruscant or some place more interesting than a rotating sphere of boredom. @Architect - Well, that's what I've always wanted. But it's also possible, especially for me since I personally enjoy the female storyline aspect a bit more, that the player could have romanced with Carth. If they do ask about the male/female Revan romance, it should be answered in dialogue and/or hinted toward through your conversation choices than announced by a party member like Mssion or Juhani or something that fits from your personal storyline from K1 or something like that. It'd be a lot easier and fairer that way instead of relying on the computer to automatically state that Revan did romance with Carth/Bastila. Sometimes I liked Carth, sometimes I didn't. Sometimes I kissed him, sometimes I slaughtered him. All I'm saying here is that I want choices, people. Choices! I don't want some stupid computer telling me what happened, a programmed ending and set of characters that don't even match what I want, which is the most important aspect of this game. My choices, my decision, mine mine mine. It's an RPG, people. That means I want to make choices. I've ranted enough and I've already covered this more times than not. Oh, but I have one more thing to say. @Kyp - Buddy, I'm a girl. I have lady parts. Therefore, I would rather have no canon in my story. I don't want to play a man because I don't see myself as a man. I spit on the canon. Just because GL or LA decides to say that Revan is a man doesn't meant that I want that to be my Revan. They should have respected the gamers' wishes and left the character as ambiguous. Your story is based off of canon and that is not what most people want. If that were the game, it would alienate the female gamers, like myself, and would upset some men/women that would have preferred to play as a woman and/or played out of canon. So, I sort of ranted at you and went OT, but that's that.
  3. Ah...I think I'll pass and reminisce about Dad's inability to play.
  4. That makes me smile. I remember my dad playing that game. Sadly, I am a youngin' and do not have the distinct memory of playing that, nor have I ever touched it. Is it worth it to go and play that now if I could ever find it? Anyone?
  5. There's absolutely nothing wrong if our president decides to take five minutes for prayer each morning. He's never shoved religion down your throat nor has he passed a law that states you must be a Christian. I see nothing wrong with it if he wants to believe what he believes. Congress is the one in control of passing anything if it were to happen. So, if a law is passed that makes one religion above the other, go blame Congress. And the president is only exercising his own right to freedom of religion, so there's nothing wrong with that. He's a citizen, too.
  6. I don't believe that having your old party members in your group would be a good idea, except for T3 and HK-47 because they sort of provide the slapstick humor that C3-P0 and R2-D2 gave us in the OT. The old guys should just be a bunch of NPCs or something, something that maybe we can talk to, but not really control. Same thing being said, I don't really want to play as Revan/Exile again. Please, I played them the last two games. Give me someone new, a new character or something. We cal all pick sex/face/alignment from a list of dialogue, ala K2 when Atton asks the Exile what happened to Revan after K1. That's easy enough. And it is not hard enough to do at all. A nice story that ties in all three of the stories quite well would also be a good idea. I want to be able to fight the True Sith, whatever they are, not see it in a flashback or have Joe Schmo tell me about it in dialogue. That just sucks. All I really care about is good storyline, memorable characters, and a good game over all. All the extra stuff is just fluff. Like lightsaber adjustments, that's fluff. That could be wonderfully done and all, and the graphics would be amazing as well, but what would that be worth if the game stinks more than a pile of bantha poodoo. K3, if it ever comes out, should focus on the story, the characters, and definitely the gameplay. That's all that should matter, everything else is just extra.
  7. Accept, I don't think that anyone really wants Anakin to be the "Chosen One". Anakin does not get any love on this board, now will he ever. Anakin is as unpopular as G0-T0 on these forums as well. Besides, GL said he was the Chosen One. Case closed.
  8. The Awakening by Kate Chopin. I've read it at least three times before, but it always gets to me. Such a sweet and beautiful piece of literature that really gets to me. I enjoy reading it. I always find something else that Chopin hides in there every time I read it over and over again.
  9. I think you missed this part. I know there hasn't been any Wookiee Sith in Star Wars (Hanharr was going to be a Dark Jedi originally) but I just added Sith in because they are force users too. I could of just said there will be no more Wookiee force users in Star Wars though. :blush10: There should never have been in the first place. Ah, stupid me. I'm too busy trying to multi-task here. Dancing With the Stars is on. Must watch...
  10. I saw 300. Completely not historically accurate on some spots, but Frank Miller correct. Recently saw Casino Royale. What a good film and an equally good James Bond. Daniel Craig gets my stamp of approval.
  11. Yes, why with the tress, if you don't mind me asking? Are you now a very avid fan of trees?
  12. I never would have guessed, Accept. You and all these other bad boys keep spamming my board. Shame, shame. But then again, I end up spamming my own board... But back to the topic at hand, I think I have a little statement here that sums us all up. We all want to be cool like these people... But we all end up being these people...
  13. I'm sorry, but KOTOR 1 was not a better game than KOTOR 2. K2 had a much better plot line that wasn't ripped off from the OT and was a bit more in depth than the previous game before it. I will say this again, K2 is by far a better game. Even with the bugs, which I can live with and some others, too, K2 blew away my expectations of a Star Wars game. It was in depth, advanced on the whole mythology of the Force, completely threw the light and dark sides into a whole new perspective, giving us an option of actually have grey options as well, and was just a complete advancement on the series as a whole. If anything, K2 is the unsung hero of the trilogy (hopefully there will be one). It just completely opening my mind about the situation.
  14. But killing Gizka isn't fun, Architect. I want to go and whip some Sith behind! *Goes away and sulks because of this horrible news*
  15. Why, you may ask? Well, let me tell you a few reasons as to why: She was able to manipulate people ala Palpatine Amazing voice actress played her (I love that voice ) Interesting character compared to some other turds on this list Darth Traya/Kreia wasn't really a bad person necessarily, but she did have an interesting back story, life, etc... Didn't whine about a wife/husband and that's the reason she fell to the Dark Side *cough* Anakin/Darth Vader *cough* Very, very interesting teachings, even though they are slightly flawed. Very much immune to the dogmas of either religion. That's only a few reasons why Kreia/Traya is such an interesting character. She isn't necessarily evil, but she does have some traits that reflect that of a Sith Lady (what we call the female version of Sith Lord. I just learned this on wikipedia). I find her character absolutely amazing. Thank you Obsidian for making an intelligent Star Wars game for us.
  16. Don't even go there. That is just...wrong. If anything, if you were GL, you should go ahead and fix the prequels, or better yet, disown them. That sounds like a better idea. Don't even dare touch my OT or I will not be happy. I give that idea a
  17. So they would not be considered "evil". They were programmed to be dumbed down, so to speak, and take orders without question, which was a pity for them. And even if they had been smart enough to make a conscious decision, fear of the Emperor and what he would do to them would have taken hold and it would have altered their decisions, making them do something that they probably, as more moral people wouldn't (depending on your take on morality), didn't want to. That's why views on good and evil really depend on situational ethics more so than moral ethics.
  18. My five year old cousin who speaks only Spanish is cooler than Anakin Skywalker. That's like saying that dirt is amazing. Anakin = waste of life. Edit: Grammar
  19. Could someone come and lock this thing, then throw it into a garbage disposal?
  20. Jumping in here with my own two cents...enjoy them... I think I've said this before, but I'll spout out my little comment again. I personally, along with some others, I'm probably sure, believe that it's more about situational ethics more than it is about moral ethics. Sure, you may have a good plan on how to behave an what to do when something comes up, but it's your actions that determine your character, not your words, in said situation. Good and bad are labels on an action set by one side of the orders, Jedi or Sith. It all depends on your personal perspective of what good and bad is. The Dark Side and the Light Side are just two extremes of the Force users. One side professes to be doing good, the other to try and strengthen themselves, blah blah blah. It doesn't really matter because both have lied and/or gone back on their vows and teachings. The Jedi tricked Revan into believe she/he was a simple person in the universe, then used her/him to find the Star Forge. Uh...that doesn't sound very Jedi-like to me. The Sith have their own weird moments, too. Now we have to bring up the case of Revan. Yeah, I'm going there. Architect, if you don't like it, cover your eyes and sing songs because I'm going there. Revan used her/his powers for "good" in order to try and save the Republic, if that's what you believe. He/she fell to the dark side to try and save the Republic by strengthening his/her empire through a military dictatorship of some sorts. She/he assassinated key political persons and made sure not to cause mass destruction that would upset the balance of her/his empire. Unlike Malak and some after her/him, Revan sought to cause balance, not utter chaos and destruction. So, if you believe that Revan fell out of necessity or whatever, then you can use this example. If not, ah...go find your own. So, it's not your words that dictate you, but your behavior and your actions. The Dark and the Light side are just two dogmas of the Force and are extremes. I guess this is where Grey Jedi come in. They are sort of medians between the two extremes and have their own code that you can go ahead and read on wikipedia if you want. There is no Dark Side. There is no Light Side. It is only your actions and your motives that dictate if you're good or evil, lawful or chaotic. But then again...Force Lightning is so cool...
  21. Yes, it does. I would buy that game no matter what it is. Christopher Walken = amazing.
  22. Yeah, he's on Dantooine. You have to go into the old Jedi Academy that's been ruined and you'll find him in one of the rooms that's been locked. Unlock the doors somehow and then you'll find him just sitting there meditating. Engage in conversation and then he'll ask to join you. It's so easy to train him as a Jedi right after if you have a high persuasion skill level. Or even if you don't. Just answer what he wants to here. So, that's where he is. But then again...How many actually did want to recruit him? It's like asking for a punch to the gut...for some folks. Others seem to enjoy him. I guess you'll make up your mind.
  23. I'm glad to know that Accept now spams my board as well.

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