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  1. I was thinking about possibly the Penguin as well while I was at the beauty parlor.
  2. They're both not gay names.


    Stop fighting for my attention.

    BTW, I got a hair cut and I feel so pretty!

  3. I got my hair cut and I feel very pretty right now. And I'll probably see TDK again tonight.
  4. It's not a gay name.

  5. I usually have Visas as the leader and Mira and the Disciple as back-up.
  6. Yup. Bring the old dude with you. I usually go to Kashyyyk, Tatooine, Koriban and Manaan last (I hate it)
  7. Shut it. You love your LJ.

    Accept, it's okay if you don't have one.

  8. That wasn't a good idea.

  9. You want Sir Ian McKellen for Jolee? If that happens, I want then demand that Patrick Stewart play Malak.
  10. I agree. Please, no more Tatooine, either. For the love of God...let's try something new. I'd rather have a few planets with great stories and quests than nine with nothing to do at all. I would like to have Coruscant as an option, that's for sure.
  11. Why, yes, yes I do. I would never see it. Scientology scares me. But of course. I just like to picture certain people in my head as to who would play certain roles. And there's no denying Eric Banana is quite a gorgeous man. I'd rather see Bale as someone else. He's too old to play Revan, IMO. Same with Beckinsale. She's too old. If they were to make these movies, shows, whatever, an unknown cast would probably be best. I just love Eric Bana. Christian Bale as Carth would make me happy, too.
  12. Did you drink? Or something? Because you're making no sense

  13. Well, someone's not forcing something down my throat.

  14. He doesn't go to the beach. Have you seen his skin color? He barely leaves his home, I think.
  15. You took the words out of my mouth. My jaw dropped.
  16. Thank you! Not McDonald's fault you choose to buy a fattening Big Mac and then proceed to wash it down with a tub of fries. Well, good for that guy in the article, too. Though I heard that if you put the dressing on one of their salads, it has as many calories as a Big Mac.
  17. Eric Bana as Carth? Perhaps? He has a lovely face and is a great actor.
  18. You are correct, sir. Popcorn anyone?
  19. And I thought I was the only one that experienced this issue. This was the worst problem for me. I hated that stupid sound that would just happen every now and then and it was like this horrible crackling effect and a loud "beep" or "boop", sorta like T3. Scared the crap outta me.
  20. LOL. So it is true! That creepy lady sent you guys PMs. Creepy.

  21. I give up. It's okay. I'll just start over without M4-78 mod and it should be fine. Besides, I want to get all the influence with Atton that I can even though there's no romance option. *sobs* I was hoping that someone would have that content out in a mod or something, but guess not.

  22. And then, when i try to enter the Ebon hawk, black screen with menu sort of there. It's weird. When i just went to the auto save, I couldn't leave the ship. :( Not a happy camper.

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