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  1. Why is your personal picture Onyx?

  2. Hi guys! I live.

  3. So what's been happening around here?

  4. Where's Xard and Accept?

  5. Holy crap, I have over 5,000 views on my profile!

  6. Are we still posting lyrics here?

    It's my anni, supposedly.

  7. I was hotlinked again. All the images at my graphics community and personal lj are gone. I fixed them now, but some and most are still down.

  8. Damn bitches hotlinked from me again! Goddamnit! I hate them!

  9. Oh my Lord... Wow... Hockey is boring as hell, but seeing that almost made me think twice about it.

  10. Autopsy was inconclusive. It'll take now 8 days I think to make a full toxicology report. And run more tests.
  11. You stole my video! Here's another one.
  12. It'll definitely be a whole lot creepier. I hope they put one of those "In Memory of" things at the end for him.

  13. I literally cried for about ten minutes after I first saw it on the TV. At first, I didn't believe that it was Heath Ledger, not one of my favorite actors, that Heath. But then I saw the pictures, re-read the name and it just hit me so hard. I'm so very shocked right now and it's still hard to comprehend it all. They've already got a freaking memorial slide show up on TMZ. I'm still following the story now, reading what TMZ has to say. It's pretty interesting.
  14. Heath Ledger died, guys. I saw it this afternoon. And for the first time, I actually cried over a celebrity. I don't know if this matters to anyone, but it does to me.*sigh* RIP, Heath.

  15. What the hell?

    BTW: It's Orlando Bloom's Birthday! Yay! 31 and still sexy.

  16. I've never seen an opera. I'd like to, though.

  17. What the hell is this? The Oprah Book Club meeting or something like that?

  18. Now that was a knee-slapper.

  19. And you forgot Will Pillow-biter.

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