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  1. Well, I stopped watching Nickelodian and Disney a while ago...I don't even watch TV that much. But I did watch High School Musical...Zac was shirtless. *sigh*

  2. I haven't been on your comment box for a while Xard. How be life?

  3. Would you like a hankie, Tale?

  4. My conscience makes me go light side. I'm not that mean...really...
  5. Stop spreading drama like cancer, people.

  6. Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ...wow...

    Drama ends now. Stop being angsty here.

  7. My friend's guinea pig did that once...she cried for a bit after... I also corrected your grammar mistakes in your quote. And cuddly.
  8. Xard, they're so mean to you. That's horrible. I don't even know why they dragged you into this mess.

  9. Oh keep going. This is amusing.

  10. I don't get anything. I tried copying the link but it got me nothing.

  11. Dear God, I leave for band camp and this is what I get. A whole mailbox full of your ****. Thanks.

    I am so tempted to go to that link, but I think I'll pass.

  12. You mean the bell, retard? Yes, they both have a bell because they're both wind instruments. Duh.

    And no, it's not that time of the month. That's next week.

    What kind of drum did you play, Chris? Set. Bass, Snare?

  13. I hate you all. And no, a trombone isn't at all like a trumpet, moron. It has a slide, no valves, dumbass.

  14. *sigh* I wouldn't want them "pushing my buttons" either way.

  15. I believe the first spelling was correct. And I don't see why they hate DR, either.

  16. Well aren't you two just lovely.

  17. That'd be nice.

  18. *sigh* What if I changed my sig/av? Would that make you happy?

    And yes, I agree, that the movies are getting increasingly better.

  19. You keep spamming me with that crap! It annoys me! Please stop it. Please?

    If I allow you to say it without it being in CAPS would that be fine? Because I swear I'm getting annoyed out of my mind by that. And I feel like spamming your box now with that same crap if you don't stop it. *pouts*

  20. I like the last option!

  21. I've been deleting a ton of crap from them. But I've given up.

  22. Accept, shut up.

    I play both, TPR. I just got back right now from marching band. Well, mini camp for the new people.

  23. That's perfectly fine. I like Star Wars as well. Hence I am on this board.

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