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  1. *fans self* Just got back from HP and won't be going to sleep at all.

  2. You should be embarrassed. I'd probably walk away from a man in a bar if he said that to me. Nice try, though.

  3. I'm not that horrible...

  4. Maybe they do like eggs.

    And thanks for the BTTF flashback, Tale.

  5. Yup. I've come to realize that's the only reason why I've got so many in three months.

  6. Same here. To me, personally, Christmas is religious.
  7. What madness is this? I reported 29 yesterday and now it's 22? Well, kudos to you guys working very hard for us. Much appreciated over here.
  8. I can't help being popular.

  9. I think you'll like the movie. I wasn't a die hard fan or played with the toys a lot, but it was entertaining. And it's better than what I expected from Michael Bay.
  10. That. Is. AWESOME. Oh my God, it's so obnoxious and funny all at the same time.
  11. Dania Florida is a little oceanside suburb of Ft. Lauderdale. We call it Little Quebec because every year from November to April is population triples from the Canadian snowbirds . There are many, many, and more trailer parks (nice ones not Jerry Springer ones) that are shuttered and empty during the summer but are bustling with pasty white skinned folks with French accents during the winter. Anyway, they are nice enough folks but traffic congestion rises so dramatically in South Broward County you cannot even drive from here to there without getting into a traffic jam. Because these folks drive s....l...o...w....! I blame Canada when I'm late to work in the winter! So, do I win the prize? Oh my God, I know! And then when you go to Hollywood beach or Fort Lauderale beach all the Canadians and Quebecians come down there and park their cars sideways and take up all the parking spaces in a vertical parking spot. It frustrates me when all I want to do is get a tan.
  12. Just finished watching that on the TV now.
  13. Hee-hee. And I've only been on this site for what? Three months almost? Yeah, it's only cause I'm a chick.

  14. 1,601 views. I must be a popular girl.

  15. I went to the preview release, for the critics to critic and all, of Transformers. I wasn't expecting much because it's a Michael Bay film...yeah... But I was surprised. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was. It was a rather decent film to go and watch and it gave me a bit of nostalgia, too. If you liked the show and the toys, then I think you should see it. It was decent enough to go watch and the way they transformed was so fluid and beautiful. Definitely check it out.
  16. Now I don't want to eat my breakfast. Thanks.
  17. I know. I'm a horrible, horrible person. :grin:

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