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  1. He and I shall be Florida buddies now.

  2. I was seeing the general opinion of him. I do not know him that well.

  3. Everything's a surprise nowadays. I just hope K3 is released soon enough. Think there'll still be hype for the game considering it's gonna be released well after K2
  4. Walkerguy, do you live in FL?

  5. Xard I like your new personal photo.

    You never talk to me anymore. This makes me sad. :(

  6. I would love you forever and ever if you did, Tale. <3

    Guys, should I add walkerguy to my friends list, y/n? He kinda hangs around here now. And he's cool in my book.

  7. Only in your demented head

  8. Especially if it's Swedish.

  9. Of course. But reading words in another language annoy me.

  10. You have these fights. Swedish fights and **** like that sometimes.

  11. I am perfectly fine. You two are the ones that bicker here. It bothers me.

  12. As well as you Archie

  13. This is trufax. Christian Bale can be a good anything, really. I think Christian Bale would make a pretty good Carth. Or a pretty good Atton. Possibly even a pretty good Canderous. Or a pretty good Malak. A pretty good Bao-Dur, maybe. Oh! Or he could voice T-3! I'd swoon if he were Carth. He's a little too old for Atton methinks. But then again, he can magically make himself younger, like in The Newsies
  14. The real question remains: When is this ever going to come out?
  15. You guys fight like demented children.

  16. This is an English only board, thank you

  17. Thank you, Chris. :D

  18. You can there in spirit. You'll freak her out. Besides, don't waste your money on a plane ticket.

    By the way...I JUST GRADUATED, GUYS!!!!!! Officially done with high school. It was so magical and unbelievable. I feel so...wow. Still can't believe it.

  19. I'm not throwing a party. I have no cash for that. My friend is. So that's why you're not invited.

  20. Real World - Matchbox 20
  21. This is trufax. Christian Bale can be a good anything, really.
  22. Indeed, I'm back. I've been really busy with graduation, AP tests, senior stuff, and real life. So, I never really had time for here at all. And I have a party tonight, graduation tomorrow, and then another party the day after. My mascara is yelling at me and my poor feet will be aching so...yeah. That's where I've been. Busy as hell.

  23. I've been gone for ages and it's still not done. Wow. Well, more power to them.
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