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  1. I always go on here when I have time. I swear, it's like crack. My comment box is the ****.

  2. *yawn* How long have I been absent again?

  3. Wait...when were we something more, Accept? I missed that. Was that when I was drugged up on Nyquill?

  4. Yes, just a small bit. I'm not as optimistic as some. It did make me smile, though. ;D And I do think Obsidian will be the one if they do make a K3
  5. ^She apparently cries chocolate sauce of death when she's sad.
  6. I'll accept that. It's Accept's fault. Always is.

  7. Well...I don't particularly believe Kensei is the "bad guy", though he is sort of self-centered. I was reading on IMDB, the haven for all drama, and read a couple of theories that interested me. Kensei could possibly have the power to come back to life instead of bing a descendant of Claire. Because the man did close his eyes and seem to be dead. And then presto, he's back and Hiro is fanboying. So...maybe he can't die is the thing. I don't think Nathan is the killer. It could be another empath like Peter, because there are two as Claude stated when he was like "Ugh...another one?" or it could be a villain that can use the shadows or something like that I heard. Turn into a shadow, manipulate them, astral projection was even thrown out there. I don't know. And to answer your question, astro, remember that Matt was hit with five bullets. I don't think he was around in the conscious realm at the moment as he kind of started to bleed to death there. He was mostly lying on the floor. I can't remember the last episode as well as I should. Maybe he passed out or something. Who knows. I think Kring said something about no two Heroes have the same power, so, with the whole West issue that was brought up, I think his power varies slightly to Nathan's as in he flies ala Peter Pan and Nathan flies like Superman.
  8. Thanks for the interview, TA. That was interesting. And I suddenly have a small bit of hope for K3 now.
  9. Yay, I'm not sick anymore!

    And Maroon 5 is not a chick band. Don't be so catty. I swear, sometimes you remind me of a diva, Arc. Gosh. And Accept, you made me LOL with the "Down Under" comment. That song always makes me chuckle.

  10. Okay, then check out "Wake Up Call" by Maroon 5. It's great.

  11. Shut up! Don't bitch at me okay? I'm sick and on medication! And those songs were not gay. They are awesome. Great dancing songs. Especially the Maroon 5 one.

  12. I pretend some of them don't exist. I did read one once and I stopped midway in the first chappie because it was so...so...fanboyish? Is that a word? Well, now it is. "Revan pwns...Revan is teh awesome...Revan gets all the chicks...blah blah blah...Revan kills everyone for fun!" That stuff. And then I stopped reading in that section for a while.
  13. I feel so sick I don't want to eat. Bleh. At least I have Nyquill to put me out. And Maroon 5 to sleep to. I totally just found their new album. I'm that busy. Boo on me. Go check it out peoples.

  14. ZOMG! I read the last three pages. Funny **** I must say.

    And Heroes is on tonight! 9 PM over here and I'm getting excited. More nekkid Peter! Yay! And of course a great story and plot to add to that.

  15. Okay. But be more specific yo. I thought I was being harassed. Continue on.

  16. Woah, woah, woah! What did I do to you?

  17. So you're saying that at least half of the KotOR characters make you cry then? In that case, my fanboyism of the KotOR games has just boosted. I know Juhani makes me cry out of pity and hatred for that cat thing. And Mission is so annoying that she brings me to tears. But I hate it when people write themselves into a game. Like when people add a 10th walker to LOTR. Who happens to be female. Who happens to have Legolas or Aragorn fall head over heels with them. *shakes head* It's pointless and stupid. And I think Revan/Exile did just fine on their own without a Mary Sue thrown in there to steal away Carth/Atton. Or those chicks that all love the Exile and/or Bastila. Mary Sues are a blight upon humanity.
  18. You two are vicious. *grabs popcorn*

  19. I have 95 pages? Damn...

    And the kid was arguiging that 2.9 repeating wasn't 3 when it is.

  20. The lesson is: People are stupid. And then these people in marching band can't freaking count and stay on their toes when they march backwards, and some retard thinks he can play the high notes and he sucks and sounds like screeching tires instead. Dude, I'm 1st for a reason. You're last for a reason.

  21. Speaking of 2.999999..., some kid that I know was arguing with the AP Calc teacher, who is brilliant, and was yelling at him about how 2.9 repeating is not 3. The teacher even had a whole proof on it! He owned him in the middle of class, just completely. I'm not in that, but I heard from his girlfriend adn Ty, but yeah man! They spent the entire class debating that. *shakes head*

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