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  1. What happened to the bitch fight?

  2. Yes, it was that funny.

  3. Arch, your comment is making me laugh so hard right now. My sides hurt.

  4. And then chris says he loves me. WTF.

  5. Whoa, Tale. Keep the belt on. I go to a football game and you people ransack my comment box.

  6. They just freak out when I call them a whore or a hooker. Didn't expect that coming. It's like a giant pelican snapping its beak on you.


  7. Though I tend to call my male friends whores for some reason. Or a hooker. Just because it's funny to watch them squirm at the sound of it.

  8. It does not. It's just the colors.

  9. Now why would you do that? Just use them as an army of evil, killing Wookie machines. *shakes head*
  10. Well, I don't think it should start a couple decades later. A couple years, yes. Decades, no. Too long a time period. This all has to connect with Revan and Exile somehow in the process as well. So, we can't get too far ahead. And I agree with Tale. *cling* Awesome idea. I swear, can't females have male friends and vice versa? Must it always be about romance? And I can't speak German or any other language save a bit of Spanish and English.
  11. But I like Queen Amidala. *pouts* That dress is awesome on her. And I like my coloring.

  12. I. Must. Have. Romances. After what I got in K1 and K2, I'm sorry. That's not romance. That's just..yeah... Anyway, that's my two cents. S
  13. I'm sorry, guys. :( I wish I had more time on my hands. But my Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and some Saturdays are gone. Sucks, right?

  14. You have to write an essay describing yourself, experiences, blah, blah, blah for colleges to "get to know you" and it can help them admit you in.

  15. *facepam* Architect. I'm writing college essays because I'm in my last year of high school. It's not that hard to understand. After this year, I go to college.

  16. And writing college essays and stuff as well. *wipes brow* Been busy. Glad to know I was missed, though! When was the last time I was here?

  17. Hope you do well in college, TPR!

  18. No, I haven't found a boyfriend. Just been busy with real life, Accept. Two football games I had to go to. Got back last night at around midnight, all the way in Cleweston = dirt town. Had a long band practice the other day, and getting a new club I'm in up. It's been a hectic week.

  19. Well, I won't do it unless he wants me to say anything. I'm not going to embarrass him.

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