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  1. Unless you guys know anything about that? I had installed the M4-78 mod, then ripped it out because it had way too many bugs, something was wrong, and then I couldn't enter the Jedi Temple to meet them.

  2. This was a sad day today.

  3. Okay, runs awesome, it works, I'm almost done with the game. Only problem now is somehow, I can't leave the Ebon hawk and I can't access the galaxy map. :( I'm probably just gonna uninstall and then use the KSE to put what I had.

  4. Wait...I think I know why. According to LA, it won't run on Vista, and my mom's computer is the only thing that can run it without lagging (I know) and it's Vista. ****.

  5. And you're a liar, Accept.

  6. Guys, I just got my KOTOR 2 for the pc and I've installed it, installed the correct patches, but it doesn't play. It says that the program has stopped responding. What should I do?

  7. He hasn't done anything to warrant kneecaps being broken...yet.

  8. I skipped Bount as well. It sucked badly. This one isn't so bad. The thing is, even the manga is kinda doing fillers at the moment so I'm a bit dsiappointed. It's more interesting than what's on youtube, though.

  9. Getting back to the topic My...she does have a unique wardrobe...
  10. Revan and Exile are the poster childs of this series. Throw them away, we have angry fanboys/fangirls. So, in the LS ending, they'd probably all live, including the new PC. Makes sense to me. And if they're all DS, you live, Revan and Exile die, leaving you the new leader of the Sith or whatever's out there.
  11. Tale, if you still watched Bleach, you'd be my favorite person on these boards. Forever.

  12. Damn...cut me off.

    I said, I'm almost done with my Bleach Doujinshi so I'll be inking it soon. :D Via photoshop. It makes me happy inside.

  13. Well, the whole concept art they did was really creepy. I don't know why, but I really liked how it turned out in photoshop. I like the grunge. I've never really done anything with photoshop concerning skethces and ****. I just stick to pencil. But I liked the blue because it sort of looks like phazon running through her veins idk.

    You are forgiven Accept.


  14. Peragus is my new favourite planet in the game now. I change my vote then. Comment stalker...
  15. But...but...I want both to live...* How am I supposed to ship Carth/Revan and Atton/Exile if they die, mister! In all seriousness, to answer the post, it's not going to be rainbows and sunshines for sure. But I don't think that whoever develops the game is just gonna kill off the two major characters in this story. Nah, they're probably going to have this whole chain of events where the new PC and Revan and Exile emerge from the situation victorious, heroes of the Republic, yadda yadda yadda. And then if it's DS, someone's losing a few limbs in the midst of fighting to be the new leader of the True Sith. This whole redemption thing is a big ticket in these games.
  16. Archy said you'd like it, and I kinda was like, "Hey, Tale would find this cool". So here it is


    Metroid fan art from the concept art, done my way. Enjoy. :D From one Metroid geek to the other.

  17. **** you Accept. Does anyone watch Bleach here?

  18. Well, OPG, no. He's retarded. walkerguy is not.

  19. Holy crap, that was priceless. TBQH, I just like Ewan and I'm honestly too lazy to change my avvie and sig. I made it like ages ago. I would go Metroid, but then Tale would follow me everywhere.

  20. Speed of Sound - Coldplay So excited! They're coming to Orlando just when I head off to college
  21. How do you know he doesn't like me?

  22. I friended him anyway because he's from FL.

  23. Led Zeppelin - In My Time of Dying
  24. I agree. So boring. So is the beginning when you're controlling T3. It makes me cry.
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