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  1. Well, I am an attention whore, so...

    Hmm. OPG already has proved himself moronic in numerous ways. I've read a couple posts. God, they're so childish.

  2. Not really. I just threw my grenades at him from afar when I wanted to kill him. It was just throw grenade, run away, repeat.
  3. I assumed that as well. You're welcome, boys.
  4. Well, maybe I was able to decipher it because I was slightly spoiled by the internet. *shrug* Whatever. Maybe they figured it was enough for people to catch.
  5. Yar, ahead there be spoilers! ..... Yes, and there is more to it. Spoilers below. That's it.
  6. sure here the link http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5...mp;q=darthzayne if i can suggest you to download google video player for the better quality unless you wont been able to read the stats of my character. enjoy. Dang, man. Wow. Nice job on that. I would love to see another TSL one.
  7. Yeah, that sums up basically what happened to me the first time around and then the second time around. But darn those rancors! Gah. I hate them. Malak was a pushover at the end. Hit and run really does miracles.
  8. Lolz. OMG, I can't stop laughing. I have to read that again.

  9. Ah, so that's what your siggie is. Gotcha. Exile fanboy, eh? I think I'll get a first hand demonstration when he comes back on.

  10. Okay, OPG was before me, so who is this person?

  11. Seriously? I saw him and then gasped. I never really knew him, but I guess that's a good thing.

  12. Endless Night - The Lion King (Broadway) I loved that show and had to get the CD.
  13. Samus was my first sig/av. Then I changed it to V then to Turner because let's face it...he's gorgeous.

    @thepixiesrock - yeah, he visit here more than he does his own. Sad, right?

  14. Because he's a giant flake. Just look at him. "Mr. Sleeps with Vibroblades" indeed. I voted for Atton, getting back on topic. He was funny and made me chuckle.
  15. You started it, was what I remember.

  16. Samus is the chick from Metroid. I used to play that game all the time. Still do. Super Metroid is love.

  17. Well... who doesn't?
  18. Of course. *rolls eyes*

  19. No more silly than you are.

  20. Wow. That reminded me of my days in third grade when we used to say those things to each other. Oh, the memories.

  21. Aww, thanks Xard. Glad to know someone cares.

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