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  1. And GL owns this stuff. It's his world, we play in it. So, whiny, bratty Anakin = Chosen One. No mas.
  2. Anakin was the chosen one. There was no doubt about that. Sure, they might have misread it wrong or something, but he was the one. He brought balance back to the Force when he dumped good ol' Sidious (probably spelled that wrong) down a four mile shaft and watched as he turned six different shades of blue. I think the reason why Yoda says that the prophecy was misread was because of Anakin's dark deeds and what he was turning in to. He, or at least I think so, didn't know that Anakin would turn back to the light with the aid of his son twenty years later. He was probably just doubtful of what was going on and of Anakin in particular. The prophecy was always about Anakin, if you look at it. There was "peace" in the galaxy under the Empire. No wars, no blood shedding, but definitely oppression. Still, peace if you take it sort of loosely. He then brought balance as he dumped the wrinkled fart down the shaft. So, Anakin is it, or as GL likes to say.
  3. I saw that episode. Before I knew what KOTOR was, granted, but I saw it. And they guy acts very much like Atton, too. Geeze it's been a while since I've watched a piece of Trek.
  4. You are crazy. I can barely wake up at 8:00 for school. BUt yes, i agree that LS or DS forces you to do things. How many of us have had a conversation in the game, and then got LS points while playing DS and then got mad that we lost our mastery bonus? Grey lets you help who you will and leave those you wont for the kinraths to eat My day has been nothing short of hectic today, that I can say. 7 AM is just the half of it. I just believe that the gray path is a bit more true to the real person. You do what you want, and not for some stupid dogma that you must follow to be a "good" person. Bah, that's a load of bantha poodoo.
  5. Hmm, maybe they just don't like you anymore. :grin:

    Oh, and I am insane. I mean, what was I thinking for having a new character and an actual game.

  6. Then again, you can always argue if there truly is a "LS" or a "DS". What I see it as is just basically choices. Who deems them "good" and "evil" is determined by society and their views at the time. It's a very fine line. I like to think of it as, like that wonderful thread that I don't know where it is anymore, as lawful or chaos. All that matters is your choices and your consequences of those choices. Opinion and mindsets often label people as good and evil based on the whole of society or other individuals. What makes a person good? What makes a person evil? I love using my mind in the glorious hour of 7 AM.
  7. Yeah, don't hold your breath on this thing. I mean, it'd be nice and all, but sometimes you just gotta face the facts here. Even though LA said somewhere that they didn't want to leave the series behind, it's been a while since we've heard of anything at all, good or bad. I'm just being a bit realistic. Oh, and Bioware won't do another KOTOR. They're done, they've wiped their hands of it. If anything, Obsidian would do it, not Bio. And I'd like my game, if it finally does come out sometimes in our lifetimes, to be void of bugs, no little bleeps that freeze or the whole game the way it was supposed to be. Not bashing K2, because I love that game to pieces, but it made me very angry when LA rushed Obsidian into the Christmas sales.
  8. Attexilon. That's just priceless. I guess you could also say Exitton. That just sounds horrible. What's so strange? That you're voting for a new character? Or that you're agreeing with me? I know, I can be a very disagreeable person at times.
  9. Ah, thanks for the correction. Though, I thought I did hear somewhere that the person, the body that was walking was an old woman. The man is listed as the voice of the Emperor, not the actual person. So, maybe I'm right. Or I'm just fascinated with old people. Who knows.
  10. The game itself was rather cute all the way around. I enjoyed how using the Force involved taking apart Lego pieces and then rebuilding them. Plus, as an added bonus...I got to kill Jar-Jar as many times as I wanted to. That was truly a good game.
  11. And then what's next, huh? Some weirdo garbage from GL stating that Anakin is the descendant of Revan and whomever he/she shacked up with. I think I'm just going to cover my ears, close my eyes, and make-believe that only one more will be made. And hope that it doesn't involve Revstilas or Bevans or whatever the heck you want to call those abominations.
  12. How about this boys. What if we start as a...wait for it...wait... New Character! I know, I know. Scary thought, huh? Geeze, what was I thinking? I must be some crazy coot to actually think that a whole new character would be a fantastic way to end this trilogy. \ I must be going insane.
  13. I'd be gray, no doubt about it. I'm just too darn cynical (like Jolee. *Sigh* I miss that old coot) to be anything but. DS and LS are just labels. Actions speak louder than words. Well, that's just me, anyways. And aren't the Dark Jedi a completely different entity from the Sith? Therefore you presumably could have a LS Jedi and a DS Jedi. I remember reading about it on wiki. Then again, I could be wrong. Correct me if I am, por favor.
  14. Yeah, Bastevan or... Revstila. That made me smile and just helped my miserable, horrible day. But, please do not let us have to play as Revstila or Bastevan. I just want to puke at that idea. Come on, that's horrible. What happens to all those ladies who like playing the game, huh? What if I see Revan as a woman, huh? It doesn't nor shouldn't follow canon. Please, that is a horrible idea. It's just a bad idea
  15. Bah, Darth Vader cries for Padme like a wimpy little kid in a giant oxygen mask. Let's just say that I'm perpetually angered at GL for destroying one of my all-time favorite characters. Just watch the Robot Chicken episode. (Edit: For the stupid link not working. Grr...)
  16. I don't think it worked for anyone...except George Lucas himself. It just made me sick to see one of my all-time favorite characters turn into a whiny little brat that can only think about his girlfriend every five seconds. I'm going to go back to my own little world and pretend that Episodes I through III don't exist. *Covers eyes and pretends*
  17. That's what I thought. Since the Romans did evolve off the Spartan form of warfare (not to mention improve the phalanx and hop-like warfare in general) I always thought that the Mandalorians were like the next step in evolution, leading them to be what they are today. I just saw more Roman characteristics in the Mandalorians than simply a specific profession society. When Mandalore gives his little speech and such, you can see the "camera" panning over the various other jobs. They have technicians, etc. I just see them as Romans, IMO. But I just like reading this thread. It's very interesting.
  18. Why do you think you're slow anyway? I should stop spamming this thread. It takes me a while to fully get something. And then I have one of those "Oh..." moments that gives everyone that opportunity to point and laugh. Or I get on here later due to time difference and everyone else is on when I'm sleeping. Either kind of slow works. Yeah, time to stop the spamming. Bad me.
  19. And yes, what you have to say is worth reading and listening to. I fail to see how you're slow. But I could be wrong. :thumbsup: You shouldn't think like that. I think I
  20. I was about to post a "lets stop spamming and stay on topic" post, but you beat me to it. Maybe I'm not as slow as I think I am.
  21. I find when you post with correct grammar, then everyone seems to jump on you when you get a simple spelling mistake. But that's what editing is for, right? :)

  22. I know, Architect. I know. It's just something that not many people realize. Keep up the good fight.
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