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  1. Because I didn't know and I like numbers below 20, we're at 18, ladies and gents.
  2. Well, he's being called "lame" by his "friends", chris.

  3. *gasp* That might explain a few things.

  4. I have that with my PS3. Mostly hate it because it's useless, but love it because I can use it as a paperweight and a BluRay player now.

  5. Hairspray Motion Picture Soundtrack (2007) - The whole thing
  6. Oh, almost forgot. No thank you, TPR. I'm fine. Though it was very considerate to offer your services. These other bastards just annoy me. Glad to know someone cares.

  7. They lie, Tale. I'm not that mean. Only to them, but not to you.

  8. Stop with the shiftiness!

  9. I don't do that. It's lame.

  10. I hate you all.

  11. I give you something humorous and you turn it around on me. Bastards.

  12. I think it's genius.

  13. I wouldn't want dolphin tongue down my throat.

  14. It's like Milli Vanilli. Fooled you! (Google it)

  15. So...why did you kiss the dolphin?

  16. Well, he did make out with a dolphin. That's a bit gross.

  17. That sounds like fun.

  18. I like the rabbit.

  19. *giggles* I like this converstaion. Continue.

  20. Well, at least I'll be amused.

  21. Took the advice and was able to edit them so that they're wallpaper size. Thanks! I usually am able to save my photoshop stuff and never really exceeded 1 MB before, so yeah... Mine is the Optimus and my sister likes Bumblebee, so I made her one. Edit: I should be sleeping now. *yawn*
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