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  1. Oh, that sounds like good fun. ;D

  2. Well, I was bored with my background, so I made another one. This one being Optimus Prime because I adore him. So, here he is. Unfortunately, my Photobucket account is free and I don't have it under 1 MB and I can't host the entire thing on there, just a smaller, crappier version of it. Well, just imagine this in 1280x1024. It looks better larger as do most things. But, alas, I am broke and do not have money for a large, paid account. Though, if someone would host it for me... I'd love you forever. Edit: Made it clickable because it was slightly large. It just looks like an LJ header now instead of a wallpaper. Pity. *sigh*
  3. I've never really spoken to you before. And now...well...I don't know. It's random. But I like random. So I am also friending you seeing as this is somewhere you like to spam. As well as four other men, excuse me, boys.

  4. I love how you've just jumped onto my comment box, TPR.

  5. Felicidades para ti.

  6. *pats back* Just let it all out, Tale. Just cry.

  7. This is just like a Spanish Soap Opera! Start yelling in Spanish!

  8. My Lord, I go out for dinner and Starbucks and the show has taken on a life of its own. I can't wait to hear what Tale's father has to say. I bet there was a lot of beating and harassment as a child.

  9. ****. I meant Transformers.

  10. Transormers...More than meets the eye.

  11. Just keep talking. So, how do you feel about TPR's words, Tale? And how do you feel about being the "second funniest" now, TPR?

  12. They might feel more secure to talk about their feelings here, Accept. I guess my comment box is like the Oprah show.

  13. *points and laughs at Accept*

  14. Good point, TPR.

  15. Yes, my comment box is full of wonderful life stories like this.

  16. *calms down before the car is turned around*

  17. Oh can it you giant swede! You're fugly!

  18. Shut up. You're not cool.

  19. *forgets the story*

    Meh, they're okay.

  20. I succumb to peer pressure all the time.

  21. I'm sure I'd be okay.

  22. Well, you're determined.

  23. Stupid LJ isn't working! Yarp!

  24. *giggles* Who knows? I like Donnie Darko so the rabbit might win.

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