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  1. Indeed he is (I think it's a he? Right) You just made me laugh and I really needed that right now. Thanks. Glad to know I'm not alone in my geekdom.
  2. *bows* I live to serve. I honestly didn't think you'd remember my siggie. It's not like I'm a very memorable person on these boards. I never forget a Samus. Well, since I couldn't find you a banner...how bout this? You'll probably remember it.
  3. *bows* I live to serve. I honestly didn't think you'd remember my siggie. It's not like I'm a very memorable person on these boards.
  4. There's nothing decent on google. You might have actually motivated me to make one now.
  5. I looked at my account and I was looking at the wrong one. It was for another forum. It's 600x200. Way too big. I'll have to google the other one I used. Just to appease you. One minute. But it's only going to be on here for about one minute and then it's back to Captain Turner, okay?
  6. I give up. I'm not going to win this debate. ... You try to blackmail someone into changing back to the samus sig/av and it goes right over their head. I understood what you wanted me to do. I'm just too lazy to change it back. That means I have to open my photobucket account and I'm not going to do that. It takes like five cliks. Psh. Besides...I think the sig is way to big for here. It'd blind you all. And it's not really blackmail. I just so happen to like the actor Orlando Bloom. Fine. And if I were a lesbian, which I'm not, so what? What would be the big deal? If you couldn't catch it...I'm in a pissy mood right now.
  7. I give up. I'm not going to win this debate.
  8. It was a theory among me and a few friends of mine that girls who liked Orlando Bloom were closet lesbians. Seriously, he looks more like a girl than most girls do. I was going to comment on this earlier. IF Omelette's avatar and sig were of something cool and feminine like... I don't know... Samus Aran, then he could be actually a female. Orlando Bloom? Nope, just wishing he were. I do have a Samus banner/av set. I just don't use it. In fact, on my list of things I like, Samus is listed. *Sigh* It's okay. I accept that I'll be gender confused on this board even though I have a bright, hot pink miniature person right next to the "view member profile" link. I'll live with it.
  9. Well I stole if from Gifted1 - so I can't argue there. My images? what images? Omellette. Read his sig. Her sig, excuse you.
  10. I second that. What?

  11. That's enough of a reason for me to join the Dark Side. Screw the Light Side. They have morales and boringness. I want sugary evil fun.
  12. Apparently you can. I'm sure there are weirder fetishes out there. And I don't want to find out.
  13. You covered everything I think. I think I did. If you still can't find what you're looking for, then try going to another planet and just peruse around. You'll eventually find something. It's a given that you get a focusing lens. Just keep poking around places.
  14. Well, Accept is an exception.

  15. It's the most recent entry on my LJ. I was nommed for two awards on two different icons. I'm so happy.

  16. Well... (I'm on a role today) You could always just use the age old hit and run tactic. That's what always works best. Or just continue to built up your character to as far as you can and take her on. I usually do the Force Lightning as I'm a Jedi Consular/Jedi Master most of the time and have some high Wisdom/Charisma. I do not recommend fighting her with a lightsaber. I usually die that way. But just hit and run or uber character works fine. Hope this helps.
  17. Hmm. Don't really know if this is spoilerish, but for safety. (Highlight the black part to read) If I was useless, once again, wait for Mortis or one of the mods. Or you could always try google.
  18. Si, senor.

  19. "I just like the look it."

    Is that English?

    I'm spamming your box just because I want to embarrass Architect and his golden shoe because he likes to "look it"

  20. Just wait till Mortis gets here. Mortis knows this game backwards and forwards.
  21. In other news, I was nominated for two awards with two different icons I made! I'm slightly excited, though I doubt I'll win either award. Sorry. Just had to get that out there.

  22. Even in English he makes no sense.

  23. I like being nice to people, and think it nice etiquette to be kind to others when you speak...unless they're a jackass and then I promptly let out my inner bitch.

  24. Hella no. Sweet God, no.

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